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Week 4 /July
What's New in the Ti-trees?

The first half of the trees, up to Lovers' Lane and Jimperding Brook confluence with the Avon seemed much the same to me. However, the second half has more old dead trees down across the main channels - no doubt due to the summer floods. My run through on Wednesday, 26th July, was at 0.3m in the trees and <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/locpad.html>the notes here refer to that water level - almost too low to be paddling! - Robyn

Avon Descent Reminders
Be sure to have your name and contact no. on all gear (especially paddles!). Sometimes even cameras are left behind by support crew.

Police enforce speed limits during the Avon weekend, to and from Northam and Toodyay and just outside the towns, so don't be running late! The parking restrictions for spectators are also diligently policed.

You don't need reminding to have a safe and a great paddling weekend!

Avon Training
You must book beforehand with these course and assessment providers.
Canoeing Down Under - 9378 1333 or  <mailto:terry@canoeingdownunder.com.au>terry@canoeingdownunder.com.au
Assessments for white water competency will take place Friday morning (tomorrow). Other weekdays can be arranged. White water courses will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Due to little rain falling in the upper reaches these courses will be conducted around Syd's, Walyunga, Bell's region. Assessments will also be conducted as part of courses. Courses will be full day. Full details and location will be confirmed when we know the height of the river.
Mainpeak Paddlesports -9284 3759 or  <mailto:ty@mainpeak.com.au>ty@mainpeak.com.au
Paddle competency tests at Bell's Rapid - Saturday, 29th July, 9am and 11am
Day One Ti-trees - Sunday, 30th July, 12 midday at Posselt's Ford
Walyunga to Bell's - Friday & Saturday, 28th & 29th July, morning and afternoon
Posselt's Ford to Stronghill's - Wednesday, 2nd August
Stronghill's to Bell's Rapid - Monday, 31st July & Tuesday, 1st August
Casual Training - Monday, 31st July, 5:45pm, Freshwater Bay

White Water Antics in the Wild West - Stuart Midgley
If you're keen on white water antics in playboats read on:
"<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/locpad.html>Here are the 3 chapters from a DVD - Wild Water West - that Hamish and Hew put together after a fantastic summer of paddling here in the West . . . the full DVD is available on request." The lower Murray, the Murchison in flood and Bell's Rapid are all featured. Contact Stuart Midgley <mailto:stuart.midgley@ivec.org>stuart.midgley@ivec.org

There's a couple of great pics showing the size of the rapids in the Murchison when in flood <http://www.doubleyouess.com/currentNews.php?news_id=136>here.

Wanted: to loan/rent - Adam Fahey
I'm just wondering if any kind person out there has any access to a surf ski (fibreglass) that I can loan/rent in September for the Dunsborough adventure race. I currently own a plastic endorfinn (willing to swap for the month) and would love to be able to paddle something a little easier (faster!!) on race day! - I just can't justify to the boss the extra coin to go out & buy one!! The only problem is I'm 6'4" so I'll need an adjustable foot rest or one that is suited to the long legs! EVEN a sponsored craft would be highly appreciated....hint hint!!! Anyone that can help please phone Adam on 0438875497, or email me to <mailto:adamfahey@e-wire.net.au>adamfahey@e-wire.net.au

Paddling Problem
"I have been paddling for a couple of years now but in particular this last 12 months i have been troubled by a problem whereby my legs go numb after about 20 mins and then progressively get worse and very painful to a point where I have to stop paddling. I am told that it is to do with my sciatic nerve which runs down near both backside bones and that if I can relieve pressure on this point I should be able to overcome it . . . 
I was wondering whether any other paddlers have experienced the same problem and how they have overcome it or could point me in the direction of someone who might be able to help. 
I am becoming desperate,
I am happy to be contacted by email on <mailto:frank.patterson@health.wa.gov.au>frank.patterson@health.wa.gov.au or telephone w 9489 6188, h 9249 4552."

Would the vendor of "M6 multi sport kayak $1,600, 6.0m " brand new, $1,000 below asking price" etc etc." please contact Mike if the boat is still for sale. <mailto:Mike.Cramb@BHPBilliton.com>Mike.Cramb@BHPBilliton.com
Double racing surf ski for sale or hire (at Anaconda Lorne event in December). Please email <mailto:jennykromar@yahoo.com.au>jennykromar@yahoo.com.au

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