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Paddle Environs Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada, June, 2006
Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club

Photos: R. Khorshid
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Put -in at local beach. The Gulf Islands are in the background. These waters are sheltered from Pacific Ocean swells.

Snow-capped Olympic mountains, USA, on the other side of Juan de Fuca Strait. Port Angeles is just over there in the haze.

Approaching nearby island. Knowledge of tides is necessary in these waters as the tidal range is much greater than in the SW of WA (about double). Currents can be further amplified when constricted by narrow passages between the many islands, large and small.

Lighthouse and keepers' quarters. The strait where we paddled leads to the ports for Vancouver and USA.

Suburbs of Victoria in background - notice the seaweed. I was told of a paddler in the north of the island who was so tangled in this weed that she had to be cut out by the other paddlers.

Long tubes attach the weed to the sea bed - can be thirty feet long. The 'leafy' part is under the water.

Morning tea stop. Sandy beaches are rare in this part of the world - but you can't have everything!
Not a poached egg, but a jellyfish!

Carbon-kevlar sea kayak - maybe $CAN6000 new?

Skeg instead of rudder

My hostess, Jenny Sutton (ex Swan Canoe Club) in blue boat and sister, Mary, in white boat.

Fancy real estate on water's edge

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