Kayaking: Whitewater and Touring Basics by Steven M. Krauzer (Trailside Series)

(Norton, New York, 1995)

reviewed by Robyn Khorshid, Swan Canoe Club

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Here we have a concise and useful 'how to' kayaking book for the potential sea kayaker and whitewater paddler. Though it is aimed at the beginner, it also has useful info' for the intermediate paddler .

Its first section is on kayaking basics: boats, paddles and gear, eskimo rolling and paddling strokes. The second section deals with sea kayaking: gear, paddling techniques, understanding conditions on open water, navigation and safety.

The third section deals with whitewater paddling. Specific gear is dealt with, then intermediate techniques, understanding river conditiions and the water formations found there and safety.

The last section covers miscellany and includes a scientific analysis of one of the most difficult aspects of canoeing, the car shuffle!

As far as canoeing books go, this is a recent publication and hence all the gear talk is very up to date. I found the section on boat designs very useful: what effects do length, rocker, flare and chine have? Now I know why my boat does what it does!

Nothing is covered in great detail which is good if you don't want this. This is a nifty little book; it says enough.

For West Australian paddlers this book is available through the State Library Service, though you will wait a few weeks to get it.

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