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Week 1 /June
W.A. Plastic Challenge
Ascot Kayak Club, Sunday, 4th June

Here's a fun and friendly time for all plastic paddlers!
- The race is TWO laps from AKC to the old Olive Farm spit post and return.
- Relay (i.e. 1 lap each) for newcomers to canoeing is also available.
- Food and drinks on sale after the race.
PLEASE register your interest by phoning Grant on 9477 3888, prior to the event as trophies can only be awarded to classes constitued by Friday 3rd June. Entry fee: Non-members $10.00 Club-members $5.00
Short Plastic, Long Plastic, Female and Veterans classes.
Spot prizes from club sponsor CANOEING DOWN UNDER.
Trophies for all placegetters in constituted classes.
There will also be some double kayaks racing on the day (State Canoe Marathon Champs, see below) so there will be plenty of action to see once off the water. All enquiries to Grant 9477 3888 or <mailto:grant@alarmswa.com.au>grant@alarmswa.com.au

State Canoe Marathon Titles
Saturday and Sunday, 3rd & 4th June : 30km/20km/10km, depending on class.
To be held at Ascot Kayak Club.
"As well as the normal ICF and AC recognised classes of K1, K2 & TK1 we will be running a Guppy class, Recreational classes, Surf Spec Skis and Craft longer than 5.2 metres (Molokai skis and Multi-sport K1 ) classes. In addition thre will be a schools' event. Entries were due last Friday, 26th May. More info' <mailto:petermartin1953@aapt.net.au>petermartin1953@aapt.net.au

Slalom Winter Racing Calendar
Race 1 was held on 14th May. 
Race 2, 11th June, Walyunga
Race 3, 2nd July, Walyunga
Race 4, 23rd July,
Race 5, 13th August, State Champs
Race 6, 10th September, Schools' Championship. In addition, there will be a new race, the Brevis Choate Memorial Trophy, a veterans' race, at the same time.
Training for adults will be available this year, June 10 & 25, July 8. Contact Elaine Lennox, <mailto:elaine.colin@bigpond.com>elaine.colin@bigpond.com
There's other slalom events as well - regular training sessions, river trips, Bridgetown camp and more. More calendar info' available <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>here.

Collie Marathon Relay, Saturday, 14th October
27km road cycle, 15km (optional) horse leg, 10km canoe, 1km swim, 25km mountain bike and 10km run. It's based in the scenic Collie area. Organise your teams and start training now! Entry forms are available by emailing Marty <mailto:mart@geo.net.au>mart@geo.net.au  Organised by Collie Rotary, sponsored by Mainpeak Paddle Sports.

Avon Switwater Unit Training
Sunday 11th June 8.30am - 12.30pm Bells rapid, Avon River, Brigadoon.
This is the second of our half day Avon Descent rescue training sessions and we are looking for new volunteers interested in beginners land based (ie dry) rescue training and also those more adventurous wanting to train as a rescue swimmer. Covered in the morning will be such topics as correct throwbag technique, stretcher and casualty management, swiftwater hydrology and theory, knots and mechanical advantage rope systems. All volunteers must be available to help out on Avon Descent weekend 4-6th August. For more information please contact Bryan Lee on <mailto:bilee@iinet.net.au>bilee@iinet.net.au or 0400 622 429.

Getting in Early!
"I am planning to do the Rottnest Channel Swim next year, February 17, 2007. I live in Broken Hill (Far West NSW) and I was hoping I may be able to attract a paddler from Perth to help me cross the Channel and hopefully have an enjoyable challenge themselves! I would be really glad to hear from any potential Perth paddlers, expecially if they have experience in open seas or at Rottnest. People interested can either email me at <mailto:tfergusson@pcycnsw.org.au>tfergusson@pcycnsw.org.au or call 0421 615 846." - Todd Ferguson

Another Euro Update from Ben Maynard, DR Paddler
Ben, from Victoria, is in Europe as Australian representative for World Championship and World Cup Wild Water (aka. DR= down river) races. Arriving on the "weekend on the Salza river in Austria, me and Dan bombed down for a recce run, straight through the big hole on the slalom course thanks, must have looked like spuds to all the rafters and playboaters camping next to the slalom course, but there was nothing to worry about after that.

The Salza offers 60 km of whitewater and fast moving water with a road following it. This meant that we did not have to do multiple runs per session; we could do a warm up, session and warm down all in the one 50, 60, 70 min run. Very big waves and very fast flowing and deep, but no rocks, and of course it rained the whole time, so the river was really high on saturday and got a bit bigger and bouncier. The waves were steeper when the level dropped slightly on Sunday and Monday."

Am "really enjoying the paddling variety - six different rivers so far for me this trip, halfway through the last four day block of training now, after that the rest days increase between the trainings to allow for travel and taper and things like that - bring it on!"

"I am looking for a kayak similar to the Perception Lucid to use in rapids, or surfing. Daryl Fowler, <mailto:dfowler@argo.net.au>dfowler@argo.net.au"
Double sea/touring sit in kayak eg: Crosswind. In good condition. Plse phone Monique 9457 7262

Avon Descent Teams
If you're looking to join a team of two or four or if you need another paddler to make up a team <mailto:rokhor@iinet.net.au>email here to register your interest.

Week 2 /June
Canoe and Crayfish Festival - Kalbarri, Long Weekend
Here's a <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>new pic on the front page - of this inaugural event - a most exciting and fun weekend in the perfect conditions that Kalbarri turned on for the visitors. There were fun races, serious races (teams and individuals) with great prizes, come 'n try canoeing and canoe polo demonstration matches as you see in the front page pic. Plus - heaps to eat (lotsa crayfish), music to dance the night away and entertainment for the kids.

Kalbarri High School now has six paddle craft and a group keen to give it a go. One of the locals, Allison Duke, an experienced Perth canoeist from way back (yes, the sister of Alwyn, well known Finn Kayaks entrepreneur) is their canoeing instructor. Organised by the Kalbarri Visitor Centre and El Bennett, with paddling events created and organised by the canoeing association's Lindsay Wilund. 

There's always more to see and do in Kalbarri (when not paddling!). Perth Canoe Polo Club took part in a late afternoon launch tour out through the surf and south along the spectacular sandstone cliffs. Even the local dolphins put on a dazzling display to escort them home.

State Marathon Champs & W.A. Plastic Challenge
"Wrap-up" and results are <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>here.

Slalom Winter Racing Series, Race 2 - Margaret Jeffery
Sunday 11th June.
Rain dances to date have done no good so please come along to Hester Park for the race.  Registration 8.30-9.30am, briefing 10am, first runs start 10.30am. Entry fees - $10 adults kayak club members; $15 adults non-kayak club members; $5 juniors under 18 (kayak club members); $10 juniors non-kayak club members. Pre-race coaching will be available for those who are eligible. Under 14's are entitled to a practice run. Course design will be by Josh Kippin.
If you will be racing please email your details to me: <mailto:artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au .
Also, can all paddlers please bring a friend to help as a gate judge, time-keeper, start official, finish judge, compiler, radio operator etc. It's fun (yes, really) and oh, so easy. 
Bring a picnic or BBQ and enjoy a sunny slalom race on the banks of the Canning River!

Robin Bell Letter Home
WA's most famous paddling export (World Champion C1 Slalom) is currently taking part in World Cup races in Europe. Read his summary of events so far <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/robinbellwc06.html>here. As more letters come in I will post them on the website at that address.  Read more about Robin <http://www.robinbell.canoe.org.au>here.

Fundraising for Perth Canoe Polo Club
"As a fundraiser for the club this year I am selling the Perth Entertainment book, full of discount vouchers for restaurants,accommodation and attractions. They are $60 which is soon repaid once you start using the book.
Anyone who wants one please contact Ian Plummer, 9402 7637 or  <mailto:iantrish@westnet.com.au>iantrish@westnet.com.au "

Canoeing Down Under - Avon Paddlers' Info'
Both these events will start 7.30pm, and will be within the next 2-4 weeeks - exact dates to be announced, $5.00 donation to the junior fund. Please phone 9378 1333 to register your interest -numbers are needed to arrange suitable venues.
Video/Whitewater Briefing
To be held within the next 2 weeks: explanation of the dynamics of white water and paddling skills - diagrams and video footage, the Avon in high and low years
Support Crew Briefing
To be held within the next 4 weeks. This is to help your support crew know what is expected of them, what to carry, where to stand and lots of other snippets of infornmation they will be dying to know.

After it starts to rain (it will!) contact Terry or Alaine to find out when white water sessions and assessments will start, 9378 1333.

Canada Bound
The next "Paddling News" will be the last one for five weeks as I am off to Canada- yes, for some paddling (Vancouver Island) some cycling and walking in the Rockies and catching up with some friends. I won't have access to the website so you'll have to wait to buy/sell gear until after Avon Descent scrutineering when I return. 

Paddy Burke, from AKC, has agreed to look after the Walyunga and Toodyay ti-trees water level page, as well as the "Lost and Found" page, so keep emailing that info', as usual. I will have an "auto-responder" at my address to direct you to Paddy's email address. All the best for the Avon training,
Cheers, Robyn

Wave ski
- Old stable wave ski for paddling short distance on river to boat mooring (Perth). <$100. Contact Bryan 0409 113 539 or  <mailto:waveski@boyaconsulting.com.au>waveski@boyaconsulting.com.au
Anas Acuta sea kayak, pls ph Kelvin 0427349483 or email <mailto:mujakelvin@yahoo.com.au>mujakelvin@yahoo.com.au
2 x sit on top doubles , Malibu two, Malibu XL or Wilderness Systems Tarpon. Email Terry <>adler@iinet.net.au

For Sale
Double Kayak
- Fanfare - kevlar hull, high volume deck. Perfect Avon boat - never used in whitewater. Once paddled by Graham Henry Lawson. Must sell $2000 ono phone Todd 0409 084 376

Week 3 /June
Northam - Toodyay Race
Sunday, 9th July

Registration and scrutineering from 7:00am - Late entries close 7:30am
Briefing 8:30am - Race starts 9:00am
Registration and start area is Broome Tce Northam with start line 500m above the Northam Weir. Finish Line is just before Toodyay Bridge on left side of river. Paddlers are responsible for organising their own transport to the start and from finish line. Open to all paddlers and suitable paddle craft. There will be grids of twenty for the start leaving at 30sec intervals.

Major prize sponsored by Turner Engineering - 1.5HP Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning unit to be given out as spot prize, plus other spot prizes and prizes for winners and place getters of each category.

Please note we will use Avon race numbers on helmets as our race numbers so please enter number on the entry form. Numbers will be issued to those without Avon numbers.

Enter either online - log onto http://www.registernow.com.au/sports/Register.aspx?EventID=231
or email Nicole or Bull for an email version:<mailto:%20bullorton@msn.com.au> bullorton@msn.com.au. Postal address for return of hard copy entry form is on the form.

"Devil Paddlers" and A Bass Strait Crossing, 2006
Les Allen's Bass Strait story is now online <http://www.wozwebs.net/westcoastkayaks/stories.html>www.wozwebs.net/westcoastkayaks/stories.html .

Sea Paddling Training
Due to demand West Coast Kayaks is continuing training through winter. There will be training every second weekend for new sea paddlers. We will be going to different locations depending on the weather. The cost will be $20.00 for 3 hours between 9.00am and 12.00 on a Sunday morning. Please give Les a ring 0419 900 715 for location and dates.

Navigating Class
West Coast Kayaks will be doing a free training session on navigating from your kayak on Tuesday, 27th June. There will only be eight places so book early by contacting Les Allen on 0419 900 715. The training will cover all the content of SRO NAV 001A Navigate in tracked or easy untracked areas.

Walyunga Water Level -Diane Arnott
12th June:"Was out at Walyunga NP this weekend to have a look at Syd's (in case I decide to do the Great Avon Portage of 2006 :-) ) and the gauge at Walynuga Pool was approximately 0.13. Between the 0.1 and the 0.2 but closer to the 0.1!"

Do keep sending in the Walyunga and Toodyay ti-trees wooden gauge readings whilst I am away. Paddy Burke, AKC, will also look after 'Lost and Found' items. Either email him directly (<mailto:Patrick.burke@westnet.com.au>Patrick.burke@westnet.com.au) or, as usual, <mailto:rokhor@iinet.net.au>rokhor@iinet.net.au and the auto-responder will direct you to him - Robyn

To access info' about Walyunga water level and 'Lost and Found' just do so in <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>the usual way via the home page - on the relevant pages there's a link to the two pages Paddy has prepared on the AKC website or, alternately, <//www.ascot.canoe.org.au/default.asp?MenuID=Avon_Descent_2006/13257/10632>go here directly.

More on the Avon Water Level
Peter Ewing's<http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/watlevwalygr02.html> 'near real time' graphs for Walyunga are reliable for the Walyunga water level. Sufficient readings have been collected over the years to make the graph predictions accurate enough for our purposes. More readings are needed for the ti-trees, however, as the water level measuring post at Toodyay was moved last year, so previous years' correlations with the wooden post half way through the ti-trees are no longer relevant.

Will This Work?
Paddy Burke sends in this Navajo Indian rain chant:
Far as man can see,

Comes the rain,

Comes the rain with me.

From the Rain-Mount,

Rain-Mount far away,

Comes the rain,

Comes the rain with me . . .

(Email Paddy for the rest!)

Capricorn Kayak and Adventure Tours
Here's the dates of Ningaloo sea kayaking trips - five days of gentle sea kayaking, snorkelling, sunbathing along the amazing Ningaloo coral reef with a base camp in the Cape Range National Park.

Last minute special: July 10-14, 25% off.
August 28 - September 1, 2006
October 2-6, 2006
Need more time? Our 2007 departures are <http://www.capricornkayak.com.au/>online.
This trip is ex Exmouth

And More: Outward Bound Australia are celebrating 50 years in Australia. In Partnership with Capricorn Kayak and Adventure Tours they are running a Ningaloo Park Extension Course. It will run for seven days from August 13-19, 2006. It includes a walk across the Cape Range and a Cultural Awareness Training component with North West Cape Exmouth Aboriginal Corporation. For more information call Zoe Routh 02 6237 5158 or email <mailto:zoeh@outwardbound.com.au>zoeh@outwardbound.com.au

World Sea Kayaking Expeditons at CackleTV.com
Here's a website which is a database of major sea kayaking expeditions - like first attempts, major crossings and circumnavigations (eg., Australia, by Paul Caffyn). Other names you wil be familiar with are Derek Hutchinson and Andrew McAuley. There's lots more info' and heaps of links as well and interesting things for sale. One could spend hours here! http://www.cackletv.com/expdb/search.asp

Slalom Winter Series Results
If you'd like to see the results of the three races held so far email Margaret Jeffery, <mailto:artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au

Event Reminders
Wild Water Race #3 - Upper Swan Ti-trees Race -
Sunday, 18th June. Meet at Upper Swan Bridge. Registration: 8am - 8:30am. Ring Terry, 9378 1333, after Wednesday in case this race is cancelled due to lack of rain. Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.
Marathon #7:The Upper Swan Race - 25th June -27km from Upper Swan Bridge to Ascot Kayak Club. Keep in touch with <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>canoeing association website in case the start is changed due to low water! Registration: 7am - 7:45am at Upper Swan Bridge.

in good nick , to suit paddler + - 168 cm tall . Carbon or F/glass, around $100 . Please contact Jim 0416 241 759 . Please send text if no response and I'll get back to you, thanks .
Kayak cradle/holder to suit Rola roof racks. Email Chris <mailto:canitbe@cyllene.uwa.edu.au>canitbe@cyllene.uwa.edu.au or phone 0412-092-002

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