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Rod Lewins Family History Repository

Welcome to Rod's website.

Rod Lewin's Genealogy website a memorial to our ancestors, guide for our descendants, and dedicated to the search for relatives past, present, and future.  The Genealogy pages contain the collective history and lineage of some 1000 families.

If you link into this family history then I certainly value your input, you will find a form above that you can fill out and send me.

Scanned photo's of anyone added to this site would be nice to give the site a more personal feel.

I add all details submitted to the program and periodically update the website with changes, so if you have provided me with info and don't see it here automatically please be patient.


Please note changes are always occurring within the site and downtime is unavoidable.

This is the Lewin Family History for those originating in Hertford to Australia

My Family

I am an Australian from the City of Ararat, Victoria.  I currently reside in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory and am a member of the Australian Army Band.

If you are thinking about researching your family history then I recommend getting a program  known as "Kith & Kin".  I used it to put together the history you will find here.  The program is very web friendly.  If you want to check the program out just click the bridge.