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Week 1 /July
Northam to Toodyay

Great marathon race, big prizes and a good practice run for the first half of Day One of the Avon. (Check out where the deeper channels are.)  It's this Sunday, 10th July. Register online: http://www.registernow.com.au/sports_events/enter_canning.htm and find out more details, or else ring 9330 9011. 

Wanted: Double Marathon Kayaks for Hire
The Singapore Marathon Kayak team is looking to rent three K2s (I female and 2 male crews) suitable for lightweight paddlers to use in the Marathon World Championships on the 15th & 16th October. The team is arriving in Perth on either the 12 or 13 October so they would only require the boats for a few days.
If any local paddlers have a K2 they would like to rent please email Graham Worthington at <mailto:worthos@singnet.com.sg>worthos@singnet.com.sg or Chian Lit Khoon Zason at <mailto:Chian_Lit_Khoon_Zason@hjc.edu.sg>Chian_Lit_Khoon_Zason@hjc.edu.sg

Wildwater paddlers
The 2005 Junior Wildwater Racing Team departs our shores this week. Check out their web page @ http://users.tpg.com.au/kayak69/2005JNRWWTOUR.html or send them a message: OZJNRWW2005@tpg.com.au

Avon Team Paddler Wanted
"One of our team members has had to withdraw. Is there a paddler out there who would like to join our team? We have a craft (Endorfinn) which we have purchased for the race and each have plastic craft that we are using for training. We would be looking for someone who has paddling experience and preferably some whitewater experience. Please contact our team captain, Craig Beech 0412 760 320 or  <mailto:CraigB@cos.net.au>CraigB@cos.net.au

Avon Training & Lectures - What's Coming Up
Canoeing Down Under - 9378 1333
'Understanding White Water'
, lecture, Wednesday, 6th July, 7.30pm in the shop shed, 7.30pm. $5.00 to the junior fund
Avon Support Crew Night Briefing - Monday 11th July
Bayswater Drill Hall Cnr Crowther and Murray Streets, Bayswater, $5.00 per support team to the junior fund. 7.30pm
Emu's - Walyunga: Saturday, 9th July
Stronghill's - Walyunga: Sunday, 10th July
You need to have done a white water course to join these trips.

Mainpeak Paddlesports - 9284 3759
Avon Descent Paddle Competency Test:
Thursday, 7th July and Saturday, 23rd July, Walyunga. $35
Posselts Ford - Stronghills: 9th ,17th and 20th July $110
Stronghills - Walyunga: Friday, 8th and Sunday, 10th  and Saturday, 16th July. $110
Day 1 Ti Trees:Wednesday, 6th July and Saturday, 9th July. $100
Weekend Training Camp - The Valley: Saturday, 16th and Sunday, 17th July. $230

Ken Fogden won the Avon Descent package, including an Endorfin ski at the Finn Kayaks Avon Presentation last Friday night. 

at Bell's main drop, during afternoon, Sunday, 3rd July. Spirit, carbon with propellor blades. Name & no. on both blades. Ph 9407 8804 h or 0439 933 344.
Paddle, carbon fibre shaft 214/216cm long with white plastic blades - Canoeing Down Under. On Saturday 2 July around 10.30am through the small sections of Ti- Trees south of Walyunga.Hoping that it may have been found.....contact Andrew 0438 932 807

Event Reminder
Next Wildwater Race
: Bell's Rapid, meet at Lower Bell's for registration, 8:30 -9am, Sunday, 17th July.

Sprint or Marathon K1
newer skinnier style shape without hips - Viper, Raptor other... Email <mailto:randall.watson@adi-limited.com>randall.watson@adi-limited.com Ph 0402 425 757

Week 2 /July
W A N T E D !
at the Special General Meeting of Canoeing Western Australia to be held at 7.30pm, tonight, Thursday, 14th July, at Challenge Stadium, Meeting Room , Stephenson Ave, Mt Claremont.

The main purpose of the meeting is to vote in a President to complete the late Brevis Choate's term of office, address issues of Constitution and one or two other matters. Please come as sufficient numbers are needed to elect the new President and to pass (or reject!) the other changes. Your association needs a new Pres. so please come!

Best Dressed Support Crew in the 2005 Multiplex Avon Descent - from Rhiannon Lindsay
Avon Descent Support Crew
have been dressing up in bright colours, wearing funny wigs and sticking team mascots to their craft, cars or anything they can to ensure their Avondescenter can find them at the different points throughout the weekend.  Assured Hospitality is going to reward the Best Dressed Support Crew at this years event and 96fm will be assisting by taking your HOT SHOT over the weekend. The Best Dressed Support Crew will win two dinner vouchers to dine at Ascot Quays 150 East Bar and Restaurant (valued at $100 each). So for a bit of fun, join the club and DRESS UP to help your Avondescenter find you throughout their challenge.  

The 96fm Thunders and Assured Hospitality will be deciding on the Support Crew that they think is the BEST DRESSED IN 2005. The prize will be presented by Assured Hospitality at the finish line, and to win you must be in your Avon outfit to pick up the prize at the finish line. 

To enter the Best Dressed Support Crew competition
1. Organise the most outstanding and colourful outfit for the Avon weekend.
2. Make sure you find one of the 96fm Thunders over the weekend and get your photo taken.
3. Be at the finish line to collect your prize (prize will presented around 3.30pm)
4. To view the best photos after the event log onto <http://www.avondescent.com.au>www.avondescent.com.au or <http://www.96fm.com.au>www.96fm.com.au to view your photo and check out the BEST DRESSED SUPPORT CREW for the 2005 MULTIPLEX AVON DESCENT

For more information please email <mailto:info@avondescent.com.au>info@avondescent.com.au

Athens, Greece (from John Bell, proud Dad, in Perth)
Robin Bell, WAIS C1 slalom paddler based in Penrith, just made second in the final in Athens 1700 hrs Sat  9 July 2005. He SMS texted me that medal ceremony has just finished:
"Hey Dad, came from 9th to 2nd in the Athens World Cup. Just had the medal ceremony."
Results of heats shows he came:
8th in first heat 8/7/05 in 100.52 seconds + 4 secs penalty
3rd in second heat 8/7/05 in 99.20 seconds + 2 secs penalty
in semifinal 9/7/05 in 94.67 seconds + 4 secs penalty = 98.67 secs
in final 9/7/05 in 94.01 seconds +  0 secs penalty = 94.01 secs = 192.68 secs which is 1.69 secs behind leader
First Mariusz WIECZOREK Poland
Second       Robin BELL                       Australia
Third Stanislav JEZEK               Czech Republic ....... 0.01 sec behind Rob !
More to come . . .
July 15th / 17th ICF WORLD-CUP 2, Augsburg, Germany
July 22nd / 24th ICF WORLD CUP 3, La Seu d'Urgel, Spain
Sep / Oct 29th / 3rd WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, Penrith, Australia

Mainpeak Winter Slalom Race
Sunday, 17th July at Walyunga at 8:30am. Registration payment from 8:30am - 9:30am. It will be run as per the instructions for the last race. Pre-registration would be much appreciated - email your details to <mailto:petere@veta.com.au>petere@veta.com.au as soon as possible. Please remember safety and ensure buoyancy vests and boats are suitable. Scrutineering will take place before the race so please be punctual. Plastics most welcome - 3 or more is a Class with prizes! Marion Ewing

Watch Out!
Sun, 10th July, Bell's Rapid: "There is an aluminium canadian canoe wedged sideways just under the waterline on the downstream left (car park side)of the last main rapid, the one just before the toilets. the main (rocky) shoot is centre. It has a broken aluminium handle that looks like a nasty spiking hazard sticking up. Hopefully it will be removed soon, but to anyone passing through watch out for it."Steve Wellman,
Pam Riordan, Inspiration Outdoors, saw that it's still there, yesterday, 13th July, "it's not where you would normally go, but may cause problems as the river drops".

Northam to Toodyay Race
". . . all went well, everybody loved the race", says one of the organisers, Garth Civil. There was a huge turnout - see the results here: http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/ (click on "Race Results") Sponsored by Perth Kayak Centre.

"Does anyone have any contacts
for paddling in Austria or surrounds? I'll be over that way in August & would love a day or two on the water. Best opportunity will be the weekend of 20-21/8, when I'll be in Munich - day trip to Alps, or paddling local rodeo waves would be perfect. Will also be in Czech Republic, Hungary, northern Italy through August. No car or gear, so I would need to hook up with locals. Thanks heaps! <mailto:arf@hpsgroup.com.au>arf@hpsgroup.com.au (email contact from 20/7 to 1/9 <mailto:arfox@dodo.com.au>arfox@dodo.com.au.) Regards, Alex Fox 9352 5917"

Avon Descent Training Coming Up . . .
(You must book beforehand for all courses)
Mainpeak Paddlesports, 9284-3759
Weekend Training Camp
, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July, $230. LIMITED NUMBERS.
Avon Descent Paddle Competency Test, Saturday, 23rd July, Walyunga. $35 or free if you  have completed the Avon Descent Training course
Posselts Ford - Stronghills, 17th and 20th July, $110
Stronghills - Walyunga, 16th July, $110
Day 1 Ti Trees, Saturday 23rd July, $100

Canoeing Down Under - 9378 1333
Posselts to Walyunga National Park
, Saturday 16th July - $140.00 including GST and bus fare
Ti-trees, Sunday, 17th July, $110.00

. 216 cm Leading Edge carbon kevlar propellor paddle. Lost in Bells on the 10th July. Willing to pay finders fee. Contact kingweb@ststephens.wa.edu.au or ph 0439 972 431.
Paddle on Sunday 10th July 2005, Sids Rappids, Black Spirit Breakdown Paddle with each half still taped together with black Tape.No Markings. Please call Ian 0416 339 035.

Event Reminders
Wild Water Race #5
, Rapid Racing at Bell's, Sunday, 17th July. Registration 8:30 - 9am, at end of rapids. More info' Paul 9477 3452. Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under
Slalom Racing - see article above
Avon Descent Scrutineering - Sunday, 24th July - more info go here:<mailto:%20http://www.avondescent.com.au/node/4> http://www.avondescent.com.au/node/4

Sprinter or Panther K1
marathon kayak. Contact Ian 9274 2014.
Double sprint boat - Guy 9377 7918
Kayak for Avon Decent. 4.5m +. Urgently needed. $500 range. please contact Dave at <mailto:daveg@wa.su.org.au>daveg@wa.su.org.au
Plastic kayak suitable for Avon. Over 5m length. (with skirt if kayak). $500-700 range. Please contact Dave at ph. 9443-5055 (wk) or <mailto:daveg@wa.su.org.au>daveg@wa.su.org.au 

Week 3/July
"Google Earth" - John Mulcahy 

You need a good PC and broadband to run it. It provides a new view of the entire planet. Paddlers can use it to check out the places they are planning on paddling, though the pics may have been taken in summer. You will need to install Google Earth first (available at http://earth.google.com). Unfortunately it is not available for Macs (which I have). 
There are also summer (because the sky is cloudless) aerial photographs of most of the SW rivers available at DOLI's (Dept. of Land Information) website, (also not available for Macs!) None of this will help you on the river, of course! (but it's interesting).

Is it safe to go back in the water?
Antony Mee noticed an article in The West Australian last week relating to organisers of the World Marathon Champs (to be held upstream and downstream of Garratt Road Bridge, Bayswater, in October) requesting shark attack insurance!!! Apparently sharks (but not the great white variety) have been spotted that far upstream in the past - an added incentive not to fall in from your tippy K1s!

Men's Health Ocean Racing Series
kicks off at Hamilton Island, Qld, September 23-25. Check out website <http://www.menshealthoceanracing.com.au>www.menshealthoceanracing.com.au for location and details of all the races in this series, including Perth (soon as it's updated). Any queries please contact Dean Gardiner <mailto:dean@oceanpaddler.com>dean@oceanpaddler.com

Travel Photography by Richard I'Anson
World Expeditions, Lonely Planet and Mainpeak invite you to join Richard I'Anson (travel photographer, author of Lonely Planets "Travel Photography - A Guide to Taking Better Pictures" and founder of Lonely Planet Images) when he hosts a stunning presentation on travel photography in Perth. 7PM - WEDNESDAY 24TH AUGUST - UWA Social Sciences Lecture Theatre. TICKETS $15 available from WORLD EXPEDITIONS, 9486 9899.

Loosen Up
those tight muscles before the Descent. Here's a special offer that's extra special because the masseuse is an ex elite paddler who knows just what the problems are. Her clinic is having a pre Avon Descent special - a one hour massage for $45, if you mention the email paddling news. Ask for Emily at Active Life Sports Massage Clinic, 26 Salvado Rd., Wembley, 9244 3771.

Extract's Weir
(At 0.7m in the ti-trees) Extracts can be paddled if you enter just right of centre to miss the displaced pipes and then slide towards the left at the bottom to miss the bumps. May be best to look before you leap if the water levels go up! Richard King

New Pic on Front Page
Who is <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>this playboater? (Joe Cole of Austal Ships, Henderson, has owned up.) Photographer was John Wass, sea kayaker, mountain trekker, white hunter and new white water paddler who is most impressed by the antics of the freestylers at the main drop at Bell's every weekend.

Please return my wetsuit
Can the ski paddler training for the Avon Descent that borrowed a sleeveless black and blue long leg wetsuit (pink on the inside) from me at Posselt's Ford on Sunday 10 July please contact me on 0414 307 175 or on <mailto:hawkers@bigpond.net.au>hawkers@bigpond.net.au to arrange return.

Can you help?
Support crew
needed for Avon Descent. 6th and/or 7th August, by single kayak paddler, doing third race. Expenses paid. Contact Greg Hilton- 9332 1074 (H), 9453 2326 (W), 0400 990 305 (M)

Paddling partner needed for team of two in Avon Descent - "I am competing in my second Avon as a duo and my partner for this year has had to withdraw due to work commitments. Therefore I am chasing someone to join me in the Descent in a duo. If anyone is interested they can contact me 0437 909 549 " - Alan Holland.

Paddle - Legend.
Lost at Emus at top of Washing Machine on Saturday 18th July. Has my phone number and name Karl ( The Legend ) Ferguson inscribed. Please phone Karl on 0411 140 022.
Paddle - Fenn 4 carbon wing, at the bottom of Bells on the evening of 16th July.  Two piece, with red tennis grip on the right side of the paddle. It had two bits of white tape near the centre to help align the feather angle. It was my wife's paddle so I am not too popular at the moment! If found please contact Richard Chilvers - Work 9238 0905 or 0439 780 174 or <richard.chilvers@rjv.com.au>richard.chilvers@rjv.com.au

Spirit, black, scooped plastic blades, white duct tape wrapped thickly as indicator. Found below Bell's in central ti-trees Sunday 3rd July. Jordan Taylor 0427 936 987
Paddle - black shaft with white blades and what appears to be an Avon Descent entry number "214" on it. Any claimants who can describe the make & type etc can contact me  <mailto:pmoy@iinet.net.au>pmoy@iinet.net.au

Plastic single kayak or similar
. Please contact Mike 0427 693 023 or <mailto:katoen@bigpond.net.au>katoen@bigpond.net.au  
Surf ski (fibreglass) suitable for someone 6'4'. Preferably with surf rudder. Good condition. Contact Jon at <mailto:jonh@fremantlefc.com.au>jonh@fremantlefc.com.au or 0413 044 734.

Week 4/July
TV Shoots for White Water Programs - from Colin Thorpe

Channel 9 and Channel 10 were at Bells Rapids and Walyunga National Park on Wednesday, 27th July, shooting for white water paddling programs. Channel 9 was shooting for its "Just Add Water" program and Channel 10 for a program on the "Junior Avon Descent".

The "Just Add Water" program, which will be screened early next year, focused on the fun and excitement of white water sport and recreation and featured rafting, funyaking, wildwater racing, freestyle and slalom. In the morning, presenter Haley Thompson, who had never been in white water before, went rafting and funyakking, then interviewed Darryl Long and Kynan Maley after watching demonstrations of wildwater racing and freestyle.

In the afternoon she moved to Walyunga to watch slalom before taking to a C2 with Hew Roberts and tried a bit of the slalom course. She did very well. Then she had an interview with Tiki Ewing on 'women in slalom'.

Josh Kippin was the star of the Channel 10 program and demonstrated his skill shooting Bells for the camera and shared his experiences in the Junior Avon Descent.

Our thanks to Rivergods and Adventure Out for supplying the raft and funyak, and to Josh Kippin, Hew Roberts, Tiki Ewing, Darryl Long, Grant Pepper, Kynan Maley and Robbie Jeffery for demonstrating their white water skills for the cameras, as well as Lindsay Wilund for his support.

A great promotion for white water paddling and the white water park.

(Here's a <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>few pics - click on pic on front page for more)

New Life Members for Canoeing WA - from Colin Thorpe
Congratulations to Robyn Khorshid and Terry Bolland who both had life membership of Canoeing WA awarded to them on 14th July at a Special General Meeting.

Robyn started paddling in 1991, has been a member of 3 canoe clubs and has tried all types of paddling. She has a special interest in exploring our rivers in the south west and may be looking at some overseas challenges.

Perhaps her greatest contribution has been her Canoeing in Western Australia website that is regarded as the best canoeing website in the state. To this she has added an enews service where she keeps paddlers up to date on paddling happenings in WA. She has over 1400 people on her email list.

Terry has been paddling for over thirty years. He has trained thousands of paddlers and has been involved in the administration of canoeing and canoeing instruction for many years. His canoeing adventures have generated considerable public interest. Amongst his achievements he  
v set the World Record for paddling 220.8kms in 24 hours in 1979
v paddled the entire length of the Mississippi River 4000kms
v paddled the entire length of the Yukon River - 3000 kms
v paddled the entire length of the Murray River 2500kms

He has completed seventeen Avon Descents, one of which was after paddling upstream from Perth to Northam. He has written three books.

Terry is proprietor of Canoeing Down Under.

Canoeing WA sincerely thanks Robyn and Terry for their contribution to canoeing in Western Australia and congratulates them on their life memberships.

The Shape of Things to Come?
"This is a WA guy designing foils for yachts, and other things (like kayaks) - a great photo. Brett Alderson"
(I have my doubt that this is WA! [Look at the trees] But it is a real pic, all the same! - Robyn)

Repairs to the Tubes at Extract's - thanks, guys
"A team from Power Dinghy Racing Club went to Extracts' Weir on Sunday, 17th July, and reinstalled the pipework to its correct position. The chain link on the left side had been dislodged. It is now fully functional as per normal. The recent high water level was a good test so we now know its limits. Regards, Ian Williamson"

"The Aluminium canoe . . .
half way down Bells mentioned on your site is longer in the river - last seen on the bank, kindly removed by someone now that the water has dropped a bit. - Dave Boldy"

Slalom Skills Course for white water paddlers
Do you want to improve your paddling skills? Learn to read the water for river trips? Become a better white water paddler? Join the Slalom Skills course at Walyunga - 4 sessions including entry to 2 slaloms - 2 hours tuition on white water, each session. Cost $100. During August / September. Email Elaine to confirm dates and times.  <mailto:elaine.lennox@det.wa.edu.au>elaine.lennox@det.wa.edu.au  9337 6868
(Slalom is the best way to learn white water skills and to lose your fear of white water - in my humble opinion! - Robyn)

Did you miss out on entering the Descent this year? It's not too late!
Two paddlers have been forced to withdraw due to injury. 2 individual entries or 1 team entry, for sale. This sale has been given the OK by Descent officials. Price negotiable for individuals, or very negotiable for the pair. Contact Sam 0418 925 714, or <mailto:Samuel@blue-ferret.com.au>Samuel@blue-ferret.com.au

Last chance to book that massage!
Emily, the ex WAIS paddler, now a masseuse, has made special arrangements to have her staff on hand to ease those stiff/aching muscles after Day One of the Descent, between 4pm and 8pm. The clinic is situated fairly centrally so give a ring if you think you might want to loosen up for Day Two: Active Life Sports Massage Clinic, 26 Salvado Rd., Wembley, 9244 3771.

From Peter Ashby
NASA also has a program similar to Google Earth. It is called World Wind and is available at  <http://worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/>http://worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/. It has a few more features than Google Earth. Unfortunately, it also is only available for pc not Mac.

Wavesport Super EZ
, around $880. Please contact Ben <mailto:nsaggers@ccgs.wa.edu.au>nsaggers@ccgs.wa.edu.au
The Cobra Expedition kayak or similar. Suit 6'4" tall and around 93kg paddler. Wanted for fitness/training and touring. Contact Adam Fahey O438875497 or <>adamfahey@e-wire.net.au 

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