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Week 2 /August
From the Avon Weekend

went into The West on Tuesday and <http://www.avondescent.com.au/node/432>online Wednesday. The online results have all the split times and places - it's great to have that amount of detail. All would agree it was a fantastic Descent, despite not much water, so heartiest congratulations to the organisers.
. A paddler broke his paddle above Hart's on Sunday and threw it to us to take to the finish line. We missed him but he was #899 Daniel Knight according to the book. If he rings Geoff on 9381 7903 he can collect his paddle.
2. A scooped paddle of no brand name with the blades painted a flourescent green found at Emu Falls. Contact Shane on 0422 158 682.
Lost Property
I lost my reading glasses at Cobbler Pool last Saturday. Do you know if someone found them and handed them in? Do you know if there is a lost property box? By the way we had a great weekend. I think it was the best ever.Irma Kooistra <mailto:irmakooistra@yahoo.com>irmakooistra@yahoo.com
Lost Paddles
. Polycarbonate paddle with kevlar, carbon shaft, Sunday of Avon between Emu Falls and Syd's. Name engraved into blade and in texta on shaft - Evan Shapley 0409 040 169. Monetary and sentimental value as it survived the trip halfway down Emus with me backwards.
2. Paddle lost near Lookout - carbon propellor. Should have a Left Bank sticker on one blade and the number 933 on it . Call 9319 9264 for reward, Ken Fogden
3. Paddle - Solution Lithium metal tipped, at Emu Falls. I snapped one of the blades and left it on the shore with two guys in red vests. My support crew came looking for it 30 minutes later but had no luck. It has my name (Shane Holstein) and contact number 9361 0460 on the remaining blade. Please call the number on the paddle or 0422 158 682  
4. Breakdown paddle - old plastic conventional  blades (white) with yellow aluminum annodised shaft. Old but not really battered. Have had it for 17 years or so., until it came un-tapped off the back of the double ski on Day 2 about 20 mins after Super Shoot, so we to abandoned it on the right hand bank of the river. Should still have some silver duct tape attaching the two halves together. Has number 626 on it in black artline on both blades (from previous years) and an old phone number on it 448 3676 and "Watson". Please call 0402 425 757 or randall.watson@adi-limited.com if you've seen it.
5. Broken blue set of "Renegade" paddles, held together with tea tree branches and Gaffa tape handed to a bloke at Bell's last Sunday during the Descent. Silver tape in centre with name and phone number that may have been partially rubbed off. Would like them back as they would make a good spare for next year. Please contact Steve Ford 0417 098 883 or <mailto:mozzies@iinet.net.au>mozzies@iinet.net.au

Is there paddling after the Avon Descent?
Y e s !
1. Collie Descent - from Harris River Winery, (near Collie) to headwaters of Wellington Dam
Saturday, 20th August
- What a fun event! It has everything: miles of (real) trees, a few rapids (that will certainly catch the unwary!), two (compulsory) portages, a paddleable weir, miles of flat water and some fast current in ti-trees. Most of all, great company and lots of laughs, if you don't take it too seriously! Find out more:
or email Marty <mailto:mart@geo.net.au>mart@geo.net.au   
Organised by Marty Wallace, Nial Reynolds, Collie paddlers and multi- faceted sports addicts.
Sponsored by Mainpeak Paddlesports
2. The Geegelup Cup, Blackwood River, Bridgetown
This is held on a fabled stretch of white water - 6km of good Grade 2 - 3 rapids with 'friendly' pools at the bottom of the major ones. It's great for white water play as well, if you're not into Down Rlver Racing. This is a popular weekend with a teams' race on the Saturday afternoon (just for fun) and the individual race (the State DR Championship) on Sunday, late morning. 

Plastics!* Skis!* Come and join in - you will love paddling a different stretch of river (after months of the Avon). More details later.

*There's a class for everyone, if there's enough with your craft - otherwise, there's "Sundries"!
Organised by Wildwater Committee and South West Canoe Club.
Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under
Here's the Details from Robyn Harris:
OPEN TO ALL PADDLE CRAFT - must be competent on GRADE 2-3 rapids
27th and 28th August
27th Teams: rego 1pm under bridge if you haven't got a team come earlier and we will make teams up. Usual format - each team must have a plastic boat and a lady paddler ($5/person member $10 non member)
DINNER: 1896 in the main st. BOOK WITH THEM on 9761 1699 ASAP to help them cater - must be before 24th August $20-$30 BYO no corkage they are sponsoring team prizes
28th States/Geegelup Rego 10 am sun under the bridge (or at dinner the night before) $15 members $20 non members
Accommodation through Bridgetown tourist info 9761 1740
Anyone who wants to help welcome
Anyone who has prize donations welcome
Further info <mailto:waferal@bigpond.com>waferal@bigpond.com 9725 8030 / 0427 202 129

15m throw rope with yellow throwbag
, Perception brand. Lost it on 11 June 2005, just below the main drop at Bell's, rescuing distressed damsel so well worth it. <>barrylim@email.com

Widespread Panic as Perth Invaded by Fluid Kayaks
They look ugly and have silly names but if you paddle a Fluid kayak it takes over your brain, improves your paddling and makes you want to keep it. All three sizes of Flirt playboat (the large is really big if you have trouble getting into a playboat) are available now. Rivergods also has two sizes of the Solo creekboat which is the most amazingly forgiving kayak. Anyone after a short whitewater boat and who isn't into vertical moves should try the Solo - call Tom Suffling at Rivergods 9259 0749 and he guarantees you will be extremely impressed with these boats.

Mainpeak Winter Slalom Race #5, WA State Titles
Walyunga National Park,Sunday, 14th August 

The main event in the slalom canoeing calendar! Bring picnic or BBQ food and enjoy a day of slalom fun.

The competition course will be over a distance of approximately 350 metres. Competitors will be required to negotiate a total of 18 - 24 gates in the correct order, six of those upstream gates.
REGISTRATION: All competitors are required to pre-register by email or telephone by Friday 12th August to avoid a late entry penalty fee.
All ICF slalom categories will be held with at least three entries per class. There will be classes for plastics and playboats depending on entries.
Registration and more info: <mailto:artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au or 0415 221 058 or 9293 1909

Slalom Course
"Just a couple of spaces left on the cheap as chips Slalom course at Walyunga with Elaine. I'm trying to work round everyone's schedules but hope to have the first day on Sunday 21st of August. So if you've done a little bit of paddling on moving water and want to improve your skills, this is the course for you. Only $100 for four two hour sessions."  <mailto:Elaine.Lennox@det.wa.edu.au>Elaine.Lennox@det.wa.edu.au

From Last Paddling News . . . more on the foil kayak 
Dan Kierath and Sean Killen both emailed to say "The picture is from Norway . . . the guy who makes the foils is from WA but he is mainly making foils for high performance skiffs" and "The WA guy is just a distributor for the hydrofoil kayaks, there is some interesting video . . . (see below)
And from Dave Ellery: "Further to the pic of the foil borne kayak, here's a video link that my boss found to the same guy who's paddling (he didn't believe the pic at first either). And no it isn't WA.


Info Wanted
Info/recommendations from people who have paddled both a Fluid Druid and Multisport (or just one). Keen to know how they differ in performance, weight, tippyness etc. Thanks for any thoughts, replies to <mailto:kirbym@ststephens.edu.wa.au>kirbym@ststephens.edu.wa.au

Several Boats Wanted
Scripture Union Camps are looking to replace 7 boats from their white water fleet. We currently have Lazers and Pirouettes. The boats we are looking for need to be in good condition, suitable for novice white water paddlers and all the same model (so we will not buy boats individually unless they are Lazers or Pirouettes). Please contact Matt Coutts 9443 5055

Double Plastic Kayak -
Ph. Terry 9291 7181 w or 0409 881 410 a/h or <%20diannecain@gmail.com%20%C2%A0>diannecain@gmail.com  
Seeking second hand surf ski
- I am 5ft 7 and wanting to buy surf ski up to $850. Please contact me 9586 3357. Thanks Mick Thorne.
Two person sit-on for river use. Please phone Karen 0408 092 080 or email <mailto:majyx@iinet.net.au>majyx@iinet.net.au

Week 3 /August
Collie Descent - This Saturday!

"I'm looking out my window and the rain is bucketing down. Come Sat. the river should be well up and good paddling. No hazards and every one able to clear any logs easily. Myself,  Marty  plus Robyn Harris and Barbara Fitzgerald have the Collie Descent organisation well in hand. Marty and the others checked out the lower section on Sun. before this latest rain and had no problems.
Hope to see you all on Saturday!
If anybody needs any info re the venue and directions for the Descent they can give me or Marty a call.
Niall Reynolds 9734 1769 or <mailto:nijeanta@westnet.com.au>nijeanta@westnet.com.au "

And from Marty: "The Collie Descent is now an official race of the South West Canoe Club. Members of the WA canoing association will still have free entry to the event but non-members will have to pay a $5 one day membership.
The water level is VERY high." <mailto:mart@geo.net.au>mart@geo.net.au

Ascot Kayak Club
Commencement of work on the new clubhouse is imminent. There's exciting times ahead after January when it's due for completion, though things might be a bit topsy turvy in the meantime. The old buildings will be demolished and the new will be in the present car park at the end of Fauntelroy Avenue.

New Pres for Canoeing Western Australia Inc.
Congratulations to John Mulcahy, Ascot Kayak Club, on being unanimously elected to the presidency of the state association at the Special General Meeting held in July.

Walyunga Water Level (& ti-trees)
Keep on sending in the water level at Walyunga and ti-trees if you're there - Dept of Environment (ie., Water & Rivers Commission) are now updating their Great Northern Highway telemetred site only once daily, very early hours of the morning, so it's a plus to have a reading for later in the day at Walyunga, especially if there's been recent rain.

This Will Only Happen Once in Your Paddling Lifetime!
. . . The World Marathon Championships on your doorstep!
World Marathon Championships // Festival of Paddle News

("Ordinary" paddlers, like you and me, can take part in this prestigious event - there are special races just for us! You don't need to be world championship level! - Robyn)
Canoeing WA and the World Marathon organisers are offering Canoeing WA Members a Basic Entry Package for these races.
For $60:00 only:
Sat 8th Oct
-- Entry into warm up event ( Island to Island Race ) Prizes similar to Paddle Challenge etc.
Wed - Thurs, 12th-13th Oct -- Entry into Masters Single and Double Events.
Free car parking at all events for the entire two week period.
Sun, 9th Oct -- Teams Race. This will be an extra $15:00 per paddler.

The cruncher is . . . entry must be in by 2nd September! After that it will be $110 till 30th Sept or $140 if you're late.  

Entry forms are available over the web at <http://www.marathon.canoe.org.au/>www.marathon.canoe.org.au, from your club or from canoeing retailers.

For non Canoeing WA members please add $30.00 to the prices outlined above and $15.00 per person for the 'Teams' event.
-Wayne Astill, National Events Coordinator, Australian Canoeing, ph 08 9245 3103, mb 0438 242 167

Volunteers are still needed - how interesting to be involved in this world class event and see the world's top paddlers perform. There's a wide range of tasks so do contact the organisers and see how you can help if you have some spare time. Most volunteers needed 8th - 16th October. Contact Natalie 0412 521 051 or <mailto:natalie.amaranti@canoe.org.au>natalie.amaranti@canoe.org.au

Mainpeak Paddlers' Coffee Club
The first coffee run will be held on Wednesday, 17th August, starting at 9.30am, so there is no excuse: "I have to drop the kids off at school". This is a great way to get some fitness and meet like minded people. Ring Mainpeak Paddlesports on 9284 3759 to register your interest or email <mailto:robc@mainpeak.com.au>robc@mainpeak.com.au

Mainpeak Paddlesports Paddlers' Programme - 9284 3759
Rolling and Bracing Classes
$55.00. Fremantle Leisure Centre, 6pm, Mondays, 22nd August, 5th September, 19th September
Rescue Workshop
taught by a qualified commercial sea kayaking instructor covers self-rescues, assisted rescues and rescuing others - 4 hours.$55. Saturday, 10th September, 9:00 AM. Sheltered and open water
Flat Water Skills 1
3 hours. Freshwater Bay - near Leake St, Saturdays, 12:30 pm. $55.00. 17th September, 8th October.
Flat Water Skills 2
3 hours. Freshwater Bay - near Leake St, Saturdays, 12:30 pm. $55.00. 20th August, 24th September, 22nd October.
Sea Kayak Expedition Preparation
$10.00. Tuesday, 6th September, 6:30 PM

Geographe Outriggers
This keen group of paddlers now have their details on Canoeing in Western Australia website.  <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/geogroutrig.html>Go here.

More on . . . "The Shape of Things To Come?"
"The two guys behind the foil kayak are Einar Rasmussen and Peter Ribe from Norway. Einar has been a World Championship medalist in sprint and has been designing Rasmussen paddles which have been quite popoular in Europe for a number of years. Peter Ribe was hoping to come down to Perth for the Marathon World Championships and bring and demonstrate the foil kayak here" - Ramon Andersson

- Minolta, Day One of the Avon possibly, at Katrine Bridge - please contact Dave Campbell 0437 412 931 if you can assist me re-unite it with owner .
Paddle - brand new Solution 214cm lithium paddle at Emu's during Avon Descent. No, my name wasn't on the paddle, I bought it literally 15 minutes before the race start on Sunday. It was in perfect condition when I lost it. If found please contact <mailto:Brendon@rapidascent.com.au>Brendon@rapidascent.com.au or 0402 618 054.

Avon Story
Fitzy (aka Pete Fitzgerald) from Bunbury <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/fitzyavon05.html>writes about his Avon Descent - he has the knack of telling a good yarn. There's more stories from other years <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avtalesind.html>here.

Slalom Results
Email Margie Jeffery for a PDF file of State Championships held last Sunday at Walyunga - <mailto:artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au

Finn Endorfin
in very good condition contact Julia 0417 091 769 or <mailto:jafarrell78@hotmail.com>jafarrell78@hotmail.com

Week 4/August
Geegelup Cup (State DR Champs) Weekend

This popular weekend of white water paddling on the Blackwood at Bridgetown is on this Sat and Sun. Some people go down Friday evening ready for a practice run on Saturday morning (to find out which rocks are covered and which are not) . Turn up early (say, 9am) at the park just upstream of the bridge to find someone to go down with and organise a car shuffle. Teams event in the afternoon - organisers will find you a team, if you don't have one. 

If you're coming down for the day on Sunday only - you need to be really early (8- 8:30am) (same place) to fit in a practice run before the race starts later in the morning.

You were supposed to book your place at the paddlers' dinner on Saturday night by Wednesday, but if you're really quick this Thursday morning you might just still get in. Phone the restaurant, "1896", on 9761 1699. $20 per head.

Volunteers for World Marathon Champs, Perth, October
If you want to know more about volunteering at this event please contact <mailto:natalie.amaranti@canoe.org.au>natalie.amaranti@canoe.org.au

NSW Paddler Does the Avon
Remember the lost paddle from last week? Well here's the story behind it. This is a second attempt for this eastern stater - there's quite a few laughs in it. It's on the Rapid Ascent website: <http://www.rapidascent.com.au/Forum/ForumMessages.asp?t=25&e=1>http://www.rapidascent.com.au/Forum/ForumMessages.asp?t=25&e=1

Here's what it's like doing the Avon on a double ski
Martin Clancy-Lowe has sent in his Avon tale - this is the first that I've received from a double ski paddler. (Rated M for mature audiences only - frequent use of *#@&% language.) Go <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/clancyavon05.html>here

Front Page Pic
This <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>close-up of the action at The Washing Machine during the Descent was taken by Russell Miles - paddlers are Steve Myers and Peter Tomczak. You have to be good to get a double through this!

Here's a useful website
http://www.adventurepro.com.au/paddleaustralia/ especially if you're going over east.

White Water Course - Canoeing Down Under, 9378 1333
Saturday, 3rd September, 9.00am - 4.00pm, $100. Boats can be supplied.

The Collie Descent - last Sunday
The Collie Descent 2005 turned it on, massively.

Flood level waters allowed many obstacles in the upper reaches of the Collie Descent to be a non issue, making for very fast times to the first set of rapids at Boyson Street. Collie is a very scenic area but one paddler well into the race lost his race concentration when he came across a naked lady in the 9 deg river . Takes all sorts and provided an easy bottle of wine award back at the vineyard.
The chute - THE CHUTE !
You will probably hear all the stories but it was carnage !
The levels were very high making the correct line very difficult to see from above. We luckily had some fun boats in the water below and rope volunteers on the side but they all had trouble keeping up with the number of paddlers floating away from their capsized craft. A great vantage point for support crew and other spectators. May have to be renamed " CARNAGE FALLS "
Daryl Long set a super fast time which will take some real beating 2:33:00 (approx)
The presentation back at the Harris River Vineyard went well with plenty of donated wine being handed around.
Results are on Marty's website <http://www.hyperactive.oz.nf/Collie_Descent/2005/CollieDescentResults05.htm>here

required for a team in the Collie River Marathon Relay - 25th September. 11kms of flat water with one compulsory portage. Phone Meg ,9447 2598 or email <mailto:mnoleary@iinet.net.au>mnoleary@iinet.net.au
Finn Endorfin with white water rudder. Please contact Cameron 9381 1182 or <mailto:design@cameronmcdiven.com.au>design@cameronmcdiven.com.au

Mohaka Freestyle, with carbon shaft, at Walyunga Pool on Sunday 21st August . Please contact David 9387 3440 if found.

Paddle, lower Murray, Sunday 21st August - lost on the last big hole of the trip-expected location of paddle: from Terminations river right to the bidge or beyond. Please contact Steve <mailto:smy64725@bigpond.net.au>smy64725@bigpond.net.au

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