These recordings are minimal draft versions.
The larger file contains the whole tune, the small file is a snippet and will come to you a lot quicker.
They are sampled at a lower quality and in mono.
This collection represents a very small selection from our play list which contains many more and varied tunes and songs which we have yet to include here.

African Skies
A Paul Simon Song
(990Kb) | (331Kb)
A couple of Tunes
and a Beatles song
Ashokan Farewell
writen by Jay Ungar
(677Kb) | (210Kb)
A couple of Tangos
The CanCan
Put on your dancing shoes
(505Kb) | (130Kb)
Star of County Down
and a couple of other tunes

The Entertainer
The classic Scott Joplin Rag
More coming soon

For a better view click on the picture. the size of each indicates download time. 

These are some pics of old line ups of the Bilbies
benched#2: 117Kb
Hanging Out#1: 241Kb
The old line up at Mundaring F'n'B club
band #1: 117Kb
band #3: 157Kb
At the British Car Show Gingin 2004: 185Kb