Mandurah Over 55s'

Canoe Club:

The Grey Dolphins

Postal Address : 2A Telita Court, Dudley Park Gardens, Mandurah, 6210

President : Jim Hawkins (08) 9581 5139

Vice President : Henry Gunson (08) 9535 7651

Secretary : Val O'Dea (08) 9537 1484

Treasurer : Anne Gunson (08) 9535 7651

Newsletter Editor : Mary Herbert (08) 9528 1116


The Over 55s at Mandurah paddle strictly for fun and fitness. They meet regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays , 8 am in summer and 9 am in winter. They produce a two monthly programme of paddling events.

There is a varied programme of paddles on Mondays, with plenty of locations to choose from in the Mandurah area, Rockingham and Waroona Dam.

On most Wednesdays they meet at Furnissdale Beach, just beyond the boat ramp, near the mouth of the Serpentine River.

Saturdays are for exploratory paddles to check out different locations for future paddles.

They have occasional paddling trips away, eg., Augusta, Eaton, Denmark, and non-paddling social events as well, from time to time. They produce a quarterly newsletter.

(last updated : 27th November, 1997)

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