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Week 1 /February
Central Wheat Belt Rains

Many localities which make up the headwaters of the Avon received rainfall in double figures in the 24 hours up to 9am, 30th January (Merredin received >60mm). Maybe it will just soak into the ground, but in case it doesn't keep your eye on the Department of Water's (formerly, Water and Rivers Commission) <>website if you're a keen Avon paddler and have a day off later this week.

"We are a team of four desperate for a motor boat to support our Rottnest swim. February 18th.  Can anyone help? We'll pay expenses." Pam Riordan 9378 2523 (No, Pam has not taken up marathon swimming, she is the paddler.)

Forgot to put the pic of the new sprint lake at Armadale onto the server last week. If you're still curious to see what it looks like, full of water, click <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/sprintlake.jpeg>here.

Don't forget! - Lindsay Wyland
2006 Mainpeak Paddlesports Summer Dash
Entry forms are available from Mainpeak Paddlesports stores in Cottesloe and Osborne Park, or download from the Canoeing Western Australia website at <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>www.wa.canoe.org.au Entries received after Wednesday Feb 1 will incur a $20 late fee. Post or fax your entry to Canoeing Western Australia by 5pm Wednesday to avoid the late entry fee. Entries will be taken until 7.30am on Race day, Feb 5th.

Sprint Matters - Janice Linardi
State Sprint Titles
, are 11th and 12th February.
"Could I also remind everyone that the Quiz Nite / Auction will be hald on 4th February at the Sorrento Life Saving Club. Start time 7.30pm. Lots of great prizes . . . eg., trip for 2 to Monkey Mia - accomodation at Monkey Mia Dolphin resort along with sightseeing tour of the Bay on the Shotover Catamaran; mountain bike worth $600.00; Bracsa 1V paddle worth $600.00 and many, many more. Tickets can be ordered through Robyn Bailey 9440-6968 or 0403 947 160.
So please come along and make up a table or two, this is a great night out."

The Katherine Red Cross Canoe Marathon - Susanne Brown
Here's plenty of notice for this event! (It's a long drive). It will be held on Sunday, 11th June. Information and entry forms available from Red Cross (08) 8971 1246 or e-mail <mailto:wchase@redcross.org.au>wchase@redcross.org.au

Adventure on the High Seas
Les Allen, who has recently returned from a Bass Strait crossing, says, "The Bass Strait was great and the Kent group of islands spectacular. The highlight of the trip was the east coast of Tazy with sea caves and spectacular cliffs. As we were raising awareness for the plight of the Tasmanian Devil we received a lot of media coverage and were looked after very well by Just Wild and Dept Parks and Wildlife on Maria Island."

Double surf ski
for Avon up to approx $1000.00. Both paddlers about 5'10''. Fast but not super-tippy. Ideally kevlar but will look at fibreglass. War wounds from previous battles won't put us off as long as you haven't snapped it. Dave Boldy <mailto:boldy@iinet.net.au>boldy@iinet.net.au 0413 986 248
Double Plastic Ski. Reasonable condition. <>anniw_99@yahoo.com

* News Extra: The sprint fundraising quiz night is this Friday, 3rd February, not 4th February, as stated in the Paddling News.

W. A . P A D D L I N G N E W S E X T R A , W E E K 1 , F E B R U A R Y   
Turn on the Telly! 
Channel 9's "Just Add Water" program which features white water paddling and rafting will be broadcast this weekend. Canoeing WA arranged the program with Channel 9 - it was shot at Bells Rapids and Walyunga National Park in July with the help of our local paddlers and rafters. See our local paddlers shooting the rapids, rafting and doing Slalom.
It is on Sunday, 5th February, 7.30 - 8.30 pm on Channel 9.
Please forward this email to all your friends. Cheers, Colin Thorpe

Not paddling, but what an adventure! 
Mike Wood, Mountain Designs

Hi Guys,
Just a heads up on my next Trek, this time it's to Bhutan, a Himalayan Kingdom east of Nepal. 
We leave on Friday, October 13 and return November 1. I only have 16 places available and, as per normal, those who have not done a trek with me before need to be interviewed before we can accept a deposit. The total cost of the Trek is $AUD7,500. Lyn Murphy of Claremont Cruise and Travel will handle all travel and payment enquiries. Lyn's contact is 9383 2711. 

If you are interested in coming on the Information Night on March 1 or the trek itself please contact me on 9322 4774. Hoping to hear from you soon, Cheers, Mike Wood

Looking for Volunteers
The ASU is looking for volunteers interested in training up to assist in swiftwater rescue for the Avon Descent and a number of other paddle races held throughout the year. We are looking for people keen to get wet (rescue swimmers), not so keen to get wet (shore based personnel) or recovery (transporting competitors and their boats exiting the race). The next training weekend is all happening down on the Collie River below the Wellington Dam spillway on the weekend Feb 11-12. Training starts at 8am on the Saturday and finishes up at Sunday lunchtime. Camping is at Potters Gorge and all gear is provided excepting wetsuits, bathers, etc for those wanting to swim. To help us arrange instructors it is essential to RSVP, ASAP, or no later than the weekend before (Feb 4-5). For any other information please contact me individually.
Bryan I Lee
Avon Swiftwater Unit
Rescue Coordinator

Mainpeak PaddleSports - 9284-3759
Penguin Island Social Paddle - Sunday, 12th February, 9.00am
Shoalwater Bay Marine Park. Please call Mainpeak PaddleSports to book.

Canoeing Down Under - 9378 1333
Course - Flat Water Intro
- Sunday, 12th Feb., 9am - midday. $75 (or $60 if you have your own boat) Learn all the basic strokes correctly.
Avon Descent Info Night - Monday, 20th Feb., 7:30pm. Booking is essential.

From last Paddling News, Pam Riordan writes:
"I AM a swimmer!!" (Sorry, Pam!)
This team of Rottnest swimmers is still looking for an escort power boat - is there anyone out there who can help out? Contact Pam, 9378 2523, for details. All expenses covered. Saturday, 18th Feb.

Finn Kayak 445.
I am a beginner looking for a boat to learn in and train for the Avon Descent - a boat in good condition and will pay up to $800. Melissa 0427 094 846 or <mailto:melissamorgan@westnet.com.au>melissamorgan@westnet.com.au

Week 2 /February
Avon Rescue

If you want to find out more about the Avon Swiftwater Unit and the Collie training weekend, Feb 11 & 12, which was mentioned last week (they're looking for more participants) contact Bryan Lee, the Rescue Co-ordinator, Ph. 9284 4836, Mob 0400 622 429, Fax 9284 4836 or <mailto:bilee@iinet.net.au>bilee@iinet.net.au

The Severn Bore
This is a tidal bore (wave which races upstream with the incoming tide) on the Severn River in England. Well known and long time Perth paddler, Ewen MacGregor, had a go on it recently, freezing weather and all. Read about it <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/ewensevern.html>here. He also sends these links which are worth having a look at if you're into surfing:

The Murray in Flood
Here's a <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>winter pic of Baden Powell Water Spout, near Dwellingup. The paddler is Kelvin Lewis and the photographer was Robyn Harris, both South West Canoe Club.

Epic paddle,
left at Ascot Kayak Club near slalom course on river bank in front of container, Tuesday, 7th Feb, about 7pm. Green shaft with grey tape, carbon twill weave blades, epic and canoeing down under stickers, and break-down. Contact Steve Myers 0438 090 617 or 9459 1692.
Clean Up the Upper Swan Day, 19th February
Special Announcement - from Penny Bates

"Have you ever paddled the beautiful Swan River, had fun in the rapids and enjoyed one of Perth's finest water experiences? Have you ever thought about the amount of rubbish that we generate while using our playground?

After the white water has gone the river is littered with gaffa tap, muesli bar wrappers, plastic bottles and assorted paddling stuff. Rubbish like this is unsightly and poses a risk to wildlife in the river and the surrounding environment.

The wild water committee invites all paddlers to assist with a rubbish collection to be held at upper Swan Bridge and Bells Rapids Car Park

Here are the the details:
Date Sunday, 19th February, 2006
Time 6.30 am (the coolest part of the day)
Duration No longer than 2hrs
Place Meet Upper Swan Bridge
Please bring gloves, suncream, hat and a drink. Bags provided and rubbish will be removed by the Shire of Swan.
Contact Penny Bates 9299 5612 <mailto:batespe@optusnet.com.au>batespe@optusnet.com.au
We look forward to seeing you on the day".

From Les Allen
"Free training (sea kayaking) starts again on Feb 11 at Woodman Point. I will be starting a sea leaders' course also." More info': <mailto:lallen@touch88.com.au>lallen@touch88.com.au

State Sprint Titles - this weekend, Hinds Reserve, Bayswater
If you would like a copy of the programme or the entry form, electronically, email <mailto:janice.linardi@skywest.com.au>janice.linardi@skywest.com.au

Mainpeak Summer Dash
Results and wrap up <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>here.

WILD WATER Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under
The 2006 Calendar:
Race No 1: Saturday 25th March.
AKC Race Ascot Kayak Club Garvey Park. 1.00-1.30pm Twisting race & teams.
Race No 2: Sunday 14th May Drain Race. Hester Park Thornlie. 8.00-8.30am Upper Canning River.
Race No 3: Sunday 18th June Upper Swan Ti-trees. Upper Swan Bridge 8.00-8.30am 4km flowing water.
Race No 4: Sunday 2nd July.Walyunga to Bells. Walyunga top car park.8.00-8.30am 4km grade 2-3 rapids.
Race No 5: Sunday 16th July. Rapid Race Bells Rapid end of rapids. 8.30-9.00am 1km grade 2-3 rapids.
Race No 6: Saturday & Sunday 26th 27th August State Wildwater Titles. Geegelup Cup Bridgetown7km grade 2-3 rapids.
Please note:
Paddlers must be 18-years or over, or demonstrate suitable ability (eg. slalom competence)
All craft must have adequate buoyancy in front and rear
Close of registration time is definite
PFD and helmets are compulsory on moving water
Enquiries: Terry 9378 1333 or Lawrence 9309 9525

Paddlers Beware!
Riverton Bridge on the Canning has become, unfortunately, another popular put-in place where thieves like to target paddlers' cars - recogniizable by the distinctive roof racks-cradles, I suppose. They know the owner will be absent for a while. A paddler recently had his car stolen and then dumped, stripped and vandalised whilst he was paddling from there. He thinks he was observed whilst he was hiding his keys. I've since heard another story of a car break-in there.

The safest place for your keys whilst flat water paddling is in the boat, in one of the waterproof containers, etc., available from the canoe/outdoor shops. Other places where I've known cars to be broken into are: Bell's Rapid (the worst), Walyunga, Sandy Beach, Upper Swan Bridge, Ascot Kayak Club and Swan Canoe Club!! In other words, you can be unlucky just about anywhere that we use to put-in frequently. Best policy is not to have anything of value in the car.

Week 3 /February
More Theft!
From Mark Schutze, Perth Canoe Polo Club

"Nearly all of PCPC's equipment has been stolen! The club trailer (fully loaded with 5 Daggers, 5 Acrobats, paddles, spraydecks etc) was stolen on the weekend. Please keep an eye out for the gear on the river/ocean. Let your friends know. Polo kayaks are very distinctive (look for the bumpers!) and there are not many of them in Perth.

If you see a suspicious advert in the local community paper/Quokka/West Australian/Sunday Times then let me know. Drop into your local Cash Converters/pawnbrokers over the next few weeks. Again, let me know ASAP if you see the gear (call me on mb 0407 426 183, wk 9346 3333, hm 9242 4267).

If we do not recover the gear then we will be looking at buying new sets. However, money is scarce and it will take time. So, if you know of a friendly, sympathetic sponsor then let me know."

Summer Slalom Race # 3
will be held at Hester Park on Sunday, 19th February. The program for Hester park is: course erection 8.30am, training 9.00am, race starts 10.00 am. For more info' contact Margie, <mailto:artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au or 9293 1909.

Canning River Canoe Club
CRCC is having its AGM on 22nd February, 2006, at 6.30pm at 27 Eckersley Heights, Winthrop. Calling for nominations for President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 3 committee members. All welcome to attend.

WA State Masters' Games, Albany, 19th-24th April
The paddling race
which is part of this event is on Saturday, 22nd April. Paddle from Middleton Beach to Green Island which is just inside Oyster Harbour and return, about 12km. It's open to surf skis, ocean kayaks and sit-on craft. Minimum age of participants is 30 years. More info' contact Ralph 0429 104 556. There's heaps of other competitions as well: athletics, swimming, tennis, golf, chess, bocci and more. For an entry form contact Peter, <mailto:peter.j.brown@bigpond.com>peter.j.brown@bigpond.com or 0407 477 128 or 9841 5728 after hours.

Albany Canoe Club
Calendar (social paddles and more on ocean, rivers and inlets along our spectacular southern coastline) has been updated - go <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/albanycc.html>here. Visitors are welcome to join in, paddling skills and gear being appropriate.

Reminder - Clean Up the Upper Swan Day
It's on this Sunday, 19th February. Meet at Upper Swan Bridge, 6:30 am (cooler then!). Bring your sun protection gear, water, etc., and gloves for handling rubbish. More info' contact Penny Bates, 9299 5612 <mailto:batespe@optusnet.com.au>batespe@optusnet.com.au
Some people - please bring plastic boats as the water is flowing!

Anaconda Adventure Race comes to Geographe Bay, WA
Sunday, September 24, 2006

Competitors (teams and individuals) will swim, run, mountain bike and kayak their way over some spectacular coastline in and around the Leeuwin Ridge, before finishing at Sculpture Park in Dunsborough. Whilst the sporting elite will dominate the individual category, average people of every age and shape will make up the majority of the field in the relay teams category, with the youngest competitor at 13 years of age and the eldest nudging 70. A Corporate Teams category will also see up to 100 WA companies vying for the title of Corporate Adventure Race Champions.

It is sponsored by adventure retailer Anaconda, together with Busselton Shire, CALM, Geographe Bay Tourism Association, Australian Canoeing and the event's charity partner, the Burnet Institute. Sponsorship packages for this high profile event will be announced shortly.

For further information, go to <http://www.AnacondaAdventureRace.com>www.AnacondaAdventureRace.com

All enquiries should be directed to the Race Director Tom Smitheringale of Rapid Ascent, phone 0419 963 096, e-mail <mailto:tom@rapidascent.com.au>tom@rapidascent.com.au

More on the "Paddler Beware" story from last week
Another paddler reports: "Had my car stolen from Deep Water Point using its keys which I used to hide on it, and my insurer indicated that they were not required to cover me if it was stolen with its keys because I was observed hiding them on the car. Luckily I got it back without damage, other than not getting the keys back and having to get all the locks changed. Since then I take them with me. Have been broken into about four times over my paddling years, and now will not leave my car at Upper Swan Bridge, and am reluctant about Bell's. Always leave the glove box and ashtray open so that people can see there is nothing worth stealing inside."

From Jamie, Manager, "Auto Extra"
15 Frobisher Street, Osborne Park, ph 9201 1888

"I have just read about paddlers' cars being broken into. We have just got a lock in store which enables a driver to lock his keys in a box and then padlock the box to the vehicle. The lock uses a 4 figure combination that can easily be changed when the lock is undone. You don't have to take any keys with you, only remember a four figure number. Price is $59.00. (I must say that when doing white water I prefer not to have my keys in the boat! - Robyn)

We also have locking tie downs available in two sizes: 2.5m for $76.00 and 4.0m for $84.00. These are webbing straps with 2 x hardened stainless steel wires running through the outside edge of the strap."

What's On: Mainpeak Paddlesports - 9284 3759
Broaden your Kayaking Knowledge
: a practical on understanding surf, etc for sea paddlers, Sunday, 19th February, 12:30pm $65 or $55 for members
Maritime Rules Awareness Workshop, Tuesday, 21st February, 6:30pm. Free
Kayaking Rescue Workshop (sea and flatwater), Saturday, 25th February, $65 or $55 for members
Rolling Class, Monday, 27th February, 6pm, Fremantle Leisure Centre, $55 (2 hours)
Flatwater Skills, Level One, Saturday, 4th March, 12:30pm, $65 or $55 for members.

What's On: Canoeing Down Under - 9378 1333
Avon Skills Training Course
- now running on Saturday mornings. Commences Saturday, 18th February, and then every Saturday for six weeks. 9.00 a.m. - 10.30 a.m. $160.00. Limited places still available.
Avon Descent Information Night - Monday 20th February at The Shop, 144 Railway Parade, Bassendean, 7.30p.m. $5.00 to the Canoeing Down Under Junior Fund. Booking is essential.
Flat Water Intro - Sunday, 12th March. $75.00 inc. GST and craft ...$60.00 inc GST with own craft, 3 hours, 9.00am - 12.00pm
Please note as from March we will no longer be open on Sundays, however we will still be holding demos.

Event Reminder
Marathon # 4, Shelley Twilight -
15.8km or short course, 6km. Meet at Canning River Canoe Club, Centenary Avenue, Wilson. Registration, 2-3pm, briefing, 3:15pm. More info' <mailto:marathon@canoewa.asn.au>marathon@canoewa.asn.au

Single surf ski
for beginner wanting to paddle for fun and fitness only, river and estuary use, to suit female 5'9". Contact Julie on 0411 250 681
Two reasonable paddles around $50 ea.To suit K2 Can be old, carbon or fiberglass
Contact Robin 0415198259
Endorfinn with adjustable legs suitable for paddling in Avon Descent. My contact details are <mailto:clare.wood@environment.wa.gov.au>clare.wood@environment.wa.gov.au or 0413 766 076.

Week 4/February
Bridge to Bridge, Bunbury

This 14km paddle event on the lower Collie River was scheduled for 12th March but has been cancelled for this year - Robyn Harris and Barb Fitzgerald.

Antarctic Adventure
Three brave souls from NSW (they don't mind the cold) are planning a dangerous but fascinating thousand kilometre journey down the coast of Antarctica. Check it out here: http://www.andrewmcauley.com/antarctica.html
(Sent in by Kayanu kayaks, Qld., one of the sponsors: http://www.kayanu.com.au/)

More Adventure on the High Seas
Here's an account of a sea kayak trip from New Caledonia to Australia by two young guys in a double plastic.
<http://www.ausseakayak.com.au/Staff%20trips.asp>http://www.ausseakayak.com.au/Staff%20trips.asp (Our thanks to Andrew Linton who sent this in.)

White Water Thrills in Canada
Our state canoeing association president, John Mulcahy, is in Canada and sends news of one remarkable rapid he visited. There's some pics as well: http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/mulchniag.html

En Route to Rotto
Paddler, Pete Fitzgerald, became the skipper for the Little Grove Mermaids swim team in the Rotto swim last weekend. His tale of a challenging crossing (for swimmers, paddler and escort boat) is here: http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/fitzeeplansof.html

Sunday's Swan River Cleanup - from Penny Bates
"We had 26 volunteers turn up and apologies from many who were unavailable on the day. The day was cool and the river running, we thought that paddling might just be a viable alternative to the task at hand!

However, you can't keep a good volunteer down and the job was soon completed in record time. 45 bags of rubbish were collected at Upper Swan Bridge and Bell's Rapid car park in 1.5 hours-the fastest clean up in the west.

Don Colleran won the prize of a tee shirt for being the first to fill two bags with rubbish. He also received the re-cycling award because he found a home for some old nails which are highly prized by a local artist. The rubbish collected consisted of glass, plastic, food wrappers, gaffa tape, old tyres, wood, a plastic chair and a baby seat (luckily, no baby). I would like to convey my personal thanks to those who helped out on the day-it is people like you who make things happen in our world and this makes paddling an even more enjoyable activity. Heartfelt thanks, The Wild Water Committee"

PS. I also found the bottom half of a fishing rod (donated to the D. Tupling Charity for Fleabitten Fisherfolk), a large wine glass full of red wine, a very old sleeping bag and a dead kangaroo - at Bell's - Robyn

Legs and Paddles 2006
Saturday, 11th March 2006, 0800-1100 am, UWA Watersports Complex, Hackett Drive, Crawley

Run by UWA Outdoor Club, Matilda Bay and environs. The course kicks off with a 1.5-5.0km km paddle on Swan River and then moves to a 3.5-5.0km trail run along the foreshore, ending at the new UWA Watersports Complex. Suitable for all level of paddlers. Solo classes (including Novice Challenge) and Team Challenge. Collect entry forms from UWA Recreation Centre or go to website where there's also more info' <http://www.outdoorclub.com.au>www.outdoorclub.com.au .

Freo-to-Rotto Big Splash
Saturday, 25th March, from Leighton Beach, Fremantle

In addition to the regular paddle divisions Blake Dawson Waldron have come on board and opened a Corporate Cup category. Entry forms and more info' are available at: <http://www.freotorottobigsplash.com.au/>www.freotorottobigsplash.com.au

Funds raised support local charities and sporting organisations such as Fremantle Surf Lifesaving, Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue Group, Westcare and more.

If you have any questions please give John a call 9361 8917 or email <mailto:vicparkp@bigpond.net.au>vicparkp@bigpond.net.au.

"The Freo-to-Rotto Big Splash will be a part of the Fremantle Festival of Sport. The Fremantle Festival of Sport is a celebration of the end of the summer sporting calendar and is bringing together various sporting organisations. It will involve: Freo-to-Rotto Big Splash, Skilled Corporate Triathlon and TRI-IT Triathlon Relay, Cycling WA's Men and Women's State Criterium Championships, Speed Skate Exhibition, City of Fremantle Marine Mile and WA Water Polo League matches."

Health Solutions Mandurah Island Challenge
Sunday, 26th March

This event will bring together elite athletes along with corporate, community and family teams to enjoy a great morning of healthy exercise (swimming/paddling/running/walking).
The Paddling Races - choose your distance:
1. 29 km circumnavigation
of Hall's Head Island will start at 8am from the western foreshore, then out the Murray River mouth, along the coast, into the Dawesville Channel and across the estuary back to the western foreshore. Island paddle subject to suitable craft - skis & kayaks with bulkheads or airbags.
2. Half paddle from the car park at Estuary Rd (estuary side of the Dawesville marina ) commencing at 9.15am, approx 14km
3. 4 km paddle from western foreshore up to the Bypass bridge and around and back to the start - suitable for any paddle craft, all ages and school teams welcome.
Web site http://www.mandurahislandchallenge.com has entry forms and lots more info'.

Canoe/kayak supports
- must be adjustable and complete. I have a Hyundai Terraccan 4x4 so all 4 supports need to be adjusted to fit the standard roof rails that came with the vehicle. Please email Adam at <mailto:thebigadski@hotmail.com>thebigadski@hotmail.com.

For Sale
Fenn Mako Millennium,
Molokai ski (21' by 17"), Grey with red nose. Fibreglass. VGC. $1100. Contact Antony 0439 933 344 or <mailto:antonym@hgau.com.au>antonym@hgau.com.au

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