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Week 2 /January
On Whaling - from Peter Fitzgerald

" I am horrified by the callous activities of the Japanese slaughtering whales in the Antarctic. There is very little that I can do, but I have researched a site, "Sea Shepherd", and I am going to donate money to them on a regular basis. I don't quite know how you are on the slaughter of whales, but I am mightily agin it. Please have a look at the site and make up your own mind. If you are sympathetic to Sea Shepherd, please pass this on: http://www.seashepherd.org/

Guildford Tides Updated
Go <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/tideindex.html>here to check out the incoming/outgoing tides for the Swan River at Guildford (Woodbridge) for 2006. It's also accessible from "Tides" on the front page of the website.

Please Come . . . Quiz Night/Auction
Friday, 3rd February,
Sorrento Life Saving Club. Start time 0730. The WA Sprint Kayak Squad are again off to Penrith on the 5th March to the national championships. Monies raised at the quiz night are going towards junior team boat transportation which will be in the vicinity of $6000.00. Make up tables of 6 or 8 or whatever you like! Lots of great prizes for everyone, great auction items too. Tickets are $10.00 each, bar facilities, but bring your own pickies.
- Janice Linardi

New to the Canoeing Calendar - Twilight Down River Races - from Terry Bolland
Starts this Thursday, 12th January. There will be one practise run around the course of buoys and pylons, one individual run and one team event. The team event will be in teams of two. Two male, two females or mixed. Points will be awarded and added up from the 3 races. Trophies and prizes will be awarded by Canoeing Down Under to the winners.

12th Jan. Race 1: Claughton Reserve, Katanning Street, Bayswater. 6:15pm.
19th Jan. Race 2: Ascot kayak Club, Garvey Park, Redcliffe. 6:15pm.
2nd Feb. Race 3: Point Reserve, North Road. Bassendean. 6:15pm.
Cost: $5.00 per race.

Have you paddled the Cape to Cape? - John Leyendekker
Am looking to contact any folk that have paddled the Cape to Cape...so that we might have a chat re same <mailto:dekkedout@iprimus.com.au>dekkedout@iprimus.com.au

Marathon Racing Series, 2005-06
It's well under way with Race 3, The Canning Ascent" on this Sunday afternoon, 15th January. Registration is from 2-3pm at rowing club car park at Canning Bridge.

Murray River, Victoria, Marathon
Results are here: http://www.redcross.org.au/vic/murraymarathon_results.htm
Well done to the West Oz contingent which consisted of Antony Mee, AKC (1st in class, 9th overall, K1) and Cindy McDonald (TK1, 2nd in class) and Anna Slocombe (TK2 - half marathon, 1st in class). There's about 80 classes in this mega-event - how's that for some organising!

More on "Bass Strait Crossing", from last "Paddling News"
I wrote that I thought Andrew Linton was the first West Ozzie to paddle across Bass Strait, but he says, " five members of the Special Air Service based in Swanbourne, plus one civilian, crossed in December 1994. Of course, they weren't all born and bred West Aussies . . ! " Gerry Thomas, also of WA, accompanied Andrew and the others on the 1998 crossing.

Sea Leaders' and Instructors' Courses - from Les Allen
Sea Leaders' course starts 11th February. Instructors' course will start straight after the sea leaders (sea leader pre-requisite). Both courses are free for Australian Canoeing affiliated club members, with a small charge for training manuals and award scheme certificates. This is to help any club that wants trained leaders. Private and commercial individuals will pay commercial rates. Please contact Les after 28th January when he returns from Bass Strait.

are needed to look after a small dog and cat in a central Freo house for weekends and longer term in 2006 while the owners are away on paddling adventures. If you'd like a sea change or know someone interested please contact Maggie 0408 677 420 or <mailto:maggieo@bigblue.net.au>maggieo@bigblue.net.au

PFD, yellow Trek
. Left behind at Sandy Beach, Bassendean 31/12/05. Please phone Adrian 9249 8682 or <mailto:quickas@arach.net.au>quickas@arach.net.au
Vivitar Digital Camera lost at Chowder Bay, Sydney, on 1st Jan 2006, Sunday. If found, please phone Rupali 0404 955 414.

Spirit single racing ski,
plastic with white water rudder for Avon. Contact Pia on 0433 104 805 or <pblake@pprwa.com.au>pblake@pprwa.com.au
Wildwater (DRR) K1 boat,  plastic or glass Contact Kevin  <mailto:kpetrone@plants.uwa.edu.au>kpetrone@plants.uwa.edu.au 9284-3328
Double Sit On Top Kayak / Ski to suit Avon <$1000. Contact Jaime 0417991470, <mailto:jaime@lei.org.au>jaime@lei.org.au
Second hand canae / kayak for beginner recreational purposes. Allan Bruse - <mailto:abruse@optusnet.com.au>abruse@optusnet.com.au

Paddling News Extra, Week 2 /January
To all white water paddlers!
From Marty Moose:

"13/01/06, 12.50pm the wooden gauge at Walyunga was reading 0.5m. Looks like it's rising as well
:) I love cyclones now."

Big rains right through the wheat belt should see a mega Avon this weekend, though not as high as January, 2000, (Walyunga was 2m then and was high for about 3 weeks!).

From Department of Water (formerly Water and Rivers Commission):
" Currently the North Mortlock is 2.5m deep (equal highest on record) and rising quickly (60m3/s).  It was the first to get rainfall, but the others should also rise significantly during today. . .  

The Avon is the catchment that will be watching closely during today and its peak could reach Perth on Sunday.  When the river peaks at Northam and Toodyay, we will have better information . . ."
(sent in by Joel Ferguson)

Thanks for keeping us up to date, guys.

Keep your eye on the gauges at Department of Water website
At 13:45 Toodyay was around 11m which is about 0.8m in the ti-trees, according to last year's figures.

Happy Paddling!

Week 3 /January
Australian Schools Championships: Slalom and Wildwater
- Margaret Jeffery
280 competitors, 3 from WA. Some results follow:-
Boys K1 15yrs: Josh Kippin, 1st; Jonathon Rumford, 4th
Boys K1 12yrs: Sebby Ewing, 1st
Boys K1 15yrs: Josh Kippin, 1st; Jonathon Rumford, 10th
Boys K1 12yrs: Sebby Ewing, 1st
Full Results are here:
or try this : http://www.tas.canoe.org.au

Danger at Collie - lower
There's a new log down right across the river. Could prove dangerous at certain water levels. You are strongly advised to scout this rapid first to see if you can paddle round it or not. It is located at the messy rapid which is shortly after the rapid with the unmistakeable big flat rock on river left (This rapid has two routes down and has a good playwave. Ann C. calls it the 'afternoon tea' rapid). It is the next rapid that is 'messy' - starts off with a sharp right, then a sharp left which is rocky, etc, etc. It is immediately after the sharp left that you will see the tree fallen over the river, but not till you're on top of it. Thanks to Colin Priest for letting us know.

Robin Bell
All will have heard or read by now of this thrilling news: Robin Bell was awarded the WA Sports Person of the Year award, shared with footballer, Ben Cousins. Congratulations to Robin from all and to the proud mum, Cheryll and dad, John. For those who are new to canoeing Robin started as a youngster at Swan Canoe Club and has gone from strength to strength, culminating (so far) in 2005's World Cup series win.

Murray River Marathon
Find out what it takes to do this gruelling event in this tale of the most recent Marathon, with a few pics and a few laughs. (Ever had a pair of plyers in your tyre? -not funny till afterwards, I suppose!) Go <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/MurrayRiverMara06.pdf>here to read and see some pics -pdf file.

The Avon in Flood
The rain that ex-cyclone Clare dumped on the wheat belt found its way into the Avon, with a sudden rise on Friday, 13th. At this level forget any routes you know through the ti-trees as all the familiar channels are under water and you just have to . . . follow your nose? The gauge on Saturday at the start of what is normally Long Pool was under water, so that means the level was over 2m. Many of the valley rapids are washed out at this level, but not Syd's! It seems Walyunga got to 1.7m before dropping. Thanks to all those who sent in the Walyunga level.

Mainpeak Summer Dash
Sunday, 5th February
. 12km long course and 7km short course. Starts Point Walter and finishes Matilda Bay. Registration 7am. Organised by Canoeing WA. Entry forms available at Mainpeak or from the organisers. More info' http://www.wa.canoe.org.au or 9285 8501.

Mainpeak Paddling Events - 9284-3759
FREE -Paddle Craft, Paddles and Accessories Workshop - 23rd January, Osborne Park
FREE - Lecture: Maritime Rules Awareness Workshop - 21st February, Cottesloe
Rolling Classes
Numbers are strictly limited to 4 people per session only, so be quick. Retail Price: $55.00
Monday, 16 January 2006, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Monday, 30 January 2006, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Murray River to Peel Inlet Social Paddle
Retail Price: $35.00, Members Price: 25.00. Sunday, 22nd January, 9:30am and Sunday, 26th March, 9:30 am.

Sprint Fundraising Quiz Night/Auction - Janice Linardi
Friday, 3rd February,
Sorrento Life Saving Club. Start time 0730. Tickets can be bought on the night or by contacting myself 9478 9969 or Robyn Bailey 9440 6968 to book a table or so.

Finn Endorfinn
suitable for Avon
Also need x-large cag, helmet and PFD email <mailto:lingaa@myway.com>lingaa@myway.com phone 0413 523 809

Week 4/January
The New Sprint/Rowing Course - from Lindsay Wylund, Canoeing Western Australia

16th January: "Pumps will be turned off tomorrow. The lake is full." Take a look at the <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/images/sprintlake.jpeg>aerial pic, of this new paddling facility, courtesy of Armadale Redevelopment Authority.

More on The Collie Log
The Senior Ranger at Collie, Peter Morris, is aware of the problem log: "I had a look around that area yesterday, think I found log but vision from the bank is very limited and access tricky. If we were to do anything looks like we may have to raft gear in. So may not happen for a while, if at all, as health and safety for our guys is a major consideration. I will continue to review our options. I'll keep you informed."
So, Collie paddlers, take care, the log is still there.

More from Cyclone Clare
Word has been out for a week or so that the Murchison Gorge near Kalbarri is in flood - exciting paddling for those with excellent skills in short plastic. The river peaked on Saturday, 21st, at over four metres above 'no flow' at Emu Springs, the eastern end of the park. They're saying that the river was washed out a bit at that level. The high water is expected to last for a week or two more. Here's a pic from Chris Lockwood - "one of the holes we had to avoid". The happy paddler is Steve Myers, Chris's paddling mate for the trip. The river was at a lower level then - does not look too washed out to me! (Thursday/Friday). There's another pic of a flat section of river <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/murch06pics.html>here, from Andy Sorenson of Finn Kayaks. 

Tom Suffling and co. of <http://www.rivergods.com.au/>Rivergods are planning to go up this weekend (kayaking). Tom is happy to help out with gear transportation whilst up there or any info' or advice you may want. "There may or may not be rafting trips, later," he says. (Depends on the water). He says to watch out for the rapid at Four Ways, and Killer Fang Falls, which is below Z-bend, before Four Ways. Scout first. Or portage.

Here's <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/murch.html>a story of a paddling trip in 1995 after cyclone "Bobby" went through and <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/murch95raft.html>some pics. According to my notes the river reached 7m in that flood! (Most of the white water paddlers in Perth went up for that - rafting and/or paddling - a fantastic trip.)

Not up to the big white water section? (from Ross Graham Lookout, through the Z-bend to Four Ways) The trip around The Loop is easy enough, mostly flat water with a long but gentle rapid on the downstream side. No car shuffle is needed for that trip.

Be warned, though, whatever paddling you do there you have to climb down the gorge with your boat and all your gear! And then up again, afterwards!

Sprint Grand Prix - Ramon Anderson
"Athens Olympian Lisa Oldenhof (Hilton) blitzed the field to win by 3 seconds in the LK1 500m final by recording her first ever K1 win at this level in the first Grand Prix of the season in Nagambie, Victoria in windy cross head winds which strongly favoured the inside three lanes. WAIS athletes have won many races over the years in crews boats and in the non Olympic K1 events but this was the first time a WAIS athlete has been able to win a K1 event in an Olympic event at either a Grand Prix or National Championship." There's heaps more news on this event - <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/locpad.html>go here.

Paddle, Aqua Bound
AMT Ryde lost in the murk at Bell's, Thursday evening, 19th Jan '06. Black shaft with white blades. One pair Westsuit booties. If found please contact Nobby Clark <mailto:alan.clark@defence.gov.au>alan.clark@defence.gov.au or 0429 990 056

Swan Canoe Club's Friday Night Paddle Bash
Starts again 3/2/06 at the Swan Canoe Club next to Mead's in Mosman Bay.Start times are:
Short plastic < 4.5M      6.10 pm
Long Plastic > 4.5M      6.15 pm
Composites          6.20 pm
Series 1 goes up to Easter and then series 2 up to the Avon Descent. More info' <mailto:pasmith@iinet.net.au>pasmith@iinet.net.au

A Lot of Loot
Last year's winners of the Friday Night Paddle Bash series ($500 Mainpeak gift vouchers) were:
Short plastic < 4.5M - Laura Cunningham
Long Plastic > 4.5M  - Rob Wallace
Composites - Craig Woodhead

Fund raising for Prevention of Youth Suicide and Self Harm - Dave Hutson (cycles as well as paddles)
Budget Car & Truck Rental are sponsoring "Team Budget" in the Ride For Youth - Charity Ride and yes, Team Budget will be putting a bicycle seat where their wallets normally are and will be doing the ride from Albany to Perth (700kms) in April 2006.

Last year with generous support Team Budget raised in excess of $35,000. The whole event raised $400,000 which all went toward the very good work that Youth Focus does for the prevention of youth suicide and self harm in our community.

We hope we can count on your support via a sponsorship donation or by supporting our fund raising, tax deductible, no matter how big or small. Email Hutto, <mailto:hutto64@iprimus.com.au>hutto64@iprimus.com.au for a pledge form.

Bass Strait Crossing
In case you're wondering I hear that Les Allen and fellow paddlers safely reached the mainland of Tasmania about a week ago. 

From Mike Wood
Many of you will not know that Mike Wood, Mountain Designs, has an illustrious paddling background and has been Swan Canoe Club President. Of the Bass Strait challengers of '94 he says, "I knew some of the SAS guys who crossed Bass Strait in '94, Dusty Miller was one of them and I think another was Stuart Davies and maybe Jim Truscott - he certainly did Torres Strait. The civilian was the guy who brought the first Pittarak to WA, Graeme Albrey."

Canoeing Down Under - 9378 1333
Avon Descent Information Night

Monday, 30th January at the shop, 144 Railway Parade, Bassendean, 7.30pm. $5.00 to the Canoeing Down Under Junior Fund: an over view of what the Avon Descent entails from the equipment required to the event itself. Booking is essential.
2006 Avon Skills Training Course
Tuesdays for six weeks, starting 7th February. Tell your friends and colleagues who may be thinking of doing the Descent. It really is of benefit to all novice paddlers or even those just wanting to brush up on their skills. 5.45 p.m. - 7.15 p.m. $160.00. Register your name soon as numbers are limited!

Mainpeak Paddlesports Paddling Events
Island Life - Thursday, 2nd February, 6.00am @ Osborne Park

The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park is a kayaking paradise for all levels. Martin Chambers, the author of the book 'Island Life' will share his passion and knowledge of Penguin Island and the surrounding area. FREE <http://www.mainpeak.com.au/eventDetails.aspx?eventID=13902>More Info.
Penguin Island Social Paddle - Sunday, 12th February, 9.00am
Pack your Lunch and snorkeling gear and come and enjoy a great day with the Crew as we conduct our own Shoalwater Bay Marine Park Paddle. <http://www.mainpeak.com.au/eventDetails.aspx?eventID=13145>More Info. Please call Mainpeak PaddleSports 9284-3759 to book.

- DR kayak, in reasonable condition, Patrick, email <mailto:piarctex@iinet.net.au>piarctex@iinet.net.au , Ph 9250 3353
- Multisport single kayak  - Grafton or similar. Contact Terry on 0438 221 814, <mailto:TGillespie@Westnet.com.au>TGillespie@Westnet.com.au
- Double Kevlar Arrow (Preferably 2nd or 3rd series) for Avon. Must be in good nick and preferably with seats, working rudder etc. Matt  <mailto:kirbym@ststephens.wa.edu.au>kirbym@ststephens.wa.edu.au  or 9448 4603.

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