This is a picture of some of the centre's people (in late 14th Century clothes and armour) portraying a battle among the many siege engines.

The Medieval Centre in Denmark is an experimental and educational institution presenting a late 14th Century environment to the public. Its exhibits include siege engines (in action), tournaments between knights on foot and on horseback, a harbour with medieval ships and displays of the everyday lives of medieval people in their shops, gardens and houses.      .........Naturally, we'll mostly concentrate on the centre's siege engines in this page.

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two Medieval Centre soldiers
The Medieval Centre
Some images of the Medieval Centre, home of the "artillery".
Construction Techniques
A brief look at the timber and techniques used to build the machines.
Counterweight Trebuchets
Two big single-counterweight trebuchets ... and a two-bucket bricole.
Traction Trebuchets
Views of the Centre's single-pole human-powered machine.
"Hybrid" Trebuchet
A heavy weight-augmented traction trebuchet in action.
Medieval Mangonel
The centre's torsion-powered weapon - a medieval version of the Roman onager.
A heavy iron bombard and a trestle-mounted bronze vase cannon firing.



Two soldiers with a trebuchet  
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Here's how you can reach them:
Middelaldercentret, Ved Hamborgskoven 2,
Sundby L. 4800 NykÝbing F.
Denmark .

...or email them at mc@middelaldercentret.dk

You can learn more about the Danish Medieval Centre, their work and their siege engines at the Danish Medieval Centre website.
..and don't forget to visit if you are in the neighbourhood..





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