A Quick Look at The Danish Medieval Centre

A performance of knightly skills, with siege engines standing behind.   ...photo by Kate
More than artillery...
The Medieval Centre's "leverage artillery" is certainly very impressive (you can see quite a bit of it in the background of this photo), but there is much more to see and do...
Part of the centre is a a small medieval port town, part is a modern educational centre where children especially are involved in a range of hands-on activities like using different levers and pulleys to move heavy objects, jousting against a quintain on a wooden horse, shooting arrows with a longbow or simply doing the day-to-day things of medieval life as part of a school group over-night stay.

  The harbour area.   ...photo by Kate
The Harbour Area (1)
A view from outside the harbour... showing the rear of the warehouse and weaver's house. Note the crane powered by the same treadmill system as the big trebuchet.

 A boat inside the harbour.   ...photo by Kate



The Harbour Area (2)
One of the centre's small ships moored in the harbour.

 The Dyers House, outside with vats.   ...photo by Kate
The Dyers House
Two views of the dyers house, this one showing the outside with the metal vats supported above fireplaces to dye the yarn...
 The Dyers House, inside living area.   ...photo by Kate
Inside the Dyers House
This view shows the interior living area. The stairs on the right lead to the sleeping quarters in the upper (and warmer) part of the house.

 A view down the main street.   ...photo by Kate



The Road Through the Village
Between the harbour and the tournament field is the main street with its vegetable gardens and shops where people such as the blacksmith, the shoemaker, the carpenter and the clothing makers work and live.
Note the method of anchoring the ridge of the thatched roof with inverted Vs of wood, seen in much of Denmark.
  Weavers.   ...photo by Kate
Many people come to work at medieval crafts in the centre.
Here a pair of weavers make their way down the village street... followed by a crew of cheeky young visitors.

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