The Canoe and Kayak Guide to Western Australia (Hesperian Press, Perth, 2000)

reviewed by Robyn Khorshid

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Dust off your canoe and start packing! Here is a book to inspire the outdoor adventurer to discover some of WA's magic places. Many are accessible only to canoeists.

The author draws on his life's experience of paddling in Western Australia. The trips described are for a variety of paddling skills, from family outings on sheltered sections of WA rivers to hard going sea trips for more seasoned paddlers. They are the most popular trips for canoeists.

There are lots of tips about what to do and not to do, as well as interesting observations. Most of the locations suggested are easy to get to. The information about each trip is general, , leaving the discovery to you. It is more detailed for Ningaloo Reef and Shark Bay areas. Every paddle trip has it own map.

If you don't own a canoe or think you can't paddle, there is a comprehensive listing of canoeing businesses which can help you out.

The book is a useful addition to the Ministry of Sport and Recreation's River Guides.

This is an inexpensive guide and worth the space on your bookshelf.


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