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Startline, Northam Weir, Katrine & Finish, Avon Descent, 5th August, 2006

Photos: B. Tyson & R. Khorshid
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> Day Two Pics: Super Chute & Posselt's Ford

The driest winter ever recorded for the central wheat belt and Darling Range catchment area of the Avon River did not dampen the spirits of most paddlers who, in typical Aussie style, 'gave it a go'.
Durable plastic boats make a colourful spectacle on the bank.

Warm up starts soon after power boats leave - Steve Nowak.

This side of the island is for warm-up and then queueing in grids.

Are you here?

First grid, the double skis and kayaks, wait for the countdown to the start. Winners of this category, Grant Pepper and Steve Myers are in the blue boat.

First grid is away. Thirty seconds to the next.

Queued long plastics watch the first single kayak/ski grid take off. Multiple Descent winner, Daryl Long, is always recognisable (in the green bib) due to his unique space age helmet!

Grid of eight heads for the first major obstacle, Northam Weir, which is just downstream of the start.

 Northam Weir

This is tough on bodies and boats. (A good pelvic jerk is useful.)

Pile-up at the bottom - hard to keep the boat straight on the concrete slide with little water over the weir.

Grassy banks interspersed with shallow channels await paddlers after the weir. Much jostling occurs here, though regular Descenter, Wayne Felton (above), from Mandurah Sportz, had a clear passage.

Katrine changeover for teams - all smiles as Steve had a good run (literally) in the shallows, coming second in Mixed Teams category for this leg.

End of Day One (Start of Day Two) at Cobbler Pool.
Paddlers pass through timing gates - each paddler wears a transponder ankle/wrist band and must pass through the gates to have times for each section recorded.

The take-out at end of Day One. Green boat paddler is Glen Walker. Just to the left, a farmer's fields are transformed into a mini-city with campgrounds, first aid, retail sales, food & drink stalls, car parking and more - even a helipad. Craft are also stored here overnight ready for an early start at first light.

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