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"The Rambling Bilbies" are a Western Australian based band that has burrowed through the music archives to present a variety of unplugged style of music genre hopping from self penned contemporary ballads through to almost all styles including acoustic folk/rock, blues, celtic, ballads, Oz, Country/folk, jazz, 50´s-70´s R&B, etc. Some are well known favourites, others are obscure songs from our varied background and strange listening habits combining original material with classics and modern songs as well as a wide range of instrumentals. We have been performing together around WA for many years at clubs, festivals, schools, dances, concerts, birthday parties, etc.

We can add an extra dimension to your show by teaching and calling a variety of bush/folk dances ranging in difficulty from easy to more complex. As such we can provide great entertainment at your Bush Dance, party, corporate function, etc.

We can play acoustically or we have our own PA/Sound system.
A show can be tailored to suit the situation; We are very flexible.

There are almost no bounds to the type of show
at which this band of merry people will entertain.

Click here for an exerpt from the Westcoast Podcast #5
published Feb 2008 - featuring an interview with Rob & Jill by Greg Cunnigham,

Toodyay Australia Day Celebrations 2011 Mundaring Folk n Blues July 2011
Photo by Mary Woodward

"The Rambling Bilbies" are:

 Robert Oats (vocals & guitar) has been performing for over 40 years in the Perth folk and bush band scene. He has been writing songs for many years as well as arranging others to suit his own style. He ran "Resonant Voice" workshops and sound meditations for many years. He also does sound engineer work is currently chairman of the WA Folk Federation and is on the sub-committee running the Wanneroo Folk Club

 Jill Oats (Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Sax, Ukulele, vocals), has wide experience as an instrumental and drama teacher. Influences are of a more classical and jazz tilt. Her accompaniment of the songs and arrangements of the instrumentals is enhanced by her variety and instrumental dexterity.

 Amanda Myers (Fiddle, Mandolin, Piano, vocals), with a background in string quartets, folk, country and more Amanda manages to fill the spaces with amazing interludes and just the right notes to lift a song or tune.

"Tread Softly" by The Rambling Bilbies released in 2007,
This collection presents a selection of Rob's songs. Recording at Pocket Universe with the amazing talents of Eric Kowarski on the desk cajoling the best out of us and adding some of the additional instrumentation such as drums and bass to produce the final product. Fiddle, Harmonica & Whistles are played by Tony Troughton-Smith. We are really happy with the new arrangements that developed during the recording process and we hope you enjoy this collection of unique songs. They cover a wide scope of emotions and experiences; songs from the heart, protest songs both subtle and obvious, whimsical and dreamy songs, upbeat and energising songs.....
To obtain your own copy please email us.

The words can be downloaded by right clicking here and selecting "save as"
All songs are copyright and royalties are administered by APRA/AMCOS.
The File is in PDF format

Snippets of the songs from the CD
can be heard by clicking the links below:
Track 1: You Always
Track 2: Jasmin
Track 3: Drought
Track 4: Who Will Come
Track 5: Dream
Track 6: So Far Away
Track 7: Time Will Tell
Track 8: The Swaggie
Track 9: Just Drifting
Track 10: Don't Wake The Sleeping Child
Track 11: You're Coming Home
Track 12: Waterhole
Track 13: Spring Dream
Track 14: Run Goanna Run
These are low quality samples
The full versions on the CD are studio quality.

produced and engineered by Eric Kowarski

click here to look at some pictures or hear a song or two
For more information about
The Rambling Bilbies
phone: (08) 9377 4733 or mobile: 041 890 8899
(from out of Oz: +61 8 9377 4733 or mobile: +61 4 1890 8899)

About the Endangered Animal Species
The Greater Bilby

The bilby is a variety of burrowing bandicoot from the family Thylacomydae. One variety, "The Lesser Bilby", is believed extinct while another "The Greater Bilby" is endangered. There are organisations trying to improve the Bilby's situation with conservation areas fenced to keep the feral predators out and allow the bilbies to breed. A lot of these are privately run and if you feel so inclined please help to keep this native animal alive by donating to a reputable organisation to help fund the conservation projects. It would be a pity to lose another of our unique marsupials.

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