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Week 1 /June
You Can't Miss It!
Avon River - Toodyay Ti-trees
. There's a huge dead tree down right across the river. (Before the recent high water level it was standing on a small vegetated sand bank, river right, about 700m past Jimperding Brook (Lovers Lane) on a straight section of river). You have plenty of warning that it blocks the way. At low water (eg. 0.4m) some people may fit under it. There is a portage to the right. At high water levels it may be possible to paddle to the right, though it is severely choked with logs and other debris at present. Thanks to Mike Edmondson and Warren Southwell for letting us know. 

World Marathon Champs - here in October, '05
If you would like to receive an event invite please email <mailto:el.bennett@canoe.org.au>el.bennett@canoe.org.au  for a copy.

State Marathon Champs are this weekend - it's not too late to enter (but it will cost you). Contact Peter Martin, 9277 4704 or 0427 004 035 or  <mailto:peter_judy@myaccess.com.au>peter_judy@myaccess.com.au  Sponsored by Perth Kayak Centre.

Avon Training coming up . . .
Canoeing Down Under - 9378 1333
White Water
Sat 4th and/or Sun 5th June - $110 - Walyunga, Bells, Syd's
Mainpeak - 9284 3759
Walyunga to Bells Rapids
- Wed 8th June  $100 (mid week price)
Stronghills to Walyunga - Wed 15th June  $110
Introduction to White Water: Walyunga to Bells Rapids - Sunday 5th June, $110
Weekend Training Camp - Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th June - $230. Here's your chance to get a full weekend of training.

How to Transport Kayaks
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/kayaktrans.jpeg>The latest and it saves on fuel bills. Thanks to Phill Hill for sending this in - he's always up-to-date with state of the art technology!

Happy Ending
The lost and found and lost again paddle from last week has been found again - "Well it seems an unlikely outcome... but I got a call from Tom Suffling today and he had... drum roll... AN ~AT~ BENT SHAFT PADDLE thanks to his river guides going on a paddle hunting mission in the bushes near Andy's Drop on Saturday whilst running a raft trip. Tom drew them a mental treasure map of the trees and they found it in a flash. The water level had dropped significantly so it was sitting high and dry in a bush. One carton of Coopers Sparkling Ale for the lads and one treasured paddle home safe and sound.

Tomorrow morning I will spray-paint it flouro colours and PUT MY DETAILS ON IT (not that it would have helped in this case)." Chris Lockwood

Spirit paddle
- black, offset. Lost at Bells Rapids bridge 28/05/05. 212cm, sticker on it. Contact Ron on 94489558 or 0422991404.
Black Spirit paddle, today (28th May) lost between Bells and Walyunga, (by my husband). It has my name on it, although a little faint on the blade and with tape also named on the handle. Nicky Davies 0402 135 662 or 9298 9423.  

Builder/engineer with boat ramp experience wanted
Swan Canoe Club needs to repair its boat launching ramp and is seeking a builder/engineer with experience in concreting in a marine environment. Please call Peter 9384 1692.

Be Active Coaching Clinic - Ramon Andersson (Olympic medallist)
Saturday, June 18, 9am - 4pm. All marathon, sprint, Avon Descent and surf ski paddlers, improve your technique - all skill levels and all ages: video analyses (before and after stroke correction), training methods and programming, diet and nutrition with latest carbo loading tips, race preparation and more. $110 (includes lunch). Places are limited so register early - 0407 426 596 or 9379 1285 or ramon@eon.net.au Held at Garratt Road Bridge WAIS boat shed.

Avon Descent Teams
One more paddler (any craft) required for a team of four, preferably someone who can do part of the valley - Please contact Peter at work 9222 9943, mob 0414 307 175 or  <mailto:hawkers@bigpond.net.au>hawkers@bigpond.net.au

Carbon Propellor Paddle
, 214 cm or longer for Avon use. Willing to pay $$. Contact Ben on 0439 972 431 or email kingweb@ststephens.wa.edu.au (Location - Perth)
K2 fibre glass or kevlar for avon descent up to, $1200, not too heavy. Contact enright_mike@yahoo.com Plastic double kayak 515 (or something similar). Avon Descent paddleable. Phone Matt - 0428 926 692 or
- <mailto:mattc@wa.su.org.au>mattc@wa.su.org.au

Event Reminders
Wildwater: Race #3
Walyunga Rapid Racing, Sunday, 19th June, rego 8:30-9:00am at top car park. Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under

Week 2 /June
Playboaters! Collie River Calling . . .

The Water Corporation is releasing the max volume of water, 490 megalitres/day, from Wellington Dam at present and possibly for another month (they're scouring the dam -ie - reducing the salt level). This will be stopped for a day or two for work to be done on Burrekup Weir. To check if there is water there before your trip down ring Peter Buckley at the Water Corp, 0407 425 495.

More . . . on estimating the water level at Walyunga
Peter Ewing has now created another graph: the "history" of the water level over the 2005 white water season which, like the new "near real time" graph that he did a short while back, continually updates itself - that is, each time the Water & Rivers Commission (WRC) updates its webpage reading for Great Northern Highway. Check them both out <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/watlevwalygr02.html>here.

For paddlers with the appropriate mobile phone and either WAP or GPRS services - just type in the following link and you'll get the last five readings as text: www.whitewaterperth.org.au/water-level-text

Here is an example of what you will get on your mobile phone (and any web browser too):
Walyunga Pool Wooden Gauge Level
Last five measurements:
June 8, 8:00 hrs - 0.75 m
June 8, 9:00 hrs - 0.75 m
June 8, 10:00 hrs - 0.75 m
June 8, 11:00 hrs - 0.76 m
June 8, 12:00 hrs - 0.76 m
This means that you're able to find out the estimate of the Valley level before you set off on Day Two of The Descent - fantastic! (WRC usually updates its Avon/Swan readings frequently during that weekend).

Our thanks to Peter for all his time and effort.

Avon Descent
Dave Hunt says entries are well up on last year (something to do with all this rain?). If you can't enter online or don't have a credit card just ring the organisers, Royal Life Saving Society, 9383 8200, and they will send you an entry form via the post.

Do you have mates who would like to help out? Heaps of helpers are needed to run an event of this size so get them to check out the volunteer info on the website: http://www.avondescent.com.au/node/68

Have you checked out the cheeky t-shirts - and the more conventional fleece jacket?

Rapid Ascent
Get on the emailing list of this new event which includes ocean and river paddling <http://www.GreatOceanRoadRace.com>Great Ocean Road Adventure Race, Victoria, 26th - 30th April, 2006. Race director is former 4 times world marathon kayaking champion John Jacoby. For the seriously competitive types there's some big prize money in this event. Organisers can help you put together a team: email <mailto:john@rapidascent.com.au>john@rapidascent.com.au  

Winter Slalom
Race #2
Walyunga National Park, Sunday, 12th June, starting at 12 noon.
Registration: all competitors need to register befoehand - by email or telephone - by Friday 10th June. Entry fees are payable at Walyunga: 11am-12pm on the day. $10 per adult club member; $5 per junior club member.
Late Registration: 11am-12pm on the day at Walyunga - $5 additional fee.

Non-club members are most welcome. (There's an additional insurance fee per Australian Canoeing regulations - $5.50 per adult, $3.30 per junior).
Full details available Marg Jeffery, <mailto:artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au or 0415 221 058 or 9293 1909          
To receive slalom news and notice of event details directly just send your email address to Marg.
Sponsored by Mainpeak Paddlesports

Serious Stuff
CALM invites submissions on the Draft Management Plan for the Shannon and D'Entrecasteaux national parks. Copies can be obtained from head office in Kensington and from Manjimup, Pemberton and Walpole offices. They can also be viewed at public libraries in Manjimup and Nannup and CALM's Woodvale library. Ohterwise view online <http://www.calm.wa.gov.au/national_parks/management/index.html#management_plans>here. Closing date for public submissions is 29th July, 2005. More enquiries phone Aberline Nix, 9334 0417.

Avon Training Coming Up . . . bookings essential for all events
Mainpeak Paddlesports
- 9284 3759
Walyunga - Bells Rapids - Saturday 11th June  $110
Avon Descent Paddle Competency Test Saturday 11th June $35
Stronghills - Walyunga Sunday 12th June $110
Stronghills - Walyunga Wednesday 15th June  $110
Weekend Training CampSaturday 17th and Sunday 18th June$230
Posselts Ford - Stronghills Training Run Saturday 25th June$110

Canoeing Down Under - 9378 1333
Whitewater - Posselt's Ford to Emus
-Saturday 11th June and/or Sunday 12th June $110.00
Entire Valley Trip - Tuesday 14th June $110.00
Avon Descent Paddle Competency Assessments - Thursday 16th at Walyunga lower pool1.00 pm - allow an hour for assessment $45.00
Avon Descent Paddle Competency Assessments - Saturday 19th June at Bells Rapids
2.30 pm - allow an hour for assessment $45.00

"Just a short note to let you know I got back my paddle after only a week of it going missing, thanks to a nice guy named Terri. I even got another call about another paddle that was found, so it is great to see the paddling fraternity so helpful and will go out of their way." Nicky Davies

Solution paddle,
gold shaft. Engraved with 'P.Ashby 9378 2218' at each end. For some reason I let go of the paddle whilst stuck on a rock at the rock garden about 1 km upstream from Bells. I stayed on the rock, paddle disappeared downstream. If you find it please call Peter on 9378 2218 or 0409 707 409 or <mailto:pashby@compubiz.com.au>pashby@compubiz.com.au

Double kayak
required urgently for Avon Descent. Second hand Ace 515 Explorer or similar. Contact <mailto:roly@foresthillwines.com.au>roly@foresthillwines.com.au or 0400 911 131

Week 3/June
Cape Peron Sea Kayaking
If you are missing sunshine, warmth and dryness in your life then join the aquatic creatures and head for Shark Bay this winter. The next five day Monkey Mia to Cape Peron sea kayak trip departs Perth, July 16 -call Rivergods 9259 0749 or see <http://www.rivergods.com.au>www.rivergods.com.au for more info.

Murray River is pumping right now,
but how long will that last? Adrenalin junkies can get a group together and raft the big and scary stuff on the Murray with Rivergods but do it soon before the rains end -call 9259 0749 or see <http://www.rivergods.com.au>www.rivergods.com.au for more info.

The New Fluid Playboats . . .
are getting two thumbs up from everyone that tries them -they make everything easy! If you are just getting started with playboating or just "stuck" at your current level and want to improve then the Fluid Flirt (S,M or L) is worth a try -call Tom Suffling at Rivergods 9259 0749 to arrange a demo.

New Website
Ascot Kayak Club website <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au>www.ascot.canoe.org.au

Northam to Toodyay Race - Garth Civil
The planned Toodyay to Posselt's race is now to run from Northam to Toodyay. This change was necessary due to risk management concerns. The event is still on July 10, 2005. It starts at the same area as the Avon Descent, paddlers proceed downstream. There is to be water safety at the Northam Weir, Katrine Bridge and Glen Avon rapid. It will be a compulsory portage at Extracts' and the finish will be at Duidgee Park, Toodyay, just after the Toodyay Bridge. Online entry forms will be available soon.

Extracts' in flood
"Has anyone seen Extracts with water flowing over the pipes? I'd be very interested to see what they look like & how they behave - Mike Whitaker"

Finn Endorfin
suitable for Avon. Contact  <mailto:jbram386@yahoo.com.au>jbram386@yahoo.com.au

Tiwest Hartley Estate Chittering Valley Challenge
For paddlers who are also road and mtb cyclists and/or runners - it's on this weekend. For more info' go to http://www.cyclewestcoach.com/

For Sale
WW helmet
(White with blue & yellow decals) as new $50.00. Good for Avon Descent etc. or slalom paddler. 0405 476 326

News from last weekend, water level 1.4m - 1.5m
From Bull Orton, Head of Marathon, CWA
to those paddlers who have indestructible boats, and this includes plastic and composite materials, and especially to those whose boats have small cockpits. At this high water level you should be aware of the danger of being trapped in these boats if your boat gets wrapped around a tree or other obstacle."

Unofficial Rescue Crew
"I would like to thank the playboaters that were out at Bells on the weekend (both days). It was perfect conditions for them, however they acted as rescue crew for so many paddlers. I watched as many paddlers came off and then because of the height of the water, there was no chance of getting back on, that you got swept down the river, often leaving your boat stuck in a tree or rock. The playboaters would dislodge the craft and get it to the bank and often go to the swimming paddler to see how they were. This was happening on numerous occasions - to all levels of paddlers."Belinda Skinner

Wing paddle
, aluminium shaft. No contact details other than a 'City of Perth' sticker around the shaft. Dave Boldy <mailto:boldy@iinet.net.au>boldy@iinet.net.au 0419 901 402 13/6/05

My precious wing paddle
. Split paddle, yellow tape around shaft, glass shaft + carbon blades. Floated quietly off while I grabbed someone else's paddle just below Walyunga. Name and number is on it but faded. Dave Boldy <mailto:boldy@iinet.net.au>boldy@iinet.net.au 0419 901 402   13/6/05

Break down paddle, right hand half lost at Posselt's Ford Saturday, 11th June. "Skee" with white blade, blue grip and black shaft. Wouldn't you know it my name and number was on the left hand half. Nick Carew 0418 362 496 <mailto:carewn@yahoo.com.au>carewn@yahoo.com.au

Yellow slalom gate number 3, Sunday, 12th - Walyunga. Last seen heading towards main drop [with pink polystyrene float upwards] hotly pursued by Greg Kippin. At least the race had been finished and we didn't lose Greg. If found please contact Colin <mailto:elaine.colin@bigpond.com>elaine.colin@bigpond.com

Spirit Propeller paddle lost just below Walyunga Lower Car park on Sunday, 12th June, around lunch time. It has a carbon fibre shaft and black plastic blades. Please contact Dave 0428 501 908.

Legend propellor paddle with grey squash grip tape on the shaft. It also has my name and phone number on it but you never know if that's going too stay there do you. Lost Saturday, 11th June, at Bells rapids, My contact number is 0412 551 522 and email is <mailto:pro_cam_video@yahoo.com.au>pro_cam_video@yahoo.com.au 

Black plastic helmet left on ground at Bells. Nostalgic value. Veteran of 3 Descents and has appearance of German Sgt Schulz helmet. Thanks. Paul 0407 776 644

Propeller paddle lost at Bells on Saturday, 11th June. Unfortunately didn't see where it went as I was upside down at the time. It has a carbon fibre shaft and black plastic blades. Please contact Marty 0438 166 673

Breakdown propeller paddle at Bells. Blades have been patched. Please call Brad Reed 0417 900 752  12/6/05

Paddle: Black Nevis Bluff paddle lost at Bell's on Sunday, 12th June; last seen making its way down through Bell's Rapids with far more ease than its owner. Black blades and black shaft; it has a bit of silver gaffer tape in the middle with a very faded phone number written on it. If any one has seen, or has picked up, the paddle please contact: Geoff Bartlett, 0401 993 398; or <>geoff-b@bigpond.net.au

Paddle - At Bell's main drop Saturday, 11th June ~ 10am lightweight small blue paddle, fairly old. "Rob 0427 982 286" written on it.

Breakdown paddle - black propellor blade, yellow shaft. Lost in first section of ti-trees after Walyunga. Submerged and wedged in trees, will probably show itself once water level goes down a little. Has phone number on. Pls call Belinda 9228 0663.

Almost Lost
"There was at least one lucky escape yesterday - two girls on skis, doing a valley run for the first time, tried going down the right side [sui-side] at Syd's and lived to tell the tale. I know because I recovered a paddlerless plastic ski just before the main drop at Walyunga. The girls, who had walked down from Syd's retrieved it later. I think they were still missing the other plastic ski." - Colin Scully

11th-12th June: "We recovered a teal Spirit surf ski pinned in some ti trees below Syds Rapid and took it down to a spot below pivot rock in Walyunga National Park. Thanks to the slalom paddler who pulled it up the river bank for us - Jeremy Scott"  

Sighted in passing
Saturday 11th June, Finn play boat and a paddle with red blades. Approx 200m -300m up from the Walyunga wooden steps, put in location, leaning up on a tree branch. The paddle is approx 50m further up towards Syds.

Thank you
(Is this one of the boats above?) "On Saturday I fell out just below Syd's- apparently the boat floated through the ti-trees to the picnic area pool. Big respect and Kudos for the guys that hung the pink and blue Finn up in a tree - Ian"  

EXTRA: 10/6/05
Hi All,
Here's an urgent message regarding a LOST BOAT - in the ti-trees, a few hundred metres downstream of Lovers Lane - Jimperding Brook. PINK WAVEHOPPER. How could we loose it?! Please, if you see it tomorrow or whenever, let us know where! It's sure to be upstream of the new huge log that's down. If you're able to push it to a bank, river left is closer to the road and better for access to retrieve it. If you have any news of it please email <mailto:rokhor@iinet.net.au>rokhor@iinet.net.au or phone 9386 1737. Many thanks.

Week 4/June
From The Bell's Rapid Unofficial Rescue Crew

Here's some advice to swimmers from George Scorgie, one of the playboaters who rescued many at Bell's over the last two weekends:
20th June: " I was up there on the weekend and the same things happened - you must grab hold (of your boat) and float down." Another playboater explains that hanging on to the boat provides you buoyancy and you are much safer - but stay on the upstream side of the boat. George has also written in reply to some of the issues that arose in last week's email, resulting from the high water level, such as choice of craft.  <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/scorbie.html>Go here to read it.
(Those who have done "rescue courses" with paddling gurus, such as Terry Bolland and Dave Worthy, who have conducted them on occasion in the past, are noticeably much better at self rescue, defensive swimming and other rescue skills. Then there's the Swift Water Rescue courses conducted by Peter White at Dwellingup Adventures - Robyn)

Big Avon Paddlers' Party AND . . .
a chance to win 1 x Endorfinn Racing Ski, 1 x Skee paddle, 1 x 2005 Avon Descent entry
Friday, 1st July, from 5:30pm at The Left Bank, East Fremantle

All you need to do is attend and you never know your luck!
Guest speakers, video footage from 2004, complimentary first drink and finger food and more prizes for some of those who register beforehand (<mailto:functions@leftbank.com.au>functions@leftbank.com.au or 9319 1136)
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/leftbankad.html>More details here.

Active Life Sports Massage Clinic
Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Injury Management & Prevention.
26 Salvado Road, Wembley Ph: 9244 3771
Mention this email news and recieve a $10 discount.
(This lady is a former paddler. Sounds like just what is needed after a valley run!)

20% off outdoor gear at Mountain Designs
at the Winter Sale for members of the Alliance Club. (It's free to join the Alliance, and you can do it on the day!) Starts Thursday, June 23rd and finishes Sunday June 26th. 4 Days Only. 20% OFF EVERYTHING. (Plus Super Specials of up to 50% off selected items!) PERTH, FREMANTLE, CLAREMONT, WHITFORD CITY & GARDEN CITY

Junior Slamom - from Margaret Jeffery
If anyone wants to check the progress of the Aust Junior Slalom Team on their travels in Europe, they have put a web site together. The address is:- http://users.tpg.com.au/jonesg1/

Where are you, Good Samaritan?
"I am wondering if you can help us find the kind paddler who lent their paddle to my daughter when she broke hers while doing a Valley run in the high water a week ago last Sunday?  
Rosie was one of a number of paddlers testing the high waters on a run from Cobbler Pool to Bells on Sunday, 12th June. When she broke her paddle in the Championship Rapid a kind paddler came by and lent her his spare. It was planned to meet him at Bells to return it to him. Unfortunately she had to stop at Walyunga National Park as her fellow paddlers met further difficulties.   
She is now desperate to return the paddle but unable to as she does not have his full name. (She thinks his name may be Nev - for Neville?)"
Please contact Eve Langdale, 9245 1304 if either you are the good samaritan or you know who he is!

Skee paddle
, blue shaft with white wings at Bells on Saturday 18th June. Please contact Gary Kilian 0411 640 231 or email <mailto:wkilian@bigpond.com>wkilian@bigpond.com
Propellor paddle (no name on it) lost around Championships Rapid, Sun 19/6. Please phone Mike 0423 773 971
Breakdown propellor paddle (no name on it) lost around Syds Rapid, Sun 19/6. Please phone Mike 0423 773 971
Flat blade paddle - blue fibreglass shaft with yellow plastic blades, and a cannoeing downunder sticker on the shaft, just below bridge at Bell's, on the 19th. (2 paddles in 2 weeks. Yes, that's right I lost my wing paddle, carbon fibre shaft and plastic blades on the 11th). If anyone has found either could you contact me 0438 166 673 or martygraves@hotmail.com  
Spirit paddle, blades yellow, painted on black, black shaft, grey gaffa tape. Name and no. on paddle, but perhaps faded. Lost at Emu's, Sunday, 19th June. Please ring Louise, 9275 7021
Hammer paddle, carbon blades, fibreglass shaft just downstream of Walyunga on Sat 11/6. Has "Wright" and phone number on blade and has yellow and red tape on shaft and blades. Plse call Stuart 0419 387 740 or 9246 7798

Event Reminders
Marathon #7 Upper Swan
  Don't forget, helmets and pfds are compulsory. 27km, to AKC. Meet at Upper Swan Bridge, 7:00-7:45am for rego.
Wild Water Race #4 - Walyunga Rapid Racing, Sunday, July 3. Meet at top car park for rego, 8:30 - 9am.
Northam to Toodyay, Sunday, 10th July.  <http://www.registernow.com.au/sports_events/enter_canning.htm>Go here for more details

Spirit Plastic Racing Ski
- over 5m length. Around $500 -- $600. Email Tom - <mailto:tom.cockle@rpsplc.com.au>tom.cockle@rpsplc.com.au

 Week 5/June
Have a good time and help out . . .

Swan Canoe Club extends an invitation to all paddlers and friends to a 7 0 ' s P a r t y  to be held in the SCC clubrooms (next to Mead's, Mosman Bay) on Friday 8th July, 7pm. BYO 70's food and drink. Entry is a $5 contribution for the Brevis Choate Memorial Fund (for his family). Dig out your favourite 70's outfit! This will be a really fun night for a special cause. See <http://www.swan.canoe.org.au>www.swan.canoe.org.au for lots more social and paddling events or for more 70,s party info contact <mailto:lesleyhadnett@hotmail.com>lesleyhadnett@hotmail.com

Training for the Avon?
Massage should become an important part of your training structure for injury prevention, improved recovery and to keep the muscles soft & flexible to continue effective training in the lead up to such a gruelling event. Book your 1 hour massage for $55 - Mention this website and receive a $10 discount!

Book a massage for the night stopover mid-race to give your body what it needs to achieve great 2nd day results! Our therapists can be available for 25 minute recovery massages for only $40. Bookings must be made by Friday, 22nd July. (This offer will only proceed if there is enough interest)
ACTIVE LIFE SPORTS MASSAGE CLINIC:Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Injury Management & Prevention. 26 Salvado Road, Wembley 
Ph: 9244 3771

Dave and Dave
There's a new pic on the<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/index.html> front page - taken in King George Sound, Albany, earlier this year, just two days after huge storms swept along the southern coast dumping nine inches (old lingo) of rain on the town. In the pic is Dave Everett, President of Albany Canoe Club (left) and Dave Oakley, long time white water paddler, sea kayaker and adventurer.

Coming Events - R.A.W.
Real Adventure
Women's Programme - City of Mandurah
Sea Kayaking for women & girls, 12 years and over
Sunday, 14th August, 10.00am - 12.00 and 12.30 - 2.30pm
$ 9.00 per session. Meet at carpark, Town Beach, Mandurah, - exit off Ormsby Terrace onto Dolphin Drive. Bring hat, sunburn cream, towel and water bottle. Wet suits recommended and warm after wear.
Diving for Women
Learn basic diving and snorkelling skills - for women & girls, 10 years and over , Saturday, 17th April, 9.00am - 12.00pm - $15. Meet at Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre. Bring hat, sunburn cream, towel and water bottle

More Weather Sites
A 7-day forecast of rain and temperatures for each day, using Australian Met Bureau data is:
Click on your region to see what is forecast for each town in that region.
And one other interesting website is a German model that shows what it thinks will happen for the next 9 days.
Thanks to Trevor Lamond for these.

Avon and White Water Training
Bookings Essential for all events
Main Peak Paddlesports - phone 9284 3759 for "what's on" this weekend

Canoeing Down Under 9378 1333
1. Lecture: Understanding White Water
- Wednesday, 6th July, The Shop Shed,7.30pm, $5.00 to the junior fund
2. Avon Support Crew Night Briefing - Monday 11th July, Bayswater Drill Hall, Cnr Crowther and Murray Streets, Bayswater. $5.00 per support team to the junior fund, 7.30pm.
3. Whitewater Trip - Saturday, 2nd July and Sunday, 3rd July, Emus to Walyunga N/P, 26kms with 26 rapids

, at Bells Rapids, Thurs 30/6, black plastic Spirit with my name on the shaft. Please call Matthew Garth on 9403.0903 or 0412 462 486
with aluminium shaft and white blades, lost Bells, Sat 18th, approx 216cm, old but sentimental value please contact Joe 0412 881 357 or Dan 9457 0367
Paddle, Saturday,18th, at Bell's Rapid. It is a Spirit scoop paddle. Just past the bridge - I went right and then lost it in trees in the middle.Gareth Iriks, W 9419 1077 or H 9419 5736.

Paddler Wanted
Experienced white water paddler in DR boat looking for person(s) to do Avon ti-tree/valley trips with. Weekdays as well as weekends possible. Please ring Louise, 9275 7021.

- email Ian <mailto:giltedgeholdings@iinet.net.au>giltedgeholdings@iinet.net.au

Event Reminders
Wildwater Series
:next race is 3rd July Walyunga Rapid Sprints #2, 8.30am registration top car park Walyunga. Sponsored byTerry Bolland at Canoeing Down Under
Northam to Toodyay
Inaugural event organised by Canning River Canoe Club, Sunday, 10th July. More info' 9330 9011 or enter by logging on to http://www.registernow.com.au/sports_events/enter_canning.htm
Sponsored by Perth Kayak Centre

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