Collie River, Western Australia


  James Earl at the gauging station


  Emma Lefroy - first waterslide (foreground chute) The background drop is Grade 3/4.


  The Ferns - most paddlers take this line which is entered from the eddy at the top.


The first half of "The Waterfall" . Stopper at the bottom is man-eating on the right hand side.


  Roger Smith - same place


  Second half of "The Waterfall" - Dave Moyses


  Afternoon Tea Rapid - Iain McGown takes the left hand chute.


  Same paddler, almost the same place - popular play wave at the bottom of the right hand chute.


  Paddlers leave the river at Burrekup Weir (background) to paddle to the take-out which is on an irrigation channel


  Floating down the irrigation channel.


  Often you have to float upside down to get under this bridge and bad luck if you can't roll.


 The take-out: a helping hand is needed here as the water is moving.


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