Lewin family history.

The Lewin family of Mount Cole, Ararat, & Bayindeen area, Victoria, Australia.

The Genealogical research in these pages is the work of many relatives who's own lineages somehow combine with mine.

Many thanks go to them and to all who find time to add their little bit to this site.

Francis Henry Lewin Francis Forbes Lewin Geoffrey Ellerker Lewin Frances Elizabeth Lewin Rev Francis Ellerker Lewin Francis Eric Lewin Rev Henry Ellerker Lewin Frederick Ellerker Lewin Spencer Robert Lewin Irene Leonie Lewin Alfred Otto Dadswell Emma Lewin Minnie Gertrude Dale Thomas Ellerker Lewin Mary Ann Slattery Cyril Spencer Lewin Elizabeth Adelaide Victoria Thomas Osborne Victor Lewin Mary Ann Spencer (May) Lewin Edith Mabel Lewin Ivy Elizabeth Lewin Isabella Mary Lewin Marjery Aimee Ellerker Lewin Blanche Ella Lewin Laura Shalders Percy Ellerker Lewin Annie Laura Lewin Emily Alice Lewin Edith Elizabeth Dalling Grace Blanche Dalling Wilfred Percy Lewin Stanley Alfred Dadswell Ethel May Dadswell Henry William Dadswell Olive Matilda Lewin Florence Maud Lewin Annie Lavinia Mary Dalling Ruby May Dalling Norah Olivia Ellerker Lewin Walter Thomas George Lewin This Photo was taken late 1904 and is a gathering of the Lewin family and In-laws from the local area and England.

Above picture: The Lewin Family circa Dec 1904.

Most are named and their faces are linked to family pages. If they don't link then I am unsure of who they are.

if you can positively identify anyone in this photo................ Email details to me please rlewin@dodo.net.au

If you or your family are in these pages please email me any information that I don't have and it will be added.

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Blazon of Arms.  Per pale gules and or, three bucks heads counterchanged.  Crest, A buck trippant quarterly or and azure

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