Harvey Dam

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A pleasant day's flatwater paddle in a rural setting with native bush, plantation and farmland around a much enlarged Harvey Weir, originally dating from 1916. Suitable for beginner paddlers in canoes or kayaks.

  • To check water level walk along the dam wall to the Lookout. Look upstream to see a series of posts. Maximum level is 78m AHD (Australian Height Datum). Recommended season is spring when the water level in the dam will be at its highest and therefore the reservoir will be largest and the days sunny.

    If you can see the top of the spillway of the old weir, just downstream of the line of buoys, then the water is 64 AHD or less and no boating is permitted.
  • To check the water level from afar phone Ross Doubikin, 9791 0418, at Bunbury office of Water Corporation, during working hours.

  • Recommended put-in place is at the boat ramp. See map below. Car parking and toilet. There are two other access points as shown on the map.
  • Paddle upstream or downstream. Do not paddle past the line of buoys in the vicinity of the dam wall.
  • Fish from your canoe/kayak for fresh water cobbler, red fin perch and trout.
  • There are many shady places to land for a picnic lunch but take a thermos as fires are not permitted.
  • In places there are dead trees, stumps and logs owing to the only recently enlarged reservoir. Some have been left as fish and marron habitat. These make it a more interesting paddle, but take care of those which may be just submerged (or dead trees which may be just about to fall over!).
  • Further enquiries contact Water Corporation SW Ranger, Aaron Campbell, 0427 980 717, who has paddled the reservoir.
  • Recreation area at the dam wall has parking, toilets barbecues. playground and beautifully landscaped gardens and walkways but there is no access to the water from here.

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