Rapid Sprints Race
Australian National Wildwater Championships

Winnejup Rapids, Blackwood River, Western Australia
31st August, 2003


 C2 paddlers on home page are Kim Snowball (front) & Charlie Muir

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Barb Louise Darryl 
Simon R. Darryl Steve 
Damian Peter  Shirl/Brevis 
Chris D. Damian  Shirl/Brevis 
Steve  E.states  

Top of Winnejup Falls, The Slide - paddler is Ben Mercer
Matt Carr
Grant Pepper approaches big stopper at bottom of The Slide

Australian Women's Champion - Carol Hurst

Robyn Harris, South West Canoe Club

Terry Bolland through the second stopper
Left: looking upstream - plenty of vantage points - Mike Harris closest to camera
Above: looking downstream towards finish line - Tony Fry in tree

Avon Support Unit free boat pinned on rock during practice runs.