Murray River
Goegrup Lake to Black Lake

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Black Lake Detour !

From Riverside Gardens enter Goegrup Lake and from its southern end turn east towards Black Lake which is a series of lakes connected by narrow channels. Explore the nature reserve - there are always black swans here as well as numerous other water birds. Click on the pic above for some ibis (including one sacred ibis) "strutting their stuff".

Remains of fish traps (originally aboriginal) can be seen at southern end of Goegrup Lake before entering the narrow channel into Black Lake. The first of the series of lakes is deep compared to the others which are best paddled at high tide or after winter rains.

If crossing Goegrup Lake from the north head south-east, watching for deeper water channels.

Alternately put in at end of Dunkerton Road which is entered from Lakes Road, then Lakelands Road.

The channels leading from one lake to the next are not easy to find, but are obvious once you've reached them.

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