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 The Avon Descent


Handy Hints

whilst Training
Walyunga Lost & Found Gear
Purchase an Annual Pass for Walyunga (includes Avon Valley National Park) or All Parks from Dept. of Environment & Conservation, 9219 8000, to pay by credit card or you can buy it online or at Walyunga when the entry is manned.  Be sure to write your name and phone number on all your gear. You may accidentally leave it on the bank or lose it in the river. Even 'permanent' felt pen washes off paddles before long, so keep checking that your name and phone no. are legible. Dymo tape doesn't wash off, but it can be peeled off. 
Walyunga gates are opened at 8 am and locked again at 5 pm sharp (2005).  If you do lose/find gear circulate the details - websites, email lists, canoe club noticeboards. For this website's Lost /Found columns email the details to rokhor@iinet.net.au which will also get it circulated by email to a large list of paddlers.
The Valley Getting Around
If you have to walk out of the valley be sure to go to the southern/eastern bank (river left) to the Westrail service road as this is the only vehicular access for the National Park ranger (who may be coming to look for you if it's after closing time). The shortest way to Toodyay Road (and hence Posselt's Ford and beyond) from Bell's Rapid is via Campersic Road. Turn left off Cathedral Avenue just before the small fire station into Camargue Drive, then right into Campersic. After about 6 km turn left again into Neuman Road which takes you to Toodyay Road. Much quicker.
Next G mobile phones now (2010) work in the Avon Valley in most places. Emergency contacts are: Volunteer Ranger, Ben Hyde, 0408 732 450 and the Walyunga Ranger, Paul Udinga (2010) 9571 1371 . If unavailable contact CWA, 9285 8501. Enter these into your phone's memory!
You can learn the valley quicker by perusing the maps of the rapids soon after each trip, so buying "Canoeing Down Under", by Terry Bolland is highly recommended. Maps of the rapids are at the back of the book. There are also photos of some of the rapids at different water levles, with suggested routes, here. If your boat overlaps your vehicle at all you must tie a red 'flag' on the end of the overhang.  Maximum overhang is 1.2m, less if you have a small car. Check the details. Paddlers have been fined for having a long boat on a small car.
Car Security Support Crew 
Car parks at Walyunga, Bell's Rapid and Upper Swan Bridge are well known for car break-ins. Leave money and valuables at home. Report break-ins to Midland Police, Morrison Road, Midland, 9274 6500 (phoning is sufficient). Police can then target these areas as troublespots.  Make sure that the river bank where you plan to meet your support crew during the event is accessible for them and for you, at high and low water! Also, be specific, don't just say "Bell's"! Best to take them on a guided tour once the river has started flowing.

 If you have helpful tips for fellow paddlers email rokhor@iinet.net.au to have them added to the list.

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