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Week 1 /December
Pairs Enduro

Here's some pics of this popular new event - one on the front page <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>here - and then just click on that for the rest. Results are on <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au>AKC website.

24 Hour Challenge
Wow - congrats to the women's DR team which won this event, despite some stiff competition. See <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au>AKC website for more details, available soon.

Donnybrook Marathon Results

Rivergods News
Sea kayaking to Seal and Penguin Islands in Shoalwater Marine Park
has been running since Sept - this season has had a great start with lots of sea lions, dolphins, penguins and pelican chicks being seen by many family groups - so if you haven't done so already grab the kids and get out there. Prices have not changed since 2001 and will likely go up before this season ends. Currently prices are Adults $125, Students $115 and Kids $85 -call 9259 0749 to book or see <http://www.rivergods.com.au/>www.rivergods.com.au

Fluid playboats Xmas Special  -Tom at Rivergods (9259 0749) has some medium and large Fluid Flirts for sale at only $1350 -these are great playboats -see the six reviews at <http://www.boatertalk.com>boatertalk.com ( 3 nines and 3 tens out of ten!) - at a great price. Make a paddler happy this Xmas!

Albany Canoe Club
Their paddling calendar has been updated: go <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/albanycc.html>here. Paddlers from the big smoke(s) further north are welcome to join in if down Albany way (with appropriate skills and gear).

Wanted - to hire kayak/surf ski at Cervantes
"I'm a South African based in Johannesburg and am training for the <http://www.dusi.org.za>Dusi Canoe Marathon here in S.A. in January. My family and I will be up north of Perth in Cervantes over Christmas and I wondered if there are any canoe/kayak hire places there to keep up my training a bit. I am happy with any craft and will bring a split shaft paddle to use with the boat. Please contact <mailto:hugh.hawarden@rmb.co.za>hugh.hawarden@rmb.co.za"

Canoeing Down Under Events . . . coming up!
Flat Water Intro
: course for beginners - Sunday, 10th December, 9am till midday. $75 incl GST or $60 with own craft. (Could this be the ideal Christmas pressie for your spouse?)
Sunset/Moonlight Paddle: social paddle -Saturday, 2nd December, 5:45pm. Meet at Point Reserve, North Road, Bassendean. BYO paddle, PFD, lights, nibbles, drinks and mozzie repellant.
Booking is essential for both events: 9378 1333.

Paddler Wanted for Rotto Swim
"I'm a Victorian entrant in the Rottnest Channel Swim being held on February 17, 2007. Coming from interstate makes it a little awkward to get organised as I don't know anyone in the West. Basically, I am searching for some assistance in the way of a support paddler and am happy to meet any financial costs/requirements. I am expecting to be in the water for approximately 6 to 7 hours."
Kevin Cassidy
[03] 9585 3005
Mob. 0425 733 336

Event Reminders - Sunday, 3rd December
Don't forget as from this Sunday we will be on Western Australian Daylight Saving Time!
Slalom Summer Series Race 2

9.00am registrations ; 10.00am briefing; 10.30am race start. Meet at Hester Park.
Nicky Pope (Race Co-ordinator) 9571 1005 <mailto:reality.check@bigpond.com.au>reality.check@bigpond.com.au
Marathon #2, Claisebrook Race
13km, two circuits from the cove upstream briefly then down around Herrison Island and return. Registration: 6:45 - 7:45am; briefing: 8am. Short course available - 6.6km. Everyone is welcome - and all craft. Meet at Claisebrook Cove, Victoria Gardens, East Perth.
Check out the tide for this race, <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/tideindex.html>here.

Finn Affinity with paddle.
Willing to pay $500 to $600.  Please email <mailto:pmontazoo@hotmail.com>pmontazoo@hotmail.com
Playboat for a mid sized paddler approx 80Kgs Ph Marty 0407 778 959
Fanfare or similar fast K2 suitable for the Avon Descent. Please contat Joel, 0411 821 109 or <><>joel.ferguson@metso.com

Week 2 /December
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ 
Welcome!  Come and join us!
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ 
Sunday, 17th December

Fun celebration of the opening of the new Ascot Kayak Club clubhouse

All past, current and potential new members of the club are especially welcome.

- Barbecue -

- Double Barkers Marathon (starts around 8am) -

- Fun Races: Doubles Sprint Race, Dog in a Boat Race -
around 12 midday
(with prizes from Canoeing Down Under)

- Bouncy Castle for the Kids - Guppy Events -

- Slalom Demo - Photo Displays -

- And More! -

Do the Grand Tour of the new clubhouse!

The official opening by the Shire of Belmont is at around 9:30am.
(By special invitation only)
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ 
Hope to see you all there!
Grant Pepper, President, Ascot Kayak Club
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ 

Week 2 /December
Merry Christmas to All !

Learn to Play Canoe Polo with Perth Canoe Polo Club
5 week beginners' course starts12th January, 2007, at Beatty Park Leisure Centre, Friday nights 5:45 -8:00 pm. $60 per person + CWA insurance
This will give you the skills to enter the B-grade competition which follows on from the course. All gear supplied. Fees cover everything except pool entry. You just need basic paddling skills. For more information, or to register, contact Ben Wood, 0438 694 627 or  <mailto:benjamin.wood@health.wa.gov.au>benjamin.wood@health.wa.gov.au

"The Fat Lady Hasn't Sung Yet!"
NSW sea kayaker, Andrew McAuley, set off from Tasmania Saturday, December 2, for his solo Tasman Sea crossing. Not being able to sleep in the kayak in the extreme cold on the first night he decided that it was foolish to go on and so returned to work out a solution before another attempt. Read the full story here: <http://www.andrewmcauley.com/>www.andrewmcauley.com

A "World's First" for WA: technologically speaking
A Jolimont communications firm has developed a portable device which would have enabled Andrew's supporters in Tasmania and New Zealand to know exactly where he was in real time - it's a GPS which could also transmit his precise position (via satellite) to anyone, anywhere, and which is viewable on Google Earth. Andrew is carrying a prototype - the finished product is not available commercially just yet. Apart from being so portable you can clip it onto your belt, it's waterproof and it floats. It has its own internal antennae and batteries which can be recharged by your car cigarette lighter, mains power point or with a solar panel which is what Andrew was carrying. You need to subscribe to the Iridian Satellite System and a few other things and it's not cheap, but wow, you need never be lost at sea, up the creek, in the desert or the jungle again! 

Message to Sandy
Well known Tasmanian sea kayaker, Laurie Ford, has this to say to Sandy Robson who is setting off on her own adventure, circumnavigating Australia, and was looking to borrow some charts for the north. "Tell Sandy Robson to just keep Australia on the left!" To keep track of her progress go to her website here: <https://netstorage.penrhos.wa.edu.au/slap/>https://netstorage.penrhos.wa.edu.au/slap/

Ascot Kayak Club - Grand Opening
The state of the art new building will be opened officially at 9:15am this Sunday, 17th December (by invitation). The rest of the morning and into the afternoon will be devoted to festivities - a marathon race, fun races, barbecue, kiddy amusements and more. Everyone is invited to join in. Come and look over the new building. Fun races are around midday.

Summer White Water
Wellington Dam Releases into Collie River are usually listed on Harvey Water's website which you can reach from <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/waterlevcoll.html>here. At present the page is not updating, but Harvey Water is looking into the problem. Harvey Water have said (9:30 am, today) the release this weekend will be above 250 megalitres/day (which equals about 0.8m at the gauging station) which is just paddleable, but very rocky. Note that it is "above", but by how much?

Anyone Know Anything about Kayaking in Thailand?
"Hi fellow paddlers, my name is Tiernan and I am heading off to Thailand at the end of January. I just heard that there is some awesome white water paddling to be done there. I was wondering if anyone has been and would they recommend it? Or recommend any tours etc" <mailto:TByrnes@skm.com.au>TByrnes@skm.com.au

Hello Robyn,
"This is the stuff of legends. Send a general query to an Aussie canoeing website and Dean Gardiner himself mails you to find out how tall you are. It's a bit like saying you're going to Texas on holiday and want to know if there's a bike shop there, and then Lance Armstrong mails you to find out if you prefer Shimano Dura-Ace or Campagnolo." - Hugh Hawarden
(Thank you to Dean Gardiner for offering help to the visiting South African paddler wanting to paddle at Cervantes in January - last issue of "News").

: stolen from my garage (Duncraig) on Saturday night/Sunday morning (2nd/3rd December). It's green, the seat has been cut away a bit on one side and I have my driver's licence number engraved on it somewhere (can't remember where though!). If anyone sees a green pirouette could they let me know and I'll follow it up - there's not too many out there anymore: work (08) 9423 7104, or mobile 0413 887 270, or home 9246 2119 - Phil Edwards

Claisebrook Marathon #2
Results and wrap-up are <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>here.

For Sale
Pittarak Double Sea Kayak
Australian made expedition sea kayak, high spec, solid composite design, in perfect condition, fully fitted with all features. A beautiful boat!! $2,300. See <mailto:http://www.pittarak.com.au/pittarakdouble.html>http://www.pittarak.com.au/pittarakdouble.html and call Rivergods on (08) 9259 0749 <http://www.rivergods.com.au/>www.rivergods.com.au/

Event Reminder
Marathon #3: The Barkers Race
- 23km or short course 12km: Sunday, 17th , Registration 6:45- 7:45am; briefing 8am. Meet at Ascot Kayak Club. The race finishes in time for you to join in the festivities of the opening of the new building.

Canoe Polo Boat -
Anyone got a spare polo bat lying around? Please contact Danny 0402 720 318 or <mailto:danny_eude@mac.com>danny_eude@mac.com
Endorfinn ski in good condition ph 0410 806 807.
Viper K1 - phone Antony 0439 933 344.
Spirit CTR or Finn Affinity with paddle in good condition. Contect Steve 0407 771 242.
D R K1(kevlar) recent model in good condition ph Paul 0421 972 921. 

Week 3 /December
On the fourth day of Christmas . . .

Ascot Kayak Club members were officially presented their fabulous new home in the $1m+ clubhouse building. See some pics <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>here (by clicking on the home page pic).

"Busy Beaver"
Laurie Collett of Mandurah Over 55's Canoe Club and AKC has kept himself entertained during an enforced absence from paddling due to injury. He's written a basic strokes book: "It was initially just for new paddlers at the Over 55s, but it grew", he says. Contact Laurie <mailto:laurie.k@bigpond.com>laurie.k@bigpond.com  to obtain a copy ("Kayaking: the Basic Strokes") for just $5.

Boat Stolen
Finn Kayaks Multisport
stolen from the yard of a house in the canals, Halls Head. If anyone is aware of someone mysteriously becoming the owner of a yellow Multisports and three paddles would you please either call Brad Reed 0417-900-752 or  <mailto:b.reed@bigpond.net.au>b.reed@bigpond.net.au. The boat belongs to a paddler, Ian. It has two bulkheads with black deck covers. 

Collie Water Level
This week until Thursday it's expected to be between 350 - 400 megalitres/day which equates to about 1.05m at the gauging station and a bit above. They're still working on the web page (with the water releases ordered by irrigators) which is 'out-of-order'. The water's usually low over Christmas with farmers having a few days off.

Capricorn SeaKayaking News
Email <mailto:bookings@capricornseakayaking.com.au>bookings@capricornseakayaking.com.au  to get 25% off Rottnest Island tours and Penguin and Seal Island tours, subject to a few conditions but you must mention this email. Available till the end of January.

Spirit CTR
in good condition. Contact Bernie 0421 312 622 or <mailto:bkinney@fesa.wa.gov.au>bkinney@fesa.wa.gov.au
Second hand TK1, reasonable condition, preferably under $750. Contact: Matt 0428 926 692

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