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FROM PENNY BATES, TO ALL PADDLERS                         
Dry River Racing Comes To Perth!
Yes, folks, it's that time of the year -time to dust off the old down river racer or in fact anything that floats and join us for the 1st race in the down river series Normally we require some rain to run these events but even the biggest drought won't stop the down river paddlers from running the race on Sunday 8th April 2001.Here are the details:

Date     Sunday, 8th April 2001
Place    Hester Park (Darling Range Canoe Club)
Time     12:30 PM
Who Can Race All are welcome classes to suit all paddlers Bring your PFD
Cost   $10.00

The race is paddled on almost flat non running water over approx 4klms along the upper reaches of the Canning River .The water is often shallow and the course twists and turns through scenic river vistas-for the slower paddler bird life is of interest and paperbarks and other native flora makes for an interesting paddle.To get to the start all paddlers need to paddle upstream-this enables a good look at the course prior to the race. Beginners are especially welcome and will be accompanied by more experienced paddlers on the way up to the race start.
After the race drinks and a BBQ will be provided and you will be able to meet BURKIE,FERAL and BIG JOHN TALBOT .Other famous DR paddlers will be there to assist you to really enjoy the day (We are hoping that a really famous one will appear !!)

Further enquiries to Penny Bates(92996512) or any famous DR paddler

Ladies A cake please


Special Offer 
Attend 5 down river races and receive a free invitation to the Big Brekkie at the end of the season You must paddle or help (any combination) for 5 races to be eligible for this fantastic offer. Remember the first 3 races are suitable for novice paddlers-mark the dates on your calendar now.

If you're thinking of doing the Avon Descent this year then you should attend the Competitor's Information Seminar tomorrow night, Thursday, 19th April, at Challenge Stadium, Mt Claremont, 7 pm to find out about this year's event and have any questions answered. For further enquiries contact Deanne Jones, Event Co-ordinator, phone 0500 556 755 or email avondescent@wn.com.au
Race Schedule for 2001 Winter Slalom Series
Race 1   Sun 20th May, Hester Park (DRCC) 
Race 2 Sun 10th June, Walyunga
Race 3 Sun 24th June , Walyunga   
Race 4 Sun 23rd July, Walyunga
Race 5/State Champs Sun 12th August, Walyunga

If you would like to participate in slalom this winter and improve your white water skills, contact Bevan Dashwood, 9459 4290, Sandy Maley, 9335 4762 or Margaret Jeffery, 9293 1909, for more info' on joining a group for some training. Once the rivers start to flow there will be slalom training/coaching at Walyunga, on Saturdays as well. 

A junior program has recently started at Swan Canoe Club at Mosman Park on Wednesday afternoons 5 to 6.15 pm. Contact Colin Priest 9446 5505 if you are under 18 and would like to give it a go.
From our on-the-spot reporter I have heard that Lee Davies has done well at the Australian Marathon Titles in Victoria :-
Gold : K1 u16
Silver : K2 u16
Well done, Lee. This is after an excellent showing at the National Sprint titles a couple of weeks ago.

Do spead the word of the info nite and skills course described below amongst your work mates, friends & rellies who might be interested in tackling the Avon Descent. Ex-novices will also pick up a tip or two !
All potential Avon Descenters are invited to an Avon Descent Info Nite at Swan Canoe Club on Monday, 23rd April, from 7pm to 9pm. It is free of charge. It will be presented by well known paddler Alwyn Duke who has completed 14 Descents and is a former record holder. Details of the topics covered are on my website: http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe
Phone Carolyn, 0402 817 041 if you need more info.
Swan Canoe Club is at Johnson Parade, Mosman Park, next door to Mead's Restaurant. Parking is towards the top of the hill, on the left and the right.
Experienced Avon Descenter and white water paddler, Geoff Hughan, will be conducting a skills training course for novice to intermediate paddlers on Friday nights at Swan Canoe Club, 5:30 - 6:15 pm. There is a small charge of $20 for the six week course, or $5 per session if you can't come regularly. Starts Friday, 27th April.
Course numbers are limited.

Try out your new skills afterwards in the the Club's friendly & fun race which starts at 6:15 pm. 

Geoff used to conduct the Club's popular Avon Descent Training Course a few years back. Great to see him back in action! Want to know more? Phone Geoff 9341 6244 work, 0418 955 535 mobile, 9447 3239 home or email

You are welcome to check out the Club tonight if you wish. Just turn up!
What is the difference between a canoe and a tourist ?
Answer :

A canoe always TIPS !!!

To all paddlers,
The Rod Fry Race is on again!
Sunday, 29th April, Swan Canoe Club, Johnson Parade, Mosman Park. (next door to Mead's Restaurant)
(plenty of parking up the hill)
For all levels of paddler - choose your distance! 12 km, 6km or 3 km

Registration: 8:30 am, Briefing: 9:30 am, Mass Start: 10 am

Race fee: $10 adults, $5 juniors

There's lots of prizes - donated by Snowgum. Tea, coffee, yummy cakes and sizzling sausages available - for your picnic on the lawns. And for the kids (and big kids) - "Come 'n Try Kayaking" (free)

( Avon Descenters - test your stamina and the opposition!)

Compulsory - to carry a bouyancy vest + bouyancy in your boat
Recommended - spray deck

Want to know more? Contact Geoff Davey, 9317 2321 (h) . . . OR . . .

If you have a Wavehopper languishing in your garage there's a couple of keen Avon Descenters who would just love to buy it - their contact details are on the Bulletin Board of my website

FROM PAUL BURKE, Chief Organiser, 2001 Down River Series
Saturday, 5th May
Race 2, Down River Series

at Ascot Kayak Club Fauntleroy Avenue, Redcliffe
Practise your skills, great fun for novices and the guns. Plastic/sundries boats welcome.
4 km around buoys, the island & the slalom course. Twice.
Sausage sizzle afterwards.

12:30 pm registration
Contact Paul, 9379 0400 h or 0411 637 151 for more details.

Sunday, 6th May
"Fremantle to Perth Classic"

12 km - from Stirling Bridge to The Narrows
Park in Johannah Street, North Fremantle
Mass start (doubles, then singles), optional portage of Point Walter sand spit
The finish line is somewhere underneath the second (older) bridge at The Narrows - so keep paddling right through!
All paddlers are welcome - you do not need to be a member of the canoeing association for this race (surf skis welcome).

Organised by Swan Canoe Club on behalf of the state canoeing association.

Registration 8 am, Briefing 8:30 am, Start 8:45 am
Race fees: adults $10, juniors $5, late entry extra $15

*Please note it is compulsory for all paddlers to carry a buoyancy vest AND your craft must have sufficient buoyancy
Contact Geoff Davey 9317 2321 for more info.

Double surf skis are in demand this week! Pre- Avon Descent is a good time to sell if you don't really use your boat/ski any more. Check out the Bulletin Board on my website http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe
if you want contact details of those looking for the double surf skis (and other craft).

Spirit propeller paddle with a carbon fibre/ kevlar shaft. It was left at the car park under the Stirling Bridge (Left Bank) on Saturday morning, 28th April. The left blade has a crack in it. I can be contacted at 0419 553 925 or Peter.Male@upstream.originenergy.com.au


Keron Hepworth had his Kayak stolen from his front yard in High Wycombe, this week.
White Sprint K1. Has " Paul Measey " in script behind the cockpit. If anybody knows of this boat or sees it around please contact Keron 9454 4937 or Peter Martin 9277 4704.

Read two recent stories of paddlers' trips that underline the importance of knowing about rescue techniques and when/when not to paddle. "Letter Home" & "Crossing River Attempt" - on my website
http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe Click on Paddlers' Yarns. If you want to learn about rescue (including self-rescue) contact Terry Bolland who will organise a course on demand or Dwellingup Adventures who have 'Rescue 3' courses scheduled for later in the year. You can reach their websites from my front page.  

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