Keep Left at the Main Drop


by John Mulcahy
© 2006 J. Mulcahy
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Hello everyone,

I am having a huge time in Canada and thought I'd send you some pose photos. Originally I was heading to Canada due to canoeing interests to "Paddle Niagara", however, note after scouting the rapids and applying some risk management principles I am now looking for cheap pharmaceuticals and am planning a new business, "Peddling Viagra".

Also, inspired by Terry Bolland, I am considering writing a new book, possibly titled, Canoeing Up Above. I have created a map for a nice rapid which leads from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. On the approach, whilst a little cold, it's manageable with only grade 3 rapids (courtesy of a hydro electric scheme which diverts 75% of the flow) and no ti-trees. On the main drop keep to the left. In fact so far to the left you stay on the bank!

The white water racers only run 2 classes; barrel or suicide. Historically statistics show that a lot of barrel class racers change to suicide class mid race.

Remember how the Avon swim test in July gives you an ice cream headache. Well you can effectively simulate this by leaving Perth wearing a t-shirt and thin slacks with just an Aussie type jumper in your cabin baggage and then arranging for your checked baggage to make an extended stay in Heathrow. It's great, you don't even have to enter the water to F@#$ing freeze! I looked very carefully and there was not a brass monkey in sight at Niagara. Please note I may not return to Perth as I
now have a promising career as a soprano with the Canadian Chamber Choir.

Anyway I've finished posing and will catch up with all when I return. Enjoy your 39 degree day whilst I dodge -11 Degrees Celsius, ice and winds which cut to the marrow.



The pics: Niagara Approach, Niagara Main Drop, No Brass Monkeys Here

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