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Week 1 /May
Riots in the Surf

Playboating enthusiasts can contact Tom at Rivergods to try out the 2005 Riot boats in the surf (which has been picking up lately). The Inferno, in particular, has been generating a lot of interest amongst surfers and is worth a try if you want to improve your blunts. Also, he has medium size Flirt from Fluid kayaks available - the first in Perth I think. 

Canoe Polo kicks off at Beatty Park
With the coming winter weather Canoe Polo will now be held in the heated pool at Beatty Park Aquatic Centre on Wednesdays from 4th May. Casual games will be held between 6.45pm to 8.45pm and all are welcome. Beatty Park is located off Vincent Street in North Perth and has great facilities including heated indoor and outdoor pools, kids swimming area and cafe. Contact Ian Kininmonth<mailto:%20ikininmonth@hotmail.com> ikininmonth@hotmail.com or 0401 521 895 for more details.

Beginners course and coaching sessions for Canoe Polo
A Canoe Polo beginners course will be held at Beatty Park Aquatic Centre starting Friday evenings from 20th May between 6:30 to 8:00 pm and will run for 12 weeks. This is free to those who register so to do so contact Laura Cunningham - phone 0400 719 447 or email <mailto:lkcunningham2002@yahoo.com.au>lkcunningham2002@yahoo.com.au .
Special thanks go to Canoe WA, Healthways and Department of Sport and Recreation for sponsoring the delivery of this course.

Avon Descent Courses
Both Canoeing Down Under and Mainpeak Paddlesports are conducting Avon Descent courses and Ramon Andersson technique training. 
For more info' contact Terry at CDU 9378 1333 or Ann at Mainpeak  9284-3759  or Ramon, 0407 426 596, for his Tuesday evening sessions.
CDU course started Tues, 3rd May.
Dave Worthy, another paddling guru, will be giving a free Avon talk at Mainpeak Paddlesports, Cottesloe,on 10th May at 6pm. Their Avon course starts the following week - it's a pre-requisite for joining in Avon trips when the water comes up later on. 

Canoeing Guide
All new Avon paddlers should obtain a copy of Terry Bolland's Canoeing Down Under which has all the maps of the rapids of the Avon Descent (amongst many other things). It's helpful to peruse them after your Valley trips to understand what you could maybe do better next time. Obtainable at CDU.
CDU skills training - Thursday evenings, Garratt Road Bridge off Milne St., Bayswater, 5:45 pm, hour and half, $20 BYO gear and an all round white light.
CDU fitness training - Saturday mornings, Sandy Beach Reserve, West Road, Bassendean, 7.30am
$10.00, BYO gear
More info' CDU - 9378 1333

Walyunga Water Level
The gauge that most of us use for the Valley is the wooden post at Walyunga, eg., 0.5m is very low and rocky and 1.0 m is just about perfect - most rocks covered and the waves not too big. If you're padding at Walyunga please send in the water level reading (upstream side of post at launching place) which is recorded <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>here for the benefit of other paddlers.

Ti-trees Water Level
Similarly, there's a gauge about midway through the second half of the Toodyay ti-trees. It's been placed at the end of a run through some trees, just before you enter Long Pool and you have to be quick to read it on your way past!

Extracts Weir Busy Bee
The power boaters re-installed the tubes at Extract's Weir on Sunday, replacing rusted shackles and moving some rocks around to keep the chute as flat as possible. The structure is removed every year after the Avon Descent.

Event Results
<http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>John Sims Race here: a big turnout and perfect weather, despite the "possible thunderstorms" forecast.

Event Reminders
Wildwater Race
: first race, this Sat, 7th May, AKC obstacle course race. Register 1:00 - 1:30pm. Meet at Ascot Kayak Club. More info' Paul, 0408 919 508.

Spray deck at Matilda Bay, Monday, 2nd May. Please contact Belinda Skinner, <mailto:bskinner@srk.com.au>bskinner@srk.com.au if you think it's yours.

Training partner(s) for the Avon.
Given that its easier to stay motivated in a group I'm looking for anyone who wants to do some training around Hillarys Boat Harbour a couple of times a week. I'm paddling a long sit on top this year and "minimum pain" is my goal. I can be contacted at <mailto:rossl@wa.su.org.au>rossl@wa.su.org.au for anyone who is interested - Ross Lambert

Week 2 /May
Slalom Winter Racing Series - Margaret Jeffery
Race One
: Sunday, 15th May. Registration 8.30-9.30am, briefing 10am, first runs start 10.30am. Entry fees:$10 adults kayak club members; $15 adults non-kayak club members; $5 juniors under 18 (kayak club members); $10 juniors non-kayak club members. Pre-race coaching will be available for those who are eligible.

The scheduled venue is Hester Park but because the weather forecast is promising, we may relocate to Walyunga and have the first race of the season on the fabled white water.

The final venue will be posted on the Swan Canoe Club web site on Saturday at the latest (www.swan.canoe.org.au). Alternately please ring me, 9293 1909.

If you think you will be racing please email your details to: <mailto:%20artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au

Also, can all paddlers please bring a friend to help as a gate judge, time-keeper, start official, finish judge, compiler, radio operator etc. It's fun (yes really) and oh so easy.
Sponsored by Mainpeak

Slalom Skills Squads at AKC and Swan
Specially for this new enthusiastic group: mini slalom race, Hester Park on Saturday, 1pm.

2005 MultiplexAvon Descent
This year's entries will be available from Sunday, 22nd May - it's being launched at the CWA Paddle Challenge that finishes at Sandalford (see below: Event Reminders). 

The ti-trees have been paddleable on and off ( for a few days, a few days after central wheat belt rains) and there's a new pic on the front page to prove it - <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>here. (Neil Hannett is the paddler.) There's a few new logs and trees down, but nothing that you can't see in advance and take steps (paddle?) to avoid.

Teams: if you're looking for a team just send your details <mailto:rokhor@iinet.net.au>rokhor@iinet.net.au as there's already some paddlers who've shown interest. Teams consist of either 2 or 4 paddlers who alternate down the river - you paddle on both days. You can still be part of the Descent if you don't have the time for the training for the full event.

Dagger Playboat Sale - Canoeing Down Under
Save over $200.00! Other playboats also discounted.
Just arrived - Ace Explorer Plastic 515 Double Kayak. Great for the Avon.

Fearless Sue Fear
Come and join Sue Fear, professional mountain guide, Australian Geographic's Adventurer of the Year and Australia's first woman Everest summiter as she speaks about some of her extreme adventures in such varied locations as Bolivia, Bhutan, Pakistan, Patagonia, Peru, Vietnam, China, Kamchatka, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and, of course, Nepal. Included are images and movie footage on the summit of Everest and other climbs.
Wednesday, 18th May, Alexander Library, Francis Street, Northbridge.

Tickets $10 each Contact World Expeditions 9486 9899 to reserve your place.
Proudly supported by World Expeditions and Mountain Designs.

Mainpeak Events
The latest Mainpeak Events brochure is now out. There are some amazing new ideas for interesting and sometimes challenging adventures. They have also expanded the speaker's series. Drop into one of the Mainpeak shops for the new brochure or go here: <http://www.mainpeak.com.au/events.aspx>http://www.mainpeak.com.au/events.aspx

Avon River - Toodyay Water Level Readings
The Water and Rivers Commission gauge for measuring the water level at Stirling Terrace, Toodyay, has been moved upstream of the bridge. The different location means that the old correlations we had between the wooden gauge in the ti-trees and the WRC website readings are all wrong! 

On Saturday, 7th May, 2pm, wooden gauge in trees read 0.38m and WRC reading was 10.529m. This is a low but paddleable level with all logs covered but with some scraping on rocks here and there.

As well as the sophisticated instrumentation that is used for the internet reading there is a wooden gauge in the middle of the river just above the Stirling Terrace bridge at Toodyay (same location). This correlates with the reading that is displayed on the internet.

Event Reminders
CWA Paddle Challenge
, Sunday, 22nd May. Reg - 7:30am; Briefing - 8:30am; Race Start - 9am. 18km for individuals and teams (Garratt Road bridge to Middle Swan and back to Sandalford winery). Plus Junior event, plus relay for 8-13 yrs juniors in Guppies (boats & gear provided).  Entries close 17th May.
Wildwater Races - Race 2, the Drain Race - Sunday, 29th May, Reg: 8:30-9am at Hester Park, Langford. Short race on the Upper Canning. More info' Paul 9477 3452   Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under

Spirit CTR double sit on kayak - 0417 910 349 <mailto:conrad@oes.com.au>conrad@oes.com.au 

Week 3/May
The Foam Zone

The upper Tsangpo Gorge in Tibet was paddled a couple of years ago by a group of U.S. paddlers. For a short video clip of some incredible white water paddling on one fearsome rapid go here: http://outside.away.com/tsangpo/multimedia/index.html and click on The Foam Zone. The story of their epic descent is well worth reading - you'll find it at the same website.

The Mainpeak Collie Marathon Relay - from Marty Wallace
On again this year! It's our 5th year. This event is a multisport event that should interest canoeists. The horse section is optional and the layout makes it easy for people to do as individuals. Sunday, 25th September.
Entry forms can be downloaded from here.

Walyunga Water Level
In case a recent reading of the wooden gauge is not available <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/waterlev99waly.html>here, Peter Ewing has drawn another graph which relates the Great Northern Highway level to an estimate* for Walyunga. It is on the White Water Park website <http://www.whitewaterperth.org.au/water-level>here. Thank you to Peter for his efforts.
*Estimates are based on past years' readings of the wooden gauge (sent in by you!) being correlated with the WRC readings of the water level at Great Northern Highway which are available on the internet.

The Valley Water Level - Richard King
"At 3pm Thursday 19 May Walyunga was checked at 0.57m by Richard King and Kim Bingham.

We had just finished the Valley Run. It was a little rocky at the top of the run but the Washing Machine at Emu's was the only part that was difficult to get through because of the water level. The water level at
Posselts looked a little better when we went back to pick up the second car."
(Sounds ok for plastic boats - Robyn)

Expedition Kayakers
One of our sea kayaker extraordinaire adventurers, Les Allen, of <http://www.wozwebs.net/westcoastkayaks/>West Coast Kayaks, is off again on far away expeditions. In July he'll be paddling with Ian Pexton the 860km between Broome and Dampier over two weeks. "The three knot currents experienced in those waters will add to the challenge", he says. There's also a Melbourne to Hobart, 950km expediton planned for the summer.

Ocean Paddlers read this! 
SeaChange Shark Shields - an electronic shark deterrent. Ocean paddlers are occasionally bumped by sharks or have other close encounters. Antony Mee was circled by one a few km off Cottesloe a few weeks back. Then a couple of weeks later he was bumped underneath by one, again, not far offshore, near Esperance. Murray Randal of Albany had a scary encounter a year ago off the southern coast. Another paddler off Perth, Mike Edmondson, also came up close to one. Read his story here: http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/sharkspotting.html
Mainpeak now has the electronic deterrent in stock - 9284 3759.

Perception kayak spray skirt
. found on the beach of Matilda Bay on a Monday morning, early May. very good condition It was thought to belong to UWA paddlers, but it is not one of theirs. Contact Belinda <mailto:bskinner@srk.com.au>bskinner@srk.com.au if it might be yours.

>From a U.S. reader . . .
"away.com, a US travel website, just featured the Avon Descent . . . Made me feel proud of my own team effort of eleven years ago! Just thought you'd get a kick out of knowing how international the event has become
:) Mish"

Albany Canoe Club
calendar is now updated - <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/albanycc.html>here.

Avon Descent Courses & Info' - booking essential
Mainpeak Paddlesports - 9284 3759

Upper Swan ti-trees training run - Saturday, 21st May - cost $85
Next three week basics course starts 7th June
This year we will be conducting two training weekends in the Avon valley - more details soon

Canoeing Down Under - 9378 1333
Whitewater Course at Upper Swan ti-trees: 1pm - 4pm, Saturday 21st, and 9am - 12pm, Sunday, 22nd May, cost $60.
Avon Video Night- 7:30pm, Monday, 23rd May - come along and see previous Descents at different water levels - at CDU.
Nutrition & Injury Prevention lecture - by Rae Collis, qualified naturopath, exercise physiologist and former Avon descenter: all you need to know about diet and hydration to help prevent fatigue and cramp, inflammatory injuries and more - Wednesday, 8th June, 7.30pm - cost $5
Paddle Skills Assessment for Avon Descent - available - $45 per person (group) or $110 for instruction + assessment. Individual assessment also available.

Experienced, fit, white water paddler in DR looking for person/people to do Avon white water and ti-tree runs. Prefer person(s) to be in similar type boat & experienced. Can be weekday runs. 9275 7021

A flat blade paddle
, black,  with grey markings. Alumium shaft / well used Avon blade. Left at Hillarys Marina boat ramp on Wed 11/5/05 Contact Nick 0438 877 990

Week 4/May
CWA Paddle Challenge

<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/padchall.html>Here's some pics of CWA Paddle Challenge, again held in perfect weather. (New front page pic <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>here) Thanks to Ian Quinn for the Ascot Kayak Club pics. Go <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>here for results - click under "Latest News".

Avon Descent: entries are now open
Register online this year! Go to http://www.avondescent.com.au/ and check out the new website while you're there. 

Avon Descent Courses this weekend - bookings essential
Canoeing Down Under - 9378 1333 - White Water, Sat 28th and/or Sun 29th. Cost: $110
Rolling Practice - Friday, 3rd June, Belmont Pool, 6.00pm
Main Peak - 9284 3759 - Intro to White Water, Walyunga to Bell's, Sat 28th & Sun 29th May. Cost: $110  

New Paddles at Mainpeak
- Aqua-Bound paddles: one is a four piece light weight paddle that packs down really small.
- Voyageur timber laminated paddles - almost collectors' items!

Lost Paddle Tale
Here's an amazing <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/freestpad.html>tale about a lost & found & lost again paddle by freestyler, Chris Lockwood (see "freestyle paddle", below).
Don't forget to put your name and phone no. on all your gear - and keep checking paddles as it does wash off. If you find a lost paddle without contact details please email details <mailto:rokhor@iinet.net.au>here .

Lost Paddles
Break- down paddle -
at Bell's Rapid, last corner with big stump, Monday, 23rd May. "Mako" with blue shaft and white blades. It was labelled with name and phone no. when lost. Peter, 9471 7087 h or 9375 8822 w.
Freestyle paddle - on the Lower Murray, 21/05/05 :bent shaft, dark with kevlar reinforced blade edges. No name on it. Has a repair on the shaft on the back side of one blade. Somewhere below (or in) Andy's Drop :o) Chris Lockwood 0419 921 916 or <>clockwood@people.net.au
Stealth paddle - lost on weekend (22/5, Sunday, afternoon) at Glen Avon. Has red black and silver tape on shaft. End of blades have definite signs of repair work. Contact Rob on 0423 008 787

Avon Descent Teams
Ski paddler (or paddlers) wanted to form a team for the Avon Descent. Timing not an issue, just someone willing to complete the Avon and finish their sections. Please contact Peter at work 9222 9943, mob 0414 307 175 or  <mailto:hawkers@bigpond.net.au>hawkers@bigpond.net.au

This is The Sea
This is a highly entertaining video (CD) of sea kayakers strutting their stuff, mostly in the surf, at various scenic locations in the northern hemisphere. It's excellent for teaching surf skills and rolling. Obtainable from Les Allen, 0419 900 715, $50. The British sea kayaking film maker, Justine Curgenven, receives all funds from sales and they are used for future films - Tasmania is next on the list.

Seminars for Canoeing Administrators and People Conducting Canoeing Activities - free
For canoeing administrators, canoeing instructors and coaches and anyone organising and conducting a canoeing activity.
Seminar 1 Sport and Recreation Law, 7pm 1st June, Swan Canoe Club
This seminar will cover the legislation that applies to organisations and individuals involved in organising and conducting canoeing activities. Presenter - Greg McClennan, Department of Sport and Recreation
Seminar 2 Risk management, 7pm, 8th June, Swan Canoe Club
This seminar will outline how to manage risks associated with organising and conducting canoeing activities. Presenter - John Mulcahy, Director, Canoeing WA, Ascot Kayak Club

All paddlers are welcome to attend. Please RSVP to Pirra Reynolds - 9285 8501.Enquiries - Colin Thorpe: 9386 6842, 0409 88 7011. Organised by Canoeing Western Australia and UWA Sport and Recreation Association.

Canoe Polo Winter Comp Starts Soon!
Next Wednesday, 1st June, for 6 weeks. The venue is the Beatty Park Pool, North Perth. First game commences at 5.45pm and we finish up at 8.00pm. In addition to the positively spa-warm waters of the outdoor pool, Beatty Park has great facilities including heated indoor pools, kids' swimming area and cafe. Please let me know if you are available for all or part of the competition and I will put you into a team. Ian Kininmonth 0401 521 895 or <mailto:ikininmonth@hotmail.com>ikininmonth@hotmail.com

Tsangpo Gorge story and video - from last week:
Apparently the link to the website did not work for some readers - try typing the index page address if this link does not work: <http://outside.away.com/tsangpo/index.html>http://outside.away.com/tsangpo/index.html

Event Reminders
State Marathon Champs
- Sat, 4th & Sun, 5th June.  Entries close Friday, 27th May. 30km or 20km or short course, depending on your class. Singles and doubles. Contact Peter Martin, 9277 4704 or <mailto:peter_judy@myaccess.com.au>peter_judy@myaccess.com.au for more info and for your (last minute) entry. Payment may be made by phone to CWA with credit card.

Plastic kayak or ski
, suitable for Avon. Over 5m length. (with skirt if kayak). $500-700 range. Please contact Dave at 9443-5055 (w) or <mailto:daveg@wa.su.org.au>daveg@wa.su.org.au
Paddle, propellor 210cm or longer in good condition to use as a spare or breakdown for Avon. So if you want to upgrade and need some cash pls call Catherine 0419 160 067 or 9237 5506 (w) or <mailto:catherine.jackson@auspost.com.au>catherine.jackson@auspost.com.au 

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