Serpentine River
between Stake Hill Bridge on Lakes Road(Goegrup Lake) & wooden bridge

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This is a flat water paddle which is interesting as it alternates between deeper river channels and shallow lakes and the best route to exit the wide lakes is not always obvious! There's much birdlife and the river banks are lined with paper barks, river gums and casuarinas. Kangaroos can be seen occasionally. You will also find much solitude and tranquility!

The suggested paddle is from Stake Hill Bridge as far upstream as you wish, then return. It's best after winter rains as the lakes can be very shallow in summer.

  • The stretch of river above the bridge leads you to Yalbanberup Pool.
  • Useful tip: to leave the lake when paddling upstream look for the channel with series of wooden posts across as this is the deepest channel to go further upstream.
  • Guananup Pool is a shallow lake, deepest in centre.
  • When leaving Guananup Pool paddle upstream via river channel (meandering line on map) to wooden bridge & return via man-made channel (straight line on map). May need to portage at the southern end of the man made channel. It's fun to have to find the way!
Serpentine River can be paddled from Karnup Road Bridge which is upstream, after winter rains: 11 km from Karnup Road to wooden bridge - man made channel for 6 km, then river meanders to Lake Amarillo & eventually to the wooden bridge. 
  • Less than a kilometre downstream from Stake Hill Road Bridge is Goegrup Lake (best at high tide or after winter rains as it is shallow). It's very shallow at edges at any time.
  • Paddle across SW to Riverside Gardens and the Serpentine. The main channel meanders through the centre of the lake.
  • Paddle across SE and detour to Black Lake  

Alternate access to river:
1. Woodland Parade cul-de-sac
- from Sheoak Road, turn right to southern end of Woodland Pde. - car park - site of old ford.

2. Yalbanberup Pool - from Stock Rd turn into Sheoak Road, then left into Woodland Pde., then right into Riverland Drive , then after 650 metres turn left (just before Lot 11) onto firm (no name) track to lake's edge through Goegrup Conservation Reserve. There's parking at edge of lake.

3. Guananup Pool from Stock Road enter Lymon Road & Evergreen Loop, then enter sandy track & veer left towards river. Access is on very sandy track for 4WD vehicles only.

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