Construction Techniques

A carpenter shaping a beam of wood with an axe. A blacksmith at work



Traditional Techniques
In building their siege engines the Centre attempted to follow the construction techniques of the original medieval builders where ever they could. The joints and fastenings especially were made to be as authentic as possible.



The base of a large trebuchet being built.



Trebuchet Base Timbers
Here you can see the base timbers of a large trebuchet being assembled.
The "V" cross-section of the launch trough can be seen towards the rear.



  The base of a medieval onager being shaped with an axe.
Mangonel Base Timbers
A craftsman works on the machine's upright timbers using a carpenter's axe during the construction of the centre's medieval "onager" - a mangonel.
The wedge-tensioned and locked joints (or tusk tenons) holding the cross beams into the base's massive sides are clearly visible.

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