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Week 2 /March
Racing paddle
- Black - Split joined carbon glass shaft with carbon racing Knysma blades. It had Perth Kayak Centre stickers on it. Left on the river bank between boat ramp and Zephyr Café (old Leeuwin Chewin') in East Fremantle on Tuesday, 28th February, at about 6.15pm. If found, could you please contact the owner, Andrew Hayden, h 9339 5389 w 9246 4066 m 0400 096 963 asap. Reward offered.

If you need a lift . . .
for your boat to the National Marathon Championships in South Australia at Easter, some members of AKC have organised a trailer to take boats across (maybe you are flying over). Contact Peter Martin <mailto:peter_judy@myaccess.com.au>peter_judy@myaccess.com.au or 9277 4704 or 0427 004 035 if you're interested in getting a ride for your boat. It should be safer than having it loaded into the hold of a plane, and cheaper.

Paddling Workers Wanted
Rivergods Paddle Adventures
is looking for guides to run sea kayaking and/or rafting trips. Those interested can send a cv and references to Tom Suffling at <mailto:rivergods@iinet.net.au>rivergods@iinet.net.au

Rod Fry Race
Sunday, 19th March
, Rod Fry Race, from Swan Canoe Club to Stirling Bridge and return, 12km. Short course available. Meet at Swan Canoe Club, Johnson Parade, Mosman Park. Registration 7-8am. All paddling abilities welcome! Lotsa prizes! ($2000 worth!) Sausage sizzle, home made cakes and more. Barbecue facilities available. More info' Paul Smith 0419 191 166 or <mailto:pasmith@iinet.net.au>pasmith@iinet.net.au

A 'canoeing website' with no pics of canoes?!
Mal Gilbey writes: I was looking at the Piks and noticed none of 'canoes' to be found, so here you are, a few years old now, <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/yukonpics.html>these are a couple I took during the descent of the Bonnet Plume River in the Yukon Territories in 1997.

Severn Bore - four star - 1.6km surf - AWESOME
Here's <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/ewensevern2.html>a short tale from one of our well known local paddlers, Ewen MacGregor, paddling an 8/10 tidal bore on the Severn River, UK, even bigger than the last one he wrote of a few weeks back. There's some most interesting pics that go with the text. 8/10 is impressive!

Avon Swiftwater Unit (ASU) Rescue Training for the Avon Descent
The ASU is having its next swiftwater rescue training weekend at Collie on 11-12th March. This weekend will be more family orientated with fun activities planned in the afternoons and evening. Family fun activities include tubing, boogie boarding, or kayaking on the rapids or waterfall or Wellington Dam. Two half day beginner swiftwater training sessions will also be held on Saturday and Sunday mornings for those keen to learn new skills. If interested in attending please contact Bryan Lee on <mailto:bilee@iinet.net.au>bilee@iinet.net.au or 0400 622 429 preferably no later than the weekend before.
(PS. Canoeing Down Under has a (video?) film of rescue techniques for white water available though I have to say that nothing beats "real life" practice! - Robyn)

Avon Descent Information Night - Canoeing Down Under
Monday, 20th March, 7.30pm, at The Shop, 144 Railway Parade, Bassendean, $5.00 (to the Canoeing Down Under Junior Fund). Booking is essential: 9378 1333 Terry or Alaine.

Albany Canoe Club
As a result of the recent AGM Mike Palmer is the new Pres., Bruce Pope is the Treasurer again as is Daphne Cotton, Secretary. Newsletter Editor is Paul Robertson. They do some interesting social paddles (river and ocean) in that scenic part of WA. Paddling visitors are welcome to join in - you just need the appropriate gear and skills.

Events Coming Up
Saturday & Sunday, 10th & 11th March,
Avon Support Unit Collie training, see above or <mailto:bilee@iinet.net.au>bilee@iinet.net.au
Sunday, 11th March, Legs and Paddles Biathlon at UWA  <http://www.outdoorclub.com.au>www.outdoorclub.com.au Starts at Watersports Complex, 8am.
Sunday, 19th March, Rod Fry Race, from Swan Canoe Club to Stirling Bridge and return, 12km. Short course available. See above.
Saturday, 25th March, Freo-to-Rotto Big Splash from Leighton Beach, Fremantle <http://www.freotorottobigsplash.com.au/>www.freotorottobigsplash.com.au
Sunday, 26th March, Health Solutions Mandurah Island Challenge, 4km, 14km or 29km paddle races, http://www.mandurahislandchallenge.com

Yarra Descent, Victoria
This was scheduled for 25th-26th February weekend but postponed until November, 2006 - not enough water and not enough takers for the February date. This is a two day event in Victoria, similar to our Avon - for more info' and updates, etc, go here: http://www.vic.canoe.org.au/

Perception Wavehopper & spray deck
, contact Kevin 0401 103 039
Davenwood or Explorer 515 to suit two 100kg plus paddlers' Avon campaign, also one XXL PFD
email Paul <mailto:pabk@iprimus.com.au>pabk@iprimus.com.au
Scupper Pro or Scupper TW <mailto:dimitry.markov@alphawest.com.au>dimitry.markov@alphawest.com.au
with adjustable legs suitable for paddling in Avon Descent. My contact details are <mailto:clare.wood@environment.wa.gov.au>clare.wood@environment.wa.gov.au or 0413 766 076.

Needing a good home
Peter Ashby's collection of 'Wild' magazines! "There are around 40 of them from 1993 to 2003. They are too good to throw away and, as I know quite a few people collect them, I would like to give them to a good home. If anyone would like them I can be contacted at <mailto:pashby@compubiz.com.au>pashby@compubiz.com.au or 9378 2218."
(I think there are paddling stories in these mags as well as those of other outdoor pursuits - Robyn)

Week 3 /March
Jet Boat Concerns - Peter Martin

At the Aquatic Council we have been discussing the jet boat operating out of Barrack Street Jetty. It is a New Zealand designed craft, 8.8 metres long, powered by twin 300 hp motors and able to carry 8 - 10 passengers.

The terms of the licence is to act as other craft from Barrack Street to Narrows Bridge. From Narrows Bridge to Point Resolution the craft can travel at speeds up to 40 knots . . . at any point he can carry out tricks, whizzes and manoeuvrers for excitement only. This could be 360 degree turns at high speed , sudden stops , abrupt changes of course or anything else the craft is capable of - basically "hooning" on water . . .

Under maritime law he must have 45 metres of clearance before manoeuvring but at 40 knots that is not much, assuming he does see you . . .

The Aquatic Council has asked for Marine Transport and Swan River Trust to re-visit the terms of this licence. When originally asked it was presumed they would operate in a restricted area similar to the jet skis.

This will affect all paddlers using this stretch of the water, from Narrows Bridge to Point Resolution // Point Walter.

UK Pics
Mal Gilbey sends some pics of paddling rivers Wye, Findhorn, The Tromie and Medway in UK. See Randolph's Leap and Hellhole amongst others, with a short tale or two. I think the pics are from the 1970's: look at the boats! <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/gilbeyUKpics.html> Go here.

What's New at Finn Kayaks
Latest in the fleet of Finn Kayaks is the 3 seater canoe, the "Reflection". It's 4.25m long, 0.9m wide and weighs 35kg. Great boat for the family.
Both the classic Finn Kayak and the Affinity Sit-on-Top have had a 'face lift' (well, nose lift!) which allows for better ability at cutting through waves.
Finn also now produces an inexpensive kayak cradle to suit both Rola and Thule roof racks.
All these are available at your local canoe shop or from Finn Kayaks in O'Connor. Check out the details at the website:

Mainpeak Sidewalk Sale
This Saturday only and only at Cottesloe store, 31 Jarrad Street,  9385-2552: outdoor clothing, footwear, backpacks, snowboarding gear, travel accessories.

Event Reminders
Rod Fry Race, Sunday, 19th March. 
12km or short course. Meet at Swan Canoe Club, Registration: 7-8am. Sponsored by Mainpeak Paddlesports.
Down River Series, Race No 1: Saturday 25th March. AKC Race Ascot Kayak Club Garvey Park. Register - 1.00-1.30pm. Twisting race individuals & teams. DR boats and plastics of all kinds. Buoys are used to simulate turns in the first race of the series at Ascot. Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.
Marathon#5, Pinjarra to Ravenswood - Sunday, 2nd April. 17km. Registration 8:45 - 9:45am. Meet at Henry Street boat ramp, Pinjarra. You need to arrange a car shuffle for this one. Sausage sizzle afterwards at the finish line at Peel District Canoe Club premises.

Perception Wavehopper
- contact Mel <mailto:chefmade@bigpond.net.au>chefmade@bigpond.net.au
A set of wheels for a small Canadian canoe - it is about 3 metres long and heavy - want to spend about fifty dollars. <mailto:gordowbenn@bigpond.com>gordowbenn@bigpond.com
3 man kayak for Kieran Hynes, Cimon Albertsen, Brendon Fitzgerald who want to do the Avon in a fairly fast and reliable K3. If anyone knows where one is that we could buy or borrow, we would be very appreciative. Failing this, if anyone has a mould or could loan us a K3 so we could make one. Please contact Kieran 9734 0433 w or  <mailto:Kieran.Hynes@westernpower.com.au>Kieran.Hynes@westernpower.com.au

Week 4 /March
Canoe Polo Stolen Gear - Mark Schutze

Some good news on the stolen polo gear - the trailer and 3 kayaks have been found in bushland near Mundaring. The other 7 kayaks as well as spraydecks, paddles, and helmets are still missing. This indicates that the gear is still in the Perth area - probably The Hills. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!!
A big thanks to paddlers who have been looking out for our gear. Some of us have been approached by "very interested" people, asking lots of questions about the kayaks we are using, whilst training on the Swan River recently!  It is great to know that the spirit of justice is alive within the Perth paddling community.

Easter Holiday Paddle Academy - Ty Stedman
Canoeing WA, in conjunction with the Be Active message, is holding a 4 day paddling course which will cover and improve all the basic paddling skills. It will also introduce paddlers to each of the disciplines that the diverse sport offers.

The sessions run for 3 hours each morning over a 4 day period. You are welcome to enrol for all 4 days and receive a discount, or if there are a couple of days that are more suited to your holiday schedule you can enrol in those individually. The course is $100 for the 4 mornings, or $35 per morning if you would like to attend 1 or 2. All who enrol for all 4 mornings will receive a Be Active pack valued at over $30.

For more information go here: <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>www.wa.canoe.org.au , select "Courses" from menu at top of page, then Holiday Paddling option.
Canoeing WA Ph: (08) 9285 8501 or <mailto:canoe@canoewa.asn.au>canoe@canoewa.asn.au

For Collie Descent Paddlers - from Marty Wallace
There has been some work done to the Ewington Weir, north of Collie. People can view the changes here: http://www.hyperactive.oz.nf/Collie_Descent/Ewington/ewington_weir.htm

WANTED: Rottnest Paddler
Albany seakayaker holidaying with family on Rottnest between April 19 - 26 looking for companion to paddle over with and return (weather permitting). Contact Lauchlan Gillett 9841 4863 e mail <mailto:gillel@albany.training.wa.gov.au>gillel@albany.training.wa.gov.au

Front Page New Pic
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/index.html>First race of the 2006 Down River Series was an obstacle course race at Ascot Kayak Club for individuals and teams. Click on the front page pic for more (including results). Thanks to Paddy Burke for organising the photos and the web page for the Down River Series, sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.

Canoeing Down Under - What's On . . . Booking is essential - 9378 1333.
Nutrion for Avon Descenters - talk by Rae Collis, Naturopath and Exercise Physiologist
Wednesday, 3rd May, 7.30 p.m. $5.00. Topics include diet, hydration, how to prevent fatigue & cramp, inflammatory injuries and more. (Rae has competed in the Avon Descent.)
2006 Avon Skills Training Course - commences Saturday, 8th April, and then every Saturday for six weeks. Spread the word amongst your friends and colleagues. Sandy Beach Reserve, 9.00 - 10.30am, $160.00.

Inaugural Event, 26th March
The Mandurah Island Challenge was well attended in all categories (except females!): 4km, 14km and 29km. Results are here -  http://www.mandurahislandchallenge.com/results06/results-paddle.htm

Freo to Rotto Big Splash, 25th March
Results will be available here: http://www.freotorottobigsplash.com.au/results.htm

Event Reminders
Marathon#5, Pinjarra to Ravenswood - Sunday, 2nd April.
17km. Registration 8:45 - 9:45am. Meet at Henry Street boat ramp, Pinjarra. A popular race. Don't forget the sausage sizzle afterwards.
Bevan Dashwood Dash, Sunday, 9th April - from Hester Park, Langford to Shelley Bridge and return, 12km approx. Registration time to be announced.

Whitewater paddle
, 194cm. Please contact Danny 0402 720 318 or <mailto:d.eude@ecu.edu.au>d.eude@ecu.edu.au
Dolphin/Burton/Hayden surf ski to suit 5'4" - 5'6". Or I will wear small stilts and buy Steve's boat. Any colour/type/age, almost any condition. Please contact Sophie 0438 911 044 or <mailto:dessmitharchitects@bigpond.com.au>dessmitharchitects@bigpond.com.au
Double Ski suitable for Avon. Front to suit approx. 5'9" paddler and rear to suit approx. 6"3" paddler. Any style and standard considered. Contact Aaron 0416 203 537.
Double ski in reasonable condition suitable for Avon (budget $1000 approx dependent on condition). Contact Andrew 0412 019 522 or <mailto:ashave@optusnet.com.au>ashave@optusnet.com.au

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