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Robin Smith is a long time paddler and member of Swan Canoe Club as well as a hydrologist at Water & River Commission. He keeps us up to date with WRC activities which affect us canoeists. And there is some BIG news which I am not going to reveal to you - you can find out for yourself (hint: look at one of the new sites just established on our favourite river!)

"Water data info expanded
Updates to the Commission's flood warning information on the web have just
been completed. These changes now mean that over 100 sites throughout WA are
automatically polled via the telephone network every day, conveying river
levels and rainfall data back to the Hyatt office. This data enables our
team of hydrologists to prepare flood reports ready for the Bureau of
Meteorology to issue should an event arise. . . .

The data is on the Internet so the general public can also use the data,
whether their interests are for recreation (such as canoeists), or to
monitor water levels themselves during flood situations.
Take a look for yourself at

The full text of Robin's news announcement is on the local paddlers' news page on my website
Lots of paddlers turned up for South West Canoe Club's inaugural Big Day Out, oops, I mean Big Paddling Weekend. You can check out the results and read the goss. which is on my website (of course).

To all white water paddlers,

Apparently my hint as to the news announced yesterday was a bit vague! So no guesswork, here is the announcement:

More sites on more WA rivers now have their water levels automatically recorded (hourly) and communicated back to Water & Rivers Commission head office via telemetry. This information is available on their internet site. Check out the map at the following web address to see which rivers are being telemetred and at which locations.

One of the newly telemetred sites is Walyunga. (616011)

The gauge (you may have noticed it) is a short distance below the ti-trees below Walyunga main pool. The terrain made it more difficult for the info there to be communicated back to Perth, which is why the delay.

The water level at this WRC gauge is close but not identical to the wooden gauge in the pool. However there is a graph on my netsite which I think should help. Just click on 'Water Levels' on the home page.

Now all you need is rain!

To all paddlers,
Take a look at the results of our dedicated young slalom paddlers who have done very nicely over east at the Nationals Competitions. Congratulations are in order! Also attached is an account by the WA team manager of the trip, always a highlight of the year for WA paddlers. All mothers (& potential mothers) should read this!

Mens C1
*Robin Bell Open C1 1st
*Kynan Maley U 22 C1 1st
*Hew Roberts U 22 C1 2nd
Mens K1
*Robin Bell Open K1 12th
*Kynan Maley U22 K1 6th (2nd Australian)
Hew Roberts  U22 K1 9th
Mike Collister U 22 K1 11th
Scott Maidment U22 K1 14th
Ben Jones Open K1 23rd
*Robin Jeffries 14yrs K1 1st
Ladies K1
*Emma Lefroy U22 K1 3rd Open C1 4th
Kim Innes U22 K1 5th
Kirsten Maley 18yrs K1 5th *18yrs C1 1st
Ladies C1
Emma Lefroy Open C1 4th
*Kirsten Maley 18yrs C1 1st
Mens Open C2 Robin Bell & Robin Jeffrey 5th
*Mens 22 C2 Hew Roberts & Kynan Maley 2nd
*Mixed Open C2 Kynan and Kirsten Maley 2nd
Mixed Open C2 Robin Bell & Louise Natoli 7th
Mixed Open C2 Emma Lefroy & Adam Marmion 5th

*Open Mens C1 Robin B. Kynan Hew 1st
Open Mens K1 Robin J. Mike, Scott 11th
Open Ladies K1 Kim, Emma, Kirsten 5th
Robbin Jeffery
Slalom Boys 13 K1 1st
Slalom Boys 13 C1 1st
D.R. Boys 13 K1 1st
Winner of Junior School Boys Trophy

Kirsten Maley
Girls 16 K1 3rd
Girls 16 C1 1st
Robin Bell C1 1st
Kynan Maley C1 2nd
Hew Roberts C1 4th
Mike Collister  K1 14th
Scott Maidment K1 36th
Ben Jones K1 42nd
Junior Mens
Robin Jeffries K1 33rd

Senior Ladies
Emma Lefroy K1 4th
Kim Innes K1 14th
Junior Ladies
Kirsten Maley K1 7th

FROM PETER MARTIN (Pres, Ascot Kayak Club)
A Rottnest Swim team has lost its paddler at the last minute, ( he had to go up north and do some work instead ) and have asked if I can put the word around for a replacement. If you would like to do the paddle over and make a group of swimmers ecstatic, please phone Chris Williams 0417 092 997
Congradulations to Robin Bell 1st C1, Kynan Maley 2nd C1 and Emma Lefroy 4th Ladies K1, on making the senior slalom Natiional teams. A great result guys. Unfortunately the results show how necessary it is to have the white water for training as Hew Roberts, the only one not based in Sydney in the lead up, once again just missed out. 
A "white pointer" and a spearman were seen on the Collie River last weekend, both below and above Honeymoon Pool! Must have been all the water released on Saturday afternoon - about 1.3 m at the gauging station. For more details about this rare occurrence email Simon or Ann at <<learn2kayak@one.net.au>>
Happy Birthday, Ann!


Not me, but the front page of my website: http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe I welcome any suggestions as to useful additions to the website, including photos, stories or info that you need. I continually update the most used pages, but if you find a page that is too out-of-date please let me know.
Check out an up-to-date internet guide to all the playboats : Dagger, Necky, DAG, Blistick, Riot & many more at http://www.freestylekayaker.com  There's independent reviews as well as manufacturers' comments, plus design details, dimensions, weight, etc. Also there are tips and lessons from the world's leading playboaters on this site.  You can check out the local product - the 'Finnatic' at Finn Kayaks' new website http://www.finnkayaks.com which you can also link to from the front page of my website.
There's some amazing locations and gigantic white water in five photos by an American addicted paddler and videographer Take a look at http://www.aktica.com/playboat/ and click on 'Gallery', then Chris Emerick. (They're quick to come up on your screen).
Peel Night Race
When : Saturday, 3rd March, 2001. Be there ready for a 7:00 pm briefing.
Where : Peel District Canoe Club, Pinjarra Road, Ravenswood (just upstream of the Ravenswood Bridge, opposite riverbank to the Ravenswood Pub).
Cost : $10:00 -- racing division
$ 5:00 -­ Touring division
Hint : Waterproof Torch is handy for narrow bit of the river after the portage, wet booties or shoes for the portage.

Extra Goodies in entry fee : Cylume Stick for identification, Sausage Sizzle after the race, lots of pretty lights in the water, Top Fun for all, avoid the mossies.
Paddle to Penguin Island Rockingham
9:30 am at the tourist spot where the ferry leaves from.
BYO boat and picnic,
See Peter M or Russell M. if interested in joining in .

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