Broke Inlet
Shannon River

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1. For all vehicles:
About 93km after Manjimup on SW Highway, turn right onto Broke Inlet Road to Camfield where there are shacks and easy access to the water.

2. For 4WD only:
To access the southern shore
from SW Highway, turn onto Mandalay Beach Road at Crystal Springs. A short distance before the Mandalay Beach car park is Fisherman Track which is definitely 4WD and is only open December to May due to inundation in winter. Let tyres down here as the track is mostly over sand dunes. Just before Coal Point the track disappears - just drive on the beach and look again for the track which leads down towards the inlet mouth, on the left. Fisherman Track may not be open if the water level in the inlet is high due to the sandbar at the inlet mouth not opening during winter. Always check with the CALM ranger at Walpole to make sure it is open, even in summer.

To access Shannon River at Springbreak Road turn right onto Chesapeake Road and then left onto Springbreak Road which is not always open. You need to check with CALM ranger at Walpole. At the time of writing, early 2004, a culvert is washed out on this track and the road is closed.


Paddling Notes

  • scenic flatwater paddling;
  • camp at Camfield or on one of the many sandy beaches around the inlet, particularly along the narrow channel towards the inlet mouth;
  • narrow channel leads to impressive coastal scenery at river mouth;
  • popular fishing spot;
  • paddle to Shannon Island - pristine granite outcrop and then on to the Shannon River;
  • paddle up Shannon River 4.5km to Springbreak Road;
  • inlet conditions often windy - summer: strong SE breezes; winter: NW, W & SW winds; ruddered boat is best!
  • much shallow water;
  • if driving in the detour to Bansia Camp has spectacular views of Cliffy Head and Chatham Island.

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