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Week 1 /May
The John Sims Race
Sunday 7th May, Ascot Kayak Club,
Garvey Park, Redcliffe. Registration 8:00 - 9:00am. 11.5km to Barkers Bridge and return. A short course will also go ahead. This is Ascot Kayak Club's biggest race on the calendar, don't miss out!

Starts for all classes of craft. Trophies for placegetters of classes with 4 or more participants (so get your training partners together for the day). Prizes galore. The event is sponsored by Terry Bolland's Canoeing Down Under. DASH for CASH (and vouchers) for the fastest Short Plastic, Long Plastic, TK / Downriver Boat, K1 and K2 and lady over the first 500 metres. Food and soft drinks on sale, proceeds to Slalom Junior Fund. New AKC members can book a club boat (no additional charge) for the race. (Just call Grant 9477 3888.)
Canoeing association members: adult $15, junior $10. Non-members: adult $20, junior $15.
Enquiries: Grant 9477 3888

"Come and see the progress of the new clubhouse; it is taking shape at last." - Grant Pepper, President, AKC

Who is John Sims?
Long, long time paddler whose efforts on behalf of Ascot Kayak Club resulted in the club's present location at Garvey Park (and the old building that the new one is replacing). Hence to say 'thank you' this race was named after him. This year's Avon Descent will be John's 30th.

Wanted: raft and sea kayak guides
Rivergods Paddle Adventures are seeking mainly raft guides for this coming season. Send a CV and refs to Tom Suffling at <mailto:rivergods@iinet.net.au>rivergods@iinet.net.au or call 9259 0749.

Good News for Playboaters - H2O Paddles Now Available in Perth 
A large proportion of pro paddlers have switched to H2O paddles since they came out . According to Tom at Rivergods they feel absolutely fantastic to use and are also extremely durable - perfect for local conditions. Contact him (see above) if you would like to try one out.

Bomber booties
at Sandy Point on Friday, 28th April, at about 11 am. If found could you please call Ken 0419 948 428 or drop them in to Canoeing Down Under with Terry or Alaine.

PCPC (Perth Canoe Polo Club)
is running a Beginners Canoe Polo Course at Beatty Park starting Friday, May 12, from 5.45 - 8pm for 6 weeks. Participants do require some basic paddling ability. The course will teach simple canoe polo paddling skills, ball skills, team tactics and participants will be introduced to the rules, basic refereeing and competition organisation. The cost is $55 and all equipment is provided. This fee does not cover pool entry or affiliation with Canoeing WA which is required for insurance purposes. On completion of the Beginners Course participants will be eligible to join the Friday night B-grade competition which starts after the course ends. For further information contact Bryan Lee at <mailto:bilee@iinet.net.au>bilee@iinet.net.au or 0400 622 429

ASU (Avon Switwater Unit) Training
Sunday 7th May 9am - 1pm
Bells Rapid, Brigadoon. This is the first of our half day Avon Descent rescue training sessions and we are looking for new volunteers interested in beginners' land based (ie dry) rescue training. Covered in the morning will be such topics as correct throwbag technique, stretcher and casualty management, swiftwater hydrology and theory, knots and mechanical advantage rope systems. All volunteers must be available to help out on Avon Descent weekend 4th-6th August. For more information please contact Bryan Lee <mailto:bilee@iinet.net.au>bilee@iinet.net.au or 0400 622 429.

Paddling Website, UK
Mal Gilbey just discovered this UK website. It has fantastic photos and info on paddling in the UK: <http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/>www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk At present there's also some pics of paddlers on a great little river in India. I've also added it to my links page here: http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/can.links.html  (If you find some of the links there are out of date, please let me know.)

Event Reminder
Wildwater Race, #2, The Drain Race. Sunday, 14th May.
4km twisting, flatwater course. Meet at Hester Park, Langford. Rego 8-8:30am. All welcome.

- please contact Dan Trainor <mailto:ljandspot@hotmail.com>ljandspot@hotmail.com or 9300 8129.

Week 2 /May
White Water Park Action!

A campaign promoting calls for registration of interest from the private sector to develop the white water park at Champion Lakes starts on 10th May. It will be a 6 week national and international campaign managed by Colliers International for the Armadale Redevelopment Authority. It is offering a 17 hectare lakeside site for a white water park, hotel/conference venue and possibly units. Contact person is Terry Hutchings 08 9261 6647, <mailto:terry.hutchings@colliers.com>terry.hutchings@colliers.com

We now have over 7800 registered Friends of the White Water Park. Please get all your friends and family to register as Friends of the White Water Park if they have not already done so. Go to www.whitewaterperth.org.au. If you know of companies that may be interested in the project please get them to contact Terry Hutchings. Can everyone please spread the word?
Colin Thorpe, Director Canoeing WA, 9386 6842 0409 88 7011                <mailto:thorpec@icenet.com.au>thorpec@icenet.com.au

From Ben Maynard, Australian Representative, Wildwater
Ben, a Victorian (we won't hold that against him!) will be competing in a series of wildwater races this May and June in Europe. "We start with one or two international races (SWI and ITA) in late May/early June, then we have our World Championships from June 12th-17th (CZE), then finish up with World Cup races on the next two weekends (ITA and AUT, respectively)."

Paddling past Mount Manypeaks
Here's a few pics of a recent paddle along this impressive and pristine stretch of coast (where the salmon are plentiful). Just click on <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>this pic on the front page. (photos: R. Khorshid)

Albany Canoe Club paddlers had an adventurous time just east of this area recently, taking on the notorious channel between Bald Island and the mainland and surf landings in a two metre swell. Even the support crew had a few scrapes! Hopefully we can see some pics of this, too.

Watch Out!
Lesley Hadnett wants to warn paddlers about leaving stuff in their cars. "I ( stupidly?) left my new spray deck and PFD in back of my Toyota Rav parked outside my house last week. Some thieves broke into the vehicle and stole my paddle gear at 2am! If anyone sees a junkie wearing a H2O SPRAY DECK AND YELLOW PFD let me know!  <mailto:lhadnett@iprimus.com>lhadnett@iprimus.com

" I left my paddle (Skee) on the foreshore at Claremont on Wednesday evening May 3 - near the bottom of Watkins Road (in front of the large house with the greenish windows). If found, please contact Mike Rowe (08) 9386 2561 or 0409 880 410"

A back brace (I am not sure what it is called) down at Coombe Reserve on Friday morning, 28/4, last week. Looks quite new. Contact Ashley Nesbit 9431 9513 or <blocked::mailto:anesbit@taylormarine.com.au>anesbit@taylormarine.com.au

Event Reminders
Wildwater Race #2:
The Drain Race. Sunday, 14th May. Meet at Hester Park, Langford for rego at 8am. Paddle upstream for 4km and race back to Hester Park - an easy twisting course. Suitable for everyone. Please note that if the river water quality is not up to standard the race will be moved downstream - so turn up for a fun morning's paddle on the Canning, somewhere! Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.
CWA Paddle Challenge: Sunday, 21st May. 18km Bayswater to Middle Swan Bridge and return to Sandalford Winery at Caversham. Short course and relay as well. Go <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au>here for more info' and entry form or <mailto:canoe@canoewa.asn.au>canoe@canoewa.asn.au or phone 9285 8501. Late entry fee, $20, applies after Wednesday, 17th May. Late entries will be accepted up till 7:30am on race day.

Kayak, sit-on
, 4m plus, up to $500, suitable for Avon. Phone Ian 9381 8327.
Used single sea kayak, suitable for largish paddler. Contact: <mailto:gbmac@iinet.net.au>gbmac@iinet.net.au
Wavehopper - please contact Dan Trainor <mailto:ljandspot@hotmail.com>ljandspot@hotmail.com or 9300 8129.

For Sale: some of the fleet of Dekked Out Adventures, Bunbury
1 x Euro Traveller about 9 yo double sit in with storage and rudder. $400
1 x Dagger Trinidad about 12mo old double sit in with storage. $2100
1 x Dagger Cortez about 18mo old single sit in with storage $1850
2x Dagger Caymans about 18mo single sit ons $600 each
<mailto:john@dekkedout.com.au>john@dekkedout.com.au or John 0428 943 483

Week 3 /May
Some canoe polo events, more info on the web
Winter A grade Competition
: Wednesday nights 6pm to 8pm. Starts June 7, runs for 8 weeks. Organiser: Laura Cunningham (0400 719 447)
Winter B grade Competition: Friday nights 6pm to 8pm. Starts June 16, runs for 6 week. Organiser: Bryan Lee 0400 622 429
Winter "Super League: Monday nights 6:30pm to 8pm. Starts June 12, runs for 6 weeks. Organiser: Sam Dean (<>peter@emis.net.au)

From Tom at Rivergods Paddle Adventures
Soon the rivers will be up so call us now on 9259 0749 or you will be cursing yourself for not getting a crew together to raft the Lower Murray - and while you are at it, arrange to try the Fluid play or creek boats AND the new H2O paddles - you'll like 'em. Really. Fluid kayaks are doing a stock clearing sale at the moment so Flirts and Solos are available for $1350 which is very good value - but they are going fast .

State Canoe Marathon Titles - From Peter Martin, Race Director
Saturday and Sunday, 3rd & 4th June : 30km/20km/10km, depending on class.
To be held at Ascot Kayak Club.
"As well as the normal ICF and AC recognised classes of K1, K2 & TK1 we will be running a Guppy class, Recreational classes, Surf Spec Skis and Craft longer than 5.2 metres (Molokai skis and Multi-sport K1 ) classes. In addition thre will be a schools' event. Entry forms and more info': http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=10609 or email <mailto:petermartin1953@aapt.net.au>petermartin1953@aapt.net.au or 9277 4704 or 0427 004 035. Entries close Friday, 26th May.

This weekend! >From Jesse Philips
Canoeing WA's Paddle Challenge
is on and it is set to be a big one, so get entries in ASAP. A late fee applies to entries received after COB Wednesday, 17th, THAT'S TOMORROW! Hope to see you all there!

For more details regarding the event, visit the Canoeing WA website at <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/>www.wa.canoe.org.au or give me a call in the office, 9285 8501. Direct access to Paddle Challenge page <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=10542>http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=10542

Not Only, but Also!
This Sunday, 21st, also sees the opening of entries for the 2006 Multiplex Avon Descent. The launch of the event takes place on the lawns of Sandalford Winery after the Canoeing WA Paddle Challenge. Entries open at midday on Sunday on the website: http://www.avondescent.com.au/ Closing date is Friday, 7th July.

Slalom Winter Racing Series - Margie Jeffery
The first race was held Sunday, 14th. For more info' on future races contact <mailto:artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au 
0415 221 058 or 9293 1909.

Stolen Skis
Stolen from East Perth on Sat.,29/4- Sun 30/4 (Overnight) two plastic surf skis:
A yellow Finn Affinity with blue foam in foot wells, Terry Bolland and Be Active stickers left of the seat, 96 fm sticker behind seat, shock cord at the rear for luggage and sealed holes above water line from a pump.
Sky blue Spirit racing ski with yellow nose cone and dented bow.
Please keep an eye open as any information would be much appreciated. (car rego no, time and date, description etc) Craig Adams 0419 045 685.

White Water Park News - From Colin Thorpe
There were stories in The West Australian (9th May, on page 57) and The Australian Financial Review, (11th May, page 65) on the proposed white water park at Champion Lakes. Advertisements calling for registrations of interest to develop the white water park at Champion Lakes will be placed in The Australian every second Tuesday for the next 6 weeks, The Financial Review every second Thursday for the next 6 weeks and The West Australian every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks. Registrations of interest close on 30 June 2006. The WWP brochure was distributed to attendees at the recent Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association. (If you would like to see a copy of the brochure please email <mailto:thorpec@icenet.com.au>thorpec@icenet.com.au . Please give this as much publicity as you can. Contact person is Terry Hutchings 61 8 9261 6666, <mailto:terry.hutchings@colliers.com>terry.hutchings@colliers.com

Kayaks For Sale
Capricorn Kayak and Adventure Tours is rationalising its fleet and has the following for sale:
Scupper Pro (Ocean Kayak) - single plastic sit-on-top, without rudder, $500
Scupper Pro (Ocean Kayak) - single plastic sit-on-top, with rudder, $600
9 Synchro (Perception) - double plastic sit-on-tops, $600 each
2 Sequel (Challenge Kayaks) - single sit-inside, sea kayaks, $1000 each
4 x Dusky Bay Doubles - double sit-inside seakayaks, fibreglass seakayaks, $1500 each
16 x white water kayaks, plastic with spray decks, PFDs and helmets, $4000 the lot. Willing to separate
2 x near new Malibu 2 double sit ons $550each.
Contact <mailto:info@capricornkayak.com.au>info@capricornkayak.com.au or 1800 468 122.

Sit-on-top kayak,
"D.A.G." brand,  model called Lagoon 1 or similar. Phone John 9841 3266 a/h or email <mailto:adigital@bigpond.net.au>adigital@bigpond.net.au

Week 4 /May
Avon Descent Courses - Mainpeak Paddlesports

All courses start with an Avon Descent information night followed by 4 x 4 week on water skills sessions. A course just started on Monday night, 22nd May,  next one starts 26th June. Go to Mainpeak's <http://www.paddle.com.au/avon.aspx>Avon page for more information. $165, which includes a Mainpeak Avon Descent fleece, as well as paddle competency for the event.
Casual Training every Tuesday night at Freshwater Bay: 5.45pm until 7pm. $10 per session, (places are strictly limited to 12 paddlers). The session includes some great technical tips, so why not join some other Avon Descenters for a structured session, or come along and join us if you just want to improve your paddling fitness.
For more details, or to register for any course, contact Mainpeak Paddlesports 9284 3759.

PS. There's a buyers' night on NOW at Mainpeak Cottesloe and Osborne Park, till 8:30pm tonight, Wednesday, 24th, great specials and 15% off (nearly) everything!

Avon Descent Teams
If you're looking to join a team of two or four or if you need another paddler to make up a team <mailto:rokhor@iinet.net.au>email here to register your interest.

Perth Kayak Centre - boats and gear for sale
Nelo Vanquish K1
(marathon boat), XXL, $3000
TK1, 2nd hand, barely used, $1000, negotiable.
Pumps and spray decks are now in stock for the Avon Descent. (Don't leave it till the last minute!)
Contact Bull or Nicole 9330 9011 or <mailto:bullorton@msn.com.au>bullorton@msn.com.au

Albany Canoe Club
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>Here's some pics of their recent trip on the Southern Ocean from the calm waters of Cheyne Beach to the calm waters of Waychinicup (but with some big stuff along the way!) There's a surf landing and take-off half way. The Channel between Bald Island and the mainland is well known for its rough conditions as the Southern Ocean swells are concentrated in this narrow and shallower passage, plus they're refracted around and rebounded from the cliff shoreline. It makes for some scenic and exciting paddling (Click on the main pic for more). Photos are by Steve Sweeney.

Riot Demo Boats 4 Sale - From Tom at Rivergods
Want the latest playboat but can't afford it? Dry those tears and check out these Riot demo boats we are now selling -  1 x Orbit for lighter paddlers and 1 x Inferno for the bigger people. Call us at 9259 0749, try 'em out, make an offer - then happy paddling with your new toy.

Canoe Polo
One of the starting dates for the winter series in the last paddling news was incorrect. The notice should have been as follows:
Winter B grade Competition: Friday nights 6pm to 8pm. Starts June 23, runs for 6 week. Organiser: Bryan Lee 0400 622 429

Paddler Wanted
Experienced sea-kayaker looking for like-minded experienced paddler(s) to undertake day-trips, overnight and weekly expeditions. Currently considering visiting Dirk Hartog Island and/or Cape Peron in Shark Bay this July. If you are interested please contact Antony at <mailto:antonym@hgau.com.au>antonym@hgau.com.au

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