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WA Paddling News, August, 2000

2/8/00 To all white water paddlers (incuding Avon Descenters and novices),

2000 Western Australian Slalom Championships will be held at Walyunga, Sunday
morning, August 13th.

All are welcome to participate. There will be pre-race coaching at 9am for
those who need to boost their confidence for the race! (those who would
normally race in Division 3 and some in Div 2 who have raced infrequently).

Registrations will be from 10.00 am. Briefing and race - 10.30am.

If the weather is fine, bring a BBQ pack for lunch afterwards.
Enquiries: Brian Morgan (08) 9382 3548 email: morganb@hotlinks.net.au


The 2000 Avon Descent results are now online, thanks to Merv Francis and Graham Burkett.

Address is: www.avondescent.asn.au

Water level in the trees on Saturday was almost 0.8m and at Walyunga at midday on Sunday, about 0.95m.

Hope you all had a great time, winning or losing or just watching.

My congratulations to all division winners and my thanks for the manner in which canoeists conducted themselves in the Avon Descent. Being on the finish line I didn't see all the action but was pleased to see Association members dominate the results. Regards, Greg K
One completely nude virginal paddle so new not even named (what an idiot) no stickers or
anything!!! Carbon-kevlar scoop, Darryl Long made. Lost at Bells after an unpleasant incident during the Descent early sun afternoon.The Owner should know better and perhaps some good Samaritan has found it--maybe?? Phone Penny on 9299 6512 if you are the finder. Reward offered.
Peter and John, two sad paddlers, walked out of the valley on Sunday, leaving a blue Explorer 515 wrapped around a rock between Harts and Walyunga. No 607. if anyone is up that way and sees it either getting nearer the surface when the water drops or somewhere downstream, please
ring 93109815 or email tintin@cygnus.uwa.edu.au Does anyone have experience on how to get back there for retrieval?John Hilton
If you have some great photos of the Descent (or even one) send them (it) in for everyone to see on the Avon Descent netsite.
You can send as an attachment to merv@aaaaustralia.com.au or if you don't have a scanner or a digital camera send the hard copies to me, Robyn Khorshid, 26 Watkins Road, Dalkeith, 6009. (I promise to return them).
These were online ASAP on Sunday night. There's now an alternate set as well for those who've had problems downloading the original page. Both are accessible from: http://www.avondescent.asn.au
Below lies the answer to one of life's most profound questions . . . "Is there life after the Avon Descent?"
Head for Walyunga next Sunday morning to watch/take part in this most skilfull of white water canoeing sports. Park at the lower carpark and stroll upstream before 10:30 am. Robin Bell, one of Australia's medal prospects at the Olympics, had his beginnings in slalom in this group of dedicated paddlers.
Roger from Snowgum has organised a fun day at Bell's for those who would like to know more about this latest canoeing craze. Get some tips and try different boats. It's free and open to everyone. (Don't forget your white water gear!) Great for spectators. Sunday, 20th August. Contact Roger at Snowgum.
The Blackwood River, Bridgetown, is the place and Sunday morning, 20th August, the time for this race on an exhilarating stretch of rapids-pools (no boring flat water). It's a great course for plastics and beginners to try out their new Avon skills. Most people make a weekend of it and do practice runs on the Saturday. There's a paddlers' dinner at one of the local eateries on the Saturday night (lots of pasta). A great time is always had by all. (For canoeing association members)
Contact (the now famous) Todd Coulter 0409 084 376.
Organised by the Wildwater Committee and South West Canoe Club.
A unique paddling and social weekend is held by Swan Canoe Club for members of all state canoeing association clubs on September 1-3. Stay at the rustic bush camp set in the best of the bush you'll see near Perth. Get to know your fellow paddlers. Delicious communal dinner on Saturday night. Paddle the upper or middle Murray, depending on your skills. Contact: Andrew Hm 08 93394327 or

Mob 0411 556 927
Organise your teams now for the Nanga Challenge, the Moodiarrup Marathon and the Blackwood Marathon. Details are on my website http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe
As already advertised: details on my website as above.

Folks, just a reminder about the Descent presentation function on Sunday at Burswood Park starting at 12:00 midday. Tickets are available at the door.

Competitors get in for free, (just wear your medallion) others $8.00 which includes a barby pack and salads.
Drinks on sale at the bar. Dinghy Power Boat Clubrooms, behind Burswood. Enquiries 9622 2555
AND ALSO . . .
Looks like we'll have a video of this year's Descent on sale for $30.00 inc GST - plus Postage of
$5.00. Should run at least an hour and feature all types of craft.

Expressions of interest to avonvideo@hotmail.com and we'll follow them up.
"This is strictly a fun day for all levels of paddlers. There will be lots of prizes and giveaways and a free sausage sizzle and drink for all that participate after the event.This will also be a great event to just bring the family or friends to watch and show what kayakers can do (Have fun)." SEE YOU on Sunday, 20th August at Bell's, from 10 am. (More details on website: see address below)
My favourite paddle jumped ship at supershute on Sunday 6th August. It
is carbon with blue on the blades, made by Spirit. I would be very
pleased to be re-united. Anyone knowing it's where-abouts please call
Jerry on 9246 4300 between work hours. Many thanks.
paddle - Mako with a polyester shaft and name Tim Mace and phone no 08 9725 8003 on it. Lost near Moondyne on the second day of the Descent.
All lost paddle notices, etc. are placed on the "Bulletin Board" of my netsite so that there is a record of what is still lost. If you find something just look for the owner there, if there is no name still on the paddle.
If your paddle is returned, please let me know so as to remove unneccessary notices.

Old news now, but several people requested the Day One times, particularly the Day One Novices. They're now online at http://www.avondescent.asn.au thanks to Graeme Birkett and Merv Francis.

The best thing since plastic kayaks for (next year's) Avon Descent!

An on-the-water course, designed for Avon Descent paddlers suffering white-water withdrawal symptoms!!

"Slalom Kayaking for Avon Descenters"

Saturdays, 10.45 am to 12.15 pm

August 19th, 26th, Sept 2nd, 9th

at Walyunga Slalom Course
(please call if you can't make these days/times to organise alternate sessions)

Excellent for improving your white-water skills!

Cost: Adults $40 + GST ($4) for program OR $15 + GST ($1.50) per session
U18yrs $25 + GST ($2.50) for program OR $10 + GST ($1) per session

Equipment: White water touring/play boat (eg Dancer, Pirouette, Finnatic). (Beg from a friend, buy from the shop or borrow from your canoe club). Finns and MI415s are not suitable (difficult to turn). Don't forget all your white water gear.

Meet: 10.35am, Lower Walyunga car park, (changed and ready to go!)

Registration: Brian Morgan, 9382 3548 (after 6.30pm on weekdays)
Organised by Slalom Kayaking, Canoeing Western Australia, Inc.
SLALOM KAYAKING is a sport based on the fun and challenge of racing to record your fastest time down a course on a river rapid. The course is defined by a set of gates hanging from wires over the river. Penalty times are added to the race time if the course is not negotiated accurately (touch or miss gates). Fastest and cleanest wins!!

The course of gates is positioned down the rapid so the competitor has to negotiate, and where possible use to their advantage, river features such as fast water, eddies, waves, and stoppers. In the process a competitor uses a wide range of white water paddling techniques. Hence, slalom kayaking is an excellent means of learning and refining general white water kayaking skills.

Ex Swannie Sandra Fraser who now lives over east rang to check out if anyone is
interested in buying her Olympic ticket to all four days of the slalom
event which she is now unable to attend. She is asking a bit less than the full purchase price - $240
Sandra's contact phone number is 0401 186 331.
Saturday,16th September at 2pm.
Swan Canoe Club presents a FUN SLALOM DAY
Classes to suit all comers: Novice, Nearly Novice, Very Novice, Very Old Novice, Very Experienced Old Paddlers,Very Inexperienced Old Paddlers, Very Experienced Young Paddlers, Very Inexperienced Young Paddlers, etc.

ALL WELCOME, including non members

Join in one of our Plastic Boat Competitions. Experienced paddlers can try "Paddles Up" With Limbo roll gate. Come along for the Barbie. Bring a Friend. Rolling Coaching after the event. Dollar Donation.

Let's celebrate having our very own ROBIN BELL in the Olympic Slalom Team this week!

Venue - Swan Clubhouse, Club Boats Available Tel: Brian Morgan 9382 3548
Details about the 2000 Avon Descent video are now available on the Avon Descent site: http://www.avondescent.asn.au
Just click on the link which is on the Avon home page.
Details of the Nanga Challenge (10th September), the Moodiarrup Marathon (30th September) and the Blackwood Marathon (28th October) which all have legs for canoeists are on my site under "Other Events" http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe

Details of all events sent out in these emails are kept on my site.

The last race was won by inches when Ben Mercer, off a 9 minute handicap,
just managed to pull ahead of the front markers in an exciting sprint
finish. All paddlecraft are welcome: kayaks, skis, canoes, singles,
doubles...no outboards...

Next race: Sunday August 27
7:30 registration for an 8am start
$5 entry
Shelley Sailing Club (Riverton Dve, near Corbel St)
5km '2-up' handicap
More info: Fiona Scarff 9387 2508

Its no fun getting wallopped in your first flatwater race of the season.
And its not even fun doing the walloping, if you are the only paddler in
form. Thats why Canning River Canoe Club runs its 5000m races in a variety
of handicapped formats, where walloppers and wallopees come together for a
bit of fun which is also a great training race. Rules are explained on the
day, just turn up.
There's always a new story to tell about the Avon Descent. Check out the tales now on my netsite: http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe
Thank you to those who have sent in stories.

Race: Len Miller Race
Date: Sun 3rd Sept
Time: 12 midday meet at Nanga Bridge, Dwellingup (Arrange your car shuffle first)
Finish: Scarp Pool
More Info: Neil Long ph 0417 928 676

Plastics Paddlers! If you enjoyed the Avon you must take part in this: 12 km of pools and grade 2-3 rapids. This is your LAST CHANCE . . . no more until autumn next year!
Paddling Dads! Come and spend your Father's Day doing YOUR thing! Bring the family . . . the bush is at its best at this time of year.
These have already been emailed to those on Slalom Chief Brian's email list, but are also available on my netsite: http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe
Thanks to Dave Williams for preparing most of the results.
Series winners are: Scott Maidment (Div 1), Nick Patton (Div 2) & Barry Jones (Div 3).

There will be a season wrap up and barbeque at the 'Fun Slalom' on 16th September, being organised by Elaine Lennox, so keep this date free! More details closer to the date.

Don't forget, there is still training at Walyunga, Saturday mornings, 9 am.

- Brian Morgan, 9382 3548
Here's some dates as a reminder to get your team together now!
Nanga Challenge 10th September (a bit late to start getting organised!)
Moodiarrup Marathon 30th September
Blackwood Marathon 28th October
Here's another well known canoeing event:
· 111 kilometres on the Hawkesbury River, from Windsor to Brooklyn, NSW. (Sydney environs)
· Overnight, Saturday-Sunday, 11th & 12th November, 2000
· Moneys raised go to the Arrow Foundation which raises funds for cancer research (fighting cancer with bone marrow)
· For canoes, kayaks, surf skis - individual and team entries
CONTACT: Richard Barnes 02 9144 7927
More details shortly on my website.
Local paddlers Alwyn Duke and Dave Boldy have both participated in this event in recent years. I will put their write-ups on my site soon (that means when I can find where I have put them!).

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