Down River Paddling

by Dave Worthy and Robyn Khorshid

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5 Down River Racing


Down river racing consists of paddling straight ahead downstream through white water in a boat whose main characteristic is its large wings for stability. It has no rudder and is shorter than a marathon or sprint boat, but longer and straighter than a white water boat. Races are anywhere between three to thirty kilometres in WA, though usually they are around six kilometres.

This style of paddling is popular in Western Australia, but there is little written about it. In fact, B. Endicott's publication whose title I am unable to find and which is now out of print, is the only one known to the authors. Piers Goodman, former Australian down river champion, has written a chapter in Terry Bolland's Canoeing Down Under.  

These notes are for those just starting out in this most exciting version of canoe racing. They are the fourth revision of notes by Robyn Khorshid from a workshop first given by Dave Worthy in 1994. They are not written for plastic tourers such as MI 415 or the Finn (both popular in WA) though obviously some of the information does apply.

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