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The Avon Descent



Avon Descent Tales


(photo - Glen Avon Rapid, Day One)

Title   Author Description
Len's Tips for Avon Descenters  24 Len Christie   Lots of helpfull advice for new Avon Descnters in particular. 
Anatomy of an Avon Descent, 2008  23 Amy Gluyas  A mixed double in a plastic who have prepared well come first and set a course record for their category. 
Finntastic: Avon Descent '08   22 Ian Finnie Ian had a long break from paddling and here returns with a vengeance and a very good run in the flood conditions.  
For Those Who Want a Laugh - Novice Avon Story, '08.    21 Karen Staudte  This novice has a sense of humour and in true Aussie style likes a good laugh at herself! Much drama due to the high water level. 
Tales from the Kayak Graveyard: Avon Descent, 2008    20 Erin Hobbs  Here's another novice tale: it's a team effort and the water level is the highest for ten years.  
Avon Descent , 2007  19 Paul Tuckwell  A long story from the eyes of a novice. Good for first time Avon Descenters to know all about it.
Letter to Avon Paddlers 18  George Scorbie  Letter by concerned paddler re safety issues and choice of craft for Avon Descent paddling  
Mates   17 Peter Fitzgerald  Short account by spectator of a very matey incident at Syd's Rapid, 2007
QE II Does The Avon Descent  16 Martin Clancy-Lowe  Paddler describes his thrills and spills on his old faithful double ski, the QE II, 2005
Fitzy's 2005 Avon Descent  15 Peter Fitzgerald  An entertaining tale by staunch Avon Descent supporter who triumphs in his new boat.
Chicks with Sticks on the Avon , 2004   14  Belinda Skinner A couple of gals set out to have some fun along the way - but it's hard and there's big disappointment when rigid cut-off times aren't reached.
Avon Descent - "No Ordinary Kayak Race", 2004  13 Brendon Grail  Many laughs in this account by experienced Eastern States paddler (but novice Descent paddler) who arrived only the day before.
The Australian Avon Descent - A European
 12 Sean Martin  Top international paddlers from UK relate their experiences (K2), 1998  
Dinner with Pamela and Other Goals - Avon Descent 2002  11 Malcolm Peacock Paddler has successful second attempt in low year after injury forces a first attempt withdrawal. Many encounters with double skis.
 A Tale of Two Paddlers,  2001   10 John Mulcahy  Humourous account by novice, K1, - the preparations as well as race day. 
2001 Avon Descent - "See you on the river before dawn!"   9  Dave Boldy Hard work pays off for K2 paddlers wanting to do well, 2001 
Lost Explorer Found    8 John "Intrepid" ________ The search for a K2 lost in the Descent (why not get the family involved?) by paddler with a sense of humour, 2000
'Avin a Go at the Avon Again  7 Peter Fitzgerald   The Descent in a sea kayak, 2000
Big Banana Dramas  6 Dave Boldy  Paddlers race triple surf ski in the Avon Descent , 2000
The Lady of the River 2000  5 Peter Fitzgerald  Tribute to fellow paddler  
C2 Avon Descent, 2000  4  Ewen MacGregor    C2 paddler steps in last minute to attempt race without training 
 K1 Novice's Story, 1999  3 Tristan Campbell Novice is delighted to finish his first Avon. 
 Aaaah Ah!  2 Ron Clarke "Mixed Doubles Anthem", 1997
 Pamela's Adventures on the Avon   1 Glenda Rae   Humorous account of the preparations and race in an old K2, 1995.

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