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Wildwater Series, Geegelup Cup, 2004: Fourth Rapid - "Rock in the Middle at the Bottom"
In recent low rainfall years it's been a matter of dodging rocks at this rapid, (especially a large one right in the middle at the bottom). This year, however, it rained heavily a few days beforehand (Bridgetown had 37mm) and it was a matter of dodging the standing waves!
Photographer - Di Bramley

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Paddler (Gisela Cannon) heads for smooth water on river left. Bushes which are usually at the top of rapid in the middle are under water. Ann Coulson is chasing.
Mary Roche tackles standing waves head on; Joel Ferguson about to catch up.
Barb Fitzgerald takes smooth water route on river left.
C2 paddlers Jonno and Cameron survive.
Novice paddler, Evonne Fraser, pleased to be through it and upright!
More pics (1.38M):
Leonie Cockman
Elaine Lennox
Ann Coulson
Kylie Wilson
Dave Campbell
Joel Ferguson
James Jack 
Joy White
Josh Kippen
Robbie Jeffery 
Tony Chounding

Fiona Bhardwaj
Robert Wallace
Andrew d'Espessis & Alex
Water level at gauge under the bridge was 12.84m (on the internet 12.584m) for the race on 29th August.
Geegelup Cup is held on the Blackwood River at Bridgetown, Western Australia, annually, at the end of August.

Blackwood River, Winnijup
28th August, 2004

29km upstream of Bridgetown is a stretch of white water which culminates in Winnijup Falls - for experienced canoeists only. This was the site of the Rapid Sprints of the Australian National Wild Water Championships held in August, 2003.  See pics here and here.
The Falls at water level 12. 75m (gauge under bridge) at Bridgetown.
White water stretch leading to The Falls - just about washed out at this water level.

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