Family [F132]



Walter Thomas George LEWIN [P441] = Lottie Louisa Edith WAKEFIELD [P442]

Married 30 Nov 1921

Walter Thomas George LEWIN

Born 5 Dec 1894
Died 14 Jun 1981

Walter Thomas George Lewin
Walter Thomas George Lewin

Lottie Louisa Edith WAKEFIELD

Born 16 Nov 1899, Adelaide
Died 29 Mar 1980, Mildura


Arthur Clifton LEWIN [P443] = Gladys BARKER [P444] > Family [F133]

Arthur Clifton LEWIN

Born 26 Dec 1923, Wentworth, NSW, Australia
Australian Army
Date of Enlistment 4 Aug 1942
Locality of Enlistment Meninde, NSW, Australia
Place of Enlistment Tamworth, NSW, Australia
Date of Discharge 6 Aug 1946
Posting on Discharge 20 Aust Pnr Bn (AIF)
Additional Service Numbers V220207

Lloyd LEWIN [P456] = Joyce EVANS [P457] > Family [F138]


Born 1924

Reuben LEWIN [P473] = Joyce JENNINGS [P474] > Family [F143]

Reuben LEWIN

Born 1926

    = Joan TANGEY [P495] > Family [F148]

    = Margaret ALLISON [P499] > Family [F150]

Victor LEWIN [P500] = Joan CLIFFORD [P501] > Family [F151]

Victor LEWIN

Born 1929
Victor went missing and has not been heard of