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 Recreation & Tourism

Canoeing Down Under - custom designed canoeing trips for individuals or groups - we provide the itinerary, the boats and the expertise

Capricorn Kayak & Adventure Trips - tours to the best destinations all year: Ningaloo, Shark Bay, Penguin & Seal Islands, Rottnest, Walpole.

Mainpeak Paddlesports - local adventures and social paddles including whitewater rafting and kayak cruising.

Rivergods - rafting in winter (or when there's lots of water in our rivers) and canoeing adventures all year round, particularly sea kayaking.


Canoeing Down Under all canoe, kayak and equipment sales

Finn Kayaks sells WA manufactured plastic kayaks, canoes and sit-on-tops as well as other gear for paddlers

Mainpeak sells a wide range of boats, paddles and accessories

Mandurah Sportz sells a variety of paddle craft, paddles and all the gear

Rivergods - Fluid kayaks, RIOT playboats, sea kayaks and other craft

For Hire
Canoeing Down Under - has a fleet of Canadian canoes and kayaks such as MI 380s, MI 415s and Finn kayaks available

Explorer Boat Hire - Guilderton: canoes and other craft available for hire on the Moore River

Mandurah Hire wide range of kayaks and sit-ons for hire. Will deliver locally in Mandurah area for a small fee.

Rivergods  hires out sea kayaks, Canadian canoes & gear for a range of destinations

Repairers, Manufacturers, Distributors

Finn Kayaks designs and manufactures a wide range of plastic kayaks and sit-on-tops and canoes

Ian Garthwaite: repairs to plastic canoes and kayaks

Mainpeak Paddlesports organises repairs for all kinds of paddle craft

Spirit Paddle Sports - designs and manufactures plastic surf skis and distributes a wide range of other craft and gear.

Universal Plastics: Fibreglass repairs and fabrication, specialising in kayak repairs, new kayaks (Predator DR boat), carbon wing paddles, seats manufactured to order. Phone or Fax: 08 9361 8316 A/Hours 0438 922 118 or universalplastics@iinet.net.au

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