Family [F12]



Robert Spencer LEWIN [P28] = Mary Ann Diana ISAACSON [P36]

Married 18 Oct 1825, Moulton, Suffolk

Robert Spencer LEWIN

Born 5 Mar 1798, Ifield, Sussex
Christened 1 Nov 1798
Died 8 Mar 1885, Hove, Sussex
Buried St Margarets Church, Ifield, Sussex
Dwelling: 7 Medina Villas, Hove Sussex England.
Occupation listed as House Property.
At this time he employed 4 domestic servants.

Robert Spencer Lewin
Robert Spencer Lewin

Mary Ann Diana ISAACSON

Born 6 Feb 1801, Cowlinge, Suffolk
Christened 14 Apr 1805
Died 6 Nov 1881
Buried St Margarets Church, Ifield, London, England

M.A.D Isaacson
M.A.D Isaacson


Spencer Robert LEWIN [P30] = Jessie Augusta CANTWELL [P2042] > Family [F634]

Married 15 Sep 1857, Marylebone, Middlesex, England

Spencer Robert LEWIN

Born 8 Jul 1826, Cheam, Surrey, England
Christened 2 Aug 1826, Cheam, Surrey, England
Died 5 Oct 1903
Buried St Margarets Church, Ifield, Sussex
Solicitor Capt Val 13 Middle

Dwelling: 25 Wimpole St, London, Middlesex, England

Clerks Residence; Duke St, Portland Place.
Articled, assigned to; Henry Lewin

Jessie Augusta CANTWELL

Born 18 Aug 1834
Died 27 Aug 1871
Buried St Margarets Church, Ifield, London, England

Emma Diana LEWIN [P4405] = Edward BLAKER [P4406] > Family [F1374]

Married 18 Jun 1857, Cheam, Surrey, Eng

Emma Diana LEWIN

Born ABT 1829
Christened 14 Mar 1829, Sutton, Surrey, Englland

Emma Lewin
Emma Lewin


Edward Blaker
Edward Blaker

Francis Henry LEWIN [P37] = Margaret JOHNSTONE [P39] > Family [F13]

Married 23 Apr 1878, Manse of St Andrews Kirk, Ballarat, Vic

Francis Henry LEWIN

Born Apr 1830, Surrey
Died 28 Mar 1907, Mount Cole, Victoria
Buried Mount Cole, Victoria

Death Plaque
Death Plaque

F.H Lewin
F.H Lewin


Born 26 May 1830, Stirlingshire, Scotland
Died 29 Mar 1899, Mount Cole, Vic
Buried 31 Mar 1899, Mount Cole, Vic
Could have been born in 1832.
Buried in Plot 22 with Francis Henry

Isabella Mary LEWIN [P2645]

Born 1838, Cuddington, Surrey
Dwelling: 7 Medina Villas, Hove Sussex, England

Frances (Fanny) Elizabeth LEWIN [P2646]

Born 1839, Cuddington, Surrey
Single, living with Parents and sister at
7 Medina Villas, Hove Sussex

Frederick Albert LEWIN [P38] = Isabella DAILLIS [P4333] > Family [F633]

Frederick Albert LEWIN

Born 23 Jan 1842, Cuddington
Died 25 Jun 1887, 9 Bolton Gdns, West Kensington
4th Son.
Merchant Taylors' School 1849-1860
ADM, Caius, Cambrige, 30 Mar 1860
MA 1867
Fellow of Caius 1864-9
Bar, Lincolns Inn 26 Jan 1867
Of 73 Harcourt Terrace, West Brompton
Edited "The Law Of Trusts" written by his uncle Thomas Lewin

Isabella DAILLIS

Born ABT 1850, Edingurgh, Scotland