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White Water Paddling in Thailand
Text : Glenn Rogers; Photos coutesy Glenn Rogers

We paddled with a company called Siam Rivers on the Mae Taeng River, about 90 km north of Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand.

The run is about 10.3 km long and has three sections. The first section has a series of Grade II/III rapids, the middle section a series of Grade IV rapids and the last section another series of Grade II/III.

They have a great set of bamboo huts by the river and it's possible to stay by the river and do the run for a number of days - we stayed and paddled for 5 days. Their main business is rafting and there was a new group of rafters to join us each day.

They are a very professional outfit, with staff well trained in safety and rescue and the white water was great. If you're not up to Grade IV you can kayak the first section, raft the middle section and then kayak again on the last section.

I've attached a few photos - all taken by the guys from Siam Rivers. Lesley is in the Blue boat and I'm in the red boat.


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