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WA Paddling News, December, 2000

8/12/00 To all paddlers,
Water released on Saturday, 9th December, will be about 250 megalitres (just under 0.8 m at the gauging station). Water demanded for Monday, 11th, is around 400 megalitres (1.08 m) and this water will start to be released during Sunday in order to be available to farmers in the early hours of Monday morning. The hydro below Wellington Dam will be out of action for another month.
THE VERDICT: rocky on Saturday, good fun on Sunday
WANTED two "dancer" kayaks with spraydecks (in good paddleable condition) to train and socialise with my children. My contact phone numbers are wk 08 9273 7155, hm 08 9295 2469.
You are welcome to send out your WANTED, FOR SALE, etc. to my email list whilst the Bulletin Board is out of action. Just email me the details.

13/12/00 To all paddlers,
a couple of WANTED adverts. and then some HOW'S ABOUT THIS! NEWS. So keep reading past the adverts.
Tourer kayak, second hand, for general recreational paddling. Prefer fibreglass but will consider anything else. Please phone Jenny or Gavin Schmidt, 9846 4344 (Albany). Can view in Perth.
WANTED, also in Albany
Sea kayak, needs to be stable and not too heavy. Please contact Barbara
Madden on barbara2@iinet.net.au or 9841 4139.
New idea for a race! "National 24 Hour Relay Challenge".

Race against your fellow paddlers in the eastern states as well as local paddlers. Relay marathon race for teams of six over 24 hours (or teams of twelve in doubles). Everyone races on their own local waters, so no travelling expenses! The organisers (Burley Griffen Canoe Club) keep in touch by mobile phone.

The aim is to complete the most laps of a 5 km course in the 24 hours. Each paddler paddles his/her own boat which must be the same class of boat as the rest of the team's boats, eg. all K1 or all WWK1, etc. Each paddler completes one lap, then there is a changeover to the next paddler.

There are teams from most of the other states. The idea is for local teams to all use the same stretch of water to keep each other company, etc. There are all the usual classes. A handicapping system makes allowances for different types of boats and paddlers

Now there is no hurry to organise your team as it is next on in November, 2001! Just thought it was a unique idea and wanted to spread the word!

The organiser emailed me to put all the details on my website, which I shall do as soon as I have my new computer up and running - two weeks?
Our local canoeing entrepreneur, Alwyn Duke, now has a website for his Finn kayaks, thanks to Andy Sorenson, formerly SCC. I believe the URL is something like: www.finnkayaks.com (or www.finnkayaks.com.au)

If both of these are wrong, ring Alwyn!

Come and join in the fun :-) :-) :-) :-)
Bridge to Bridge Race
4th February, 2001: 8:30 am
6.5 km or 14.5 km
For all paddle craft: canoe, kayak, surfski,outrigger
Eaton foreshore, Bunbury
Mail Entry prize by 25th Jan
Enquiries SWCC, Robyn Harris: feral@geo.net.au
My snazzy new computer is mostly up and running. The Bulletin Board on my
netsite is back, but you'll need to resend your lost and found, wanted and
for sale canoeing gear and / or boats that you had previously sent in as all
the old data was lost.

For new list members : Canoeing in Western Australia netsite address is:
How far could you and five paddling mates paddle in 24 hours? Here are some
of the best attempts in different craft, different age groups from the
National Canoe Challenge that Burley Griffen Canoe Club holds each November.
You paddle 5km laps as fast as you can for 24 hours, as part of a relay
team, on home waters. They've invited WA paddlers to participate next

Club Class Km in 24 hrs Year
Essendon CC (Maribyrnon Mussel Men) 270 1995

Burley Griffin CC LTK1 215 1995
MacKay CC XOpenTK1 225 1995
BGCC " 225 1999
Fairfield CC MVetTK1 250 1995
Mackay CC MJTK1 235 1995
Ipswich/Wynnum XJTK1 185 1995
BGCC XTC1 200 1998
Townsville CC XVetTK1 255 1999
BGCC XC2 235 1999
Windsor CC VetSea Kay 210 1999

(With thanks to Helen Tongway, Co-ordinator)

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