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 Canoeing in Western Australia

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The Canning River

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 In a nutshell

Paddlers' nature paradise in the middle of suburbia, birdlife abounds

Upstream of Riverton Bridge is sheltered when it's windy.

The Canning River: paddling downstream
 Put in at . . . Facilities Best known for . . . Watch out for . . .
Open space in Jacqueline Drive, upstream of Royal Street Bridge, Thornlie  street parking, grassed area

- paddling downstream- narrow river meanders with leafy, shaded banks

- azolla, floating fern, which collects on still waters - harmless

- paddling upstream which is usually not possible due to logs, shallow water and overgrown banks

- the occasional overhanging branch

Hester Park, Langford

via Spencer Road

car park, toilets, picnic area

- the slalom course (Darling Range Canoe Club meets here)

- the nature reserve (Canning River Wetlands)

- Mason's Landing, idyllic picnic area, toilets - short stroll to Woodloes House, historic homestead, open Sunday afternoons only

- water aeration pipes

- one or two river cutoffs if paddling upstream (you haven't run out of river- just missed the main channel!)

Wilson Park & Kent Street Weir, Wilson

via Kent Street

car park, toilets, picnic area, barbecues

-the nature reserve which continues almost to Riverton Bridge

-the islands and cutoffs and different channels for exploring.

- paddling over the weir which is dangerous and may damage your boat - portage here!

- getting lost

- shallow water

Riverton Bridge Park or Riverton Jetty Park, between Shelley & Riverton Bridges, Wilson/Shelley

via Fern Road

car park, toilets, picnic area, kiosk


- wooden posts mark the site of a former towpath for barges transporting upstream market garden produce to Perth

- elegant riverside homes and gardens on south bank

- nature reserves on northern bank: Salter Point, Mount Henry

- wooden posts which are submerged 

- rough water when it is windy

- shallow water at low tide

- water ski area above Mt Henry Bridge

 Southern end of Bull Creek, Riverton Drive West street parking look for parking bays near tiny sandy beach for embarking

- practising your canoeing skills in the sheltered waters of Bull Creek

- paddling down to Deep Water Point Cafe for coffee and cake


- water ski area

- very rough conditions when it is windy

 Deep Water Point car park, toilets, picnic facilities, cafe




- not recommended to paddle downstream and into Swan River unless it is calm

Car security - better to leave valuables at home!

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The contents of this site are copyright© 2000, Robyn Khorshid.
All Rights Reserved.