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Trip from Toquart Bay to and around the Pinkerton Islands, Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
July, 2006
Photos & Text: Robyn Khorshid
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Here's some pics of the first day of a summer long weekend paddling Barkley Sound . Our base was a tiny cabin on a private island (well, two islands at all but the lowest of tides) in the Pinkerton Islands. Though not far from the mainland we were a long way from civilisation, at the north end of the sound. The whole area is pristine and beautiful. The Broken Group Islands of Barkley Sound are part of the Pacific Rim National Park. They're a popular destination for experienced kayakers (or join a commercial trip). Primitive camping is available on several of the islands.These waters are largely protected from Pacific Ocean swells and abound in aquatic life. Navigating between the islands can test your skills, especially if there's fog!

On the beach at  Toquart Bay. It's at the head of Barkley Sound and is the main put-in place for kayakers wanting to explore the islands of the Broken Group.
 The start of the two hour paddle to our isolated private island getaway.
Our hostess, author and adventurer, Lyn Hancock (who is originally a Perth girl!)
Crossing David Channel with some of about one hundred islands beckoning.
 There's a bear there! (You can definitely see it in the larger version of this pic) The jetty and a tent platform on one of the two islands. 
Our rustic cabin, home for the next thee nights. The bridge links the two islands which are only connected at low tide. 
 More islands beyond our two. Kayaks are high and dry at low tide - the tidal range is about double that here in the SW of WA.

There are two wooden tent platforms for visitor overflow on the second island. This is the view! - early evening and high tide.
 Big slug on the forest floor.  Paddling through the narrow channels between some of the Pinkerton Islands, close to the mainland.  Paddling visitors from nearby Sechart Lodge, which is a half hour paddle to the south.

Sechart Lodge, a converted old office building moved to the site of a former whaling station - for kayakers who want to paddle the Broken Islands. See their website

 Apart from the residential quarters Sechart Lodge has another building with day use facilities.  To save paddling the home journey from the outer islands you can ring and book this water taxi to pick you up!
End of a perfect day! 

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