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Canoeing: General

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(Many are not available over the counter in Western Australia). There's lots more titles available.

Title Author  In a nutshell West Australian paddler's review available  Publisher, date
 Kayak: The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique  William Nealy Every white water paddler should have a copy of this!  Read Review Menasha Ridge Press, Birmingham, Alabama, 1986
Eskimo Rolling for Survival Derek C. Hutchinson Very thorough   Read Review  
The Bombproof Roll and Beyond Paul Dutky Very clear analysis of rolling and intro to playboating   Menasha Ridge Press, Birmingham, Alabama, 1999
River Rescue: A Manual for White Water Safety  Les Bechdel and Slim Ray For the serious white water paddler and instructors  Read Review  
The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking  Derek C. Hutchinson Covers everything, as the name suggests. Well presented and easy to understand.  Read Review  
Kayaking: Whitewater and Touring Basics  Steven M. Krauzer    Read Review  
The Playboater's Handbook  Ken Whiting - 1997 World Whitewater Rodeo Kayaking Champion    
The American Canoe Association's Kayak and Canoe Games  Laurie Guillion, Les Fry (Illustrator)  32 pages of games for teachers of canoeing    Menasha Ridge Press, Birmingham, Alabama, 1996
Canoe Games  Dave Ruse 138 pages of games for teachers of canoeing    A & C Black, London, 1989
The Kayaker's Playbook Kent Ford & others Will elevate your skills dramatically: very detailed white water skills   Performance Video, 1998
Canoe Racing: The Competitor's Guide to Marathon and Downriver Canoe Racing Peter Heed, Dick Mansfield      
 White Water Nepal, Second Edition
A Rivers Guidebook for Rafting and Kayaking
Peter Knowles   Describes 34 river trips, with maps   Menasha Ridge Press, Birmingham, Alabama/Rivers Publishing, UK
 White Water Europe
Book One: The North Alps
Peter Bandtock and Peter Knowles  Describes 100 runs in Austria, France, Switzerland & Italy, Class 3-4    Menasha Ridge Press, Birmingham, Alabama/Rivers Publishing, UK
 White Water Europe
Book Two: The South Alps
Peter Knowles Describes 56 runs in France & north-west Italy , Class 3-4   Menasha Ridge Press, Birmingham, Alabama/Rivers Publishing, UK 
 White Water Pyrenees Patrick Santal  The only whitewater guidebook for this area, covering 86 rivers!    Menasha Ridge Press, Birmingham, Alabama/Rivers Publishing, UK 
Many guides to paddling North American rivers     Check out these & other titles Menasha Ridge Press, Birmingham, Alabama

Canoeing:Western Australia

Title Author  In a nutshell West Australian paddler's review available  Publisher, date
 Canoeing Down Under: The Basics & Beyond & Avon River Guide Terry Bolland  Every Avon Descenter should have a copy of this!  Read Review  
The Canoe and Kayak Guide to Western Australia

Martin Chambers
All the places for social &/or adventurous paddlers  Read Review Hesperian Press, Carlisle, 2000
Kimberley Challenge Terry Bolland Articles from five major kayaking and walking expeditions around the Kimberley coast  
 The Long Way Home  Terry Bolland  The story of 24,000 km paddle-cycle-walk marathon around Australia.    

West Australian publications are available from local canoe outlets and outdoor stores.

River Guides

by Ministry of Sport and Recreation, Western Australian Government

Free: currently (January 2001) being updated

  Swan River: from Upper Swan Bridge to Middle Swan Bridge
2   Canning River: Royal Street Bridge to Riverton Bridge
3   Murray River: Coolup Bridge to South Yunderup
4   Murray River: Nanga Bridge to Scarp Pool
5   Murray River: Driver Road to Yarragil
6   Murray River: Yarragil to Nanga Bridge
7   Blackwood River: Nannup to Darradup Bridge
8   Blackwood River: Darradup Bridge to Sue's Bridge
9   Blackwood River: Sue's Bridge to Warner Glen Bridge
10   Deep River: Fernhook Falls to Deep River Bridge
11   Warren River: Rooney's Bridge to Heartbreak Trail
12   Avon River: Railway Bridge (Northam) to Bolgart Bridge (Toodyay)

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