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Week 1 /September
Nanga Challenge, Sunday, 10th September
Organised by Ascot Kayak Club

Entry forms and all you need to know are now available here: http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/

You need a mountain biker, a cross country runner and, surprise, a paddler! This event has not been held for a couple of years but is now returned with a vengeance and due consideration to all the latest stringent insurance and environmental requirements. It takes place in the shady jarrah forest down Dwellingup way.

Canoe: 10.6km - from Baden Powell Waterspout upstream to Island Pool and return
Bike: 21km - 1st Lap 11km; second lap 10km
Run: 9.6 km - 1 lap

Team entry fee: $90.00 CWA* Discount: $10.00 per leg if a member of CWA
Ironperson entry fee: $60.00 CWA Affiliate Member:$40.00
Entries close Tuesday, 5th September.  Late entries close Friday, 8th September. Late Entry fee: $20.00 ironpersons/ $60.00 per team
Major sponsor is Mountain Designs. Also sponsored by Canoeing Down Under and BB Cycles.

New Event!
King of the Cape Paddle, environs, Dunsborough, Saturday, 23rd September

This paddle is open to all participants. Choose a short course or long course, depending on your skill level.

1. 26km Extreme Long Course - from Yallingup to Dunsborough around the Cape. Conditions for this paddle can be quite dangerous so it is restricted to experienced competitors only.
2.   12km Short Course - from Bunker Bay to Dunsborough, in the shelter of the Cape, one of the most scenic paddles on the calendar this summer. The shelter of the Cape allows for a greater range of craft and abilities.
Long Course starts 1pm and Short Course, 2pm.

Entry forms are available at <http://www.slswa.com.au/node/948>www.slswa.com.au/node/948
All enquiries to <mailto:dhunt@mybeach.com.au>dhunt@mybeach.com.au
David Hunt, Manager, Surf Sports and Events, Surf Life Saving Western Australia

Fund Raising Movie Night - 22nd September - "Storm Breaker"
Here's advanced notice of a movie night to watch "Storm Breaker" at Innaloo about 6.30pm - for kids and adults. Tickets on sale soon - see next week's newsletter.   It's a fund raising evening for the Slalom Technical Committee junior travel fund. Everyone welcome. Includes door prizes and a raffle. More details - Marion Ewing ph 9384 1692, <mailto:marione@gengo.com.au>marione@gengo.com.au

Other Marathon Relays (with paddling) in the South West
Coming Up . . .
Mainpeak Collie Marathon
, Saturday, 14th October:
Blackwood Marathon, Saturday, 28th October:
Solahart Donnybrook Marathon, Saturday, 18th November:

Canning 5000 Series
All three races (one advertised for this weekend) in this series have been cancelled for this year.

Marathon Series, CWA
Starts in October with Island to Island Race - more details later.

Channel Seven Multiplex Classic Paddle
From The Narrows to The Left Bank, Sunday, 22nd October. Organised by Royal Life Saving:

Mainpeak Bay 2 Beach, Saturday, 5th November
More details closer to the event but in the meantime, put this date aside if you like to race your ocean going craft (Mosman Bay to Leighton Beach via Fremantle Harbour). Organised by the canoeing association (CWA):   <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/b2b>www.wa.canoe.org.au/b2b

Leave No Trace Australia
This organisation for promoting minimal impact skills and ehics during outdoor activities has a course in Margaret River, 13th-17th November. It may be of interest to those who conduct group activities in the wilderness. Course details are here:
Their website is here:

Not For Men . . .
Women Only! Triathlon, Sunday, 26th November

Bunbury Triathlon Club would like to invite all women to join in this event. "We want average ladies to "give it a go" in a relaxed environment. You do not have to be a lean, mean fitness machine - just someone who is looking for a new challenge and wants to complete a triathlon."

200 metre SWIM in a HEATED pool;
8 kilometre RIDE on ANY bike. (It is not about the bike);
2 kilometre RUN or walk/run or walk.
Teams are ok too. Contact: DONNA GELLARD 0438 218 600; KERRY BAILIE 0428 217 488; AMANDA DENHAM 0417 906 106 for more info'.

Arrow or Wizard?
Who would know or know where to find out the difference in speed between an Arrow k1 and a high deck Wizard? Like what difference would it make over an hour flat water, approximately. Please contact Karne <mailto:karneday@bigpond.net.au>karneday@bigpond.net.au

The link for the results of Collie Descent in last week's news should have been:

Still Lost
Jonathon Cawood's Mohaka Black 208cm paddle, at Walunga on Sunday afternoon, 20th August. Please ring 0415 065 478 or home 9387 2321 if found.

Kayak trailer
. Long enough for sea kayaks and up to six boats preferred. Anything considered. Steve: dingoes@westnet.com.au or 0412 192 039.
Double Kevlar Ski in fair condition  for next year's Avon to suit two guys at 6' tall , willing to pay around $1200.00. Please contact Ken 0419 948 428.

Week 2 /September
The Brevis Choate Memorial Race - Elaine Lennox
Sunday, 9th September 

Come and participate in this new fun slalom event at Walyunga National Park which will cater for all ages and all types of craft.

The Brevis Choate Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the best over 35 paddler so dust down those old boats and come and join us. Trophies will also be awarded for the young paddlers - the under 35 fraternity!
Registration from 10.00am Practise & Coaching: 10.00 - 12.00 Demo Run: 12.30 Race 1.00 pm
For further details contact Margaret Jeffries at  <mailto:artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au (Please register beforehand)

- sports w/proof, found 26th August on Brockman Highway between start and finish of Down River course just outside Bridgetown. Contact Greg <mailto:dune@Iexpress.net.au>dune@Iexpress.net.au

Strictly for Novices
There's some pics with notes for Avon novices on the best lines at Championships <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/champs.html>here.  Photos at 'lowish' water level reveal all !

Plastic at Championships
The blue plastic boat that got itself wrapped around a rock in the middle of Championships Rapid a few weeks back was still there late last Saturday afternoon, 2nd September. See pic  <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/champs.html>here. If the owner needs info' on the best way to obtain access to retrieve it now that the water is dropping please email me. I have to say it doesn't look as if it will ever be paddled again! (but it is a hazard, plus we don't want to litter our pristine valley!)

Just for Fun
If you're just after a relaxing paddle somewhere you haven't been before check out the new Harvey Dam which has plenty of water at present: 71.34m and rising. Power boats are not permitted so it's sure to be quiet and there's fishing. More info', map, pics <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/harvdam.html>here.

More on Pacific Ocean crossing
Andrew Linton, who is knowledgeable about matters sea kayaking, tells us "Ed Gillet's trip (California-Hawaii) was many years ago - from memory, during the Reagan years. He lost his radio . . . His family wanted the US coastguard to look for him and the administration refused. Fair enough, too. All adventurers know the risks . . ." 
Also Andrew sends us this website: http://members.iinet.net.au/~lford1/
of a famous Taswegian sea kayaker, Laurie Ford. It has, amongst other things, info and pics on some tempting, scenic paddles in Tasmania and details of Bass Strait Crossings up till March, 2004. Click on "trip reports and photos" on the home page.

Event Reminder
Nanga Challenge is this Sunday, 10th September. Entries close today, Tuesday, 5th September
. Entry forms and all you need to know are available here: http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/ Late entries close Friday, 8th September. Late Entry fees: $20.00 ironpersons/ $60.00 per team
Major sponsor is Mountain Designs. Also sponsored by Canoeing Down Under and BB Cycles.

Spirit Cross Trainer
- phone Elva, 9335 6064 or <mailto:elva-h@bigpond.net.au>elva-h@bigpond.net.au

Canoes, Kayak and Gear For Sale
I am getting rid of some of my fleet for more toys.
4 x Current Designs, Explorer type with buoyancy in the centre doubling as a stowage area and third seat. Good solid boats, Blue, Red and Yellow. $400 - $600 ea
2 x 18 foot fibreglass B-Line canoes $500 ea
Old TK1 kayak fibreglass $75 Needs a bit of work
Canadian Paddles $20 - $30 ea
Type 3 PFDs $20 ea
Phone Alan Clarke (Nobby) 9524 5689 or <mailto:trishalan@optusnet.com.au>trishalan@optusnet.com.au

Week 3 /September
Movie Night - Friday, 22nd September - "Stormbreaker"

Movie night to watch "Stormbreaker" at Innaloo at 6.30pm - for kids and adults.  It's a fund raising evening for the Canoe Slalom Technical Committee junior travel fund. Everyone very welcome. Includes door prizes and a raffle. Kids $10.50 and adults $14.50. Tickets on sale from Marion Ewing ph 9384 1692 or <mailto:marione@gengo.com.au>marione@gengo.com.au or Jenny Kippin ph 9276 8653 or <mailto:dune@iexpress.net.au>dune@iexpress.net.au

"Well, I'M BACK . . . Robbie Jeffery
. . . for one weekend only. If any one would like some coaching and to have a paddle with me this weekend give me a ring (9293 1909)and I will organise a super day full of fun and adventure. But seriously, tell me if you are interested and which day suits you and I'll get something organised."

New Front Page Pic
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>Here's a few of our keen slalom paddlers, including juniors, enjoying some real white water on the Blackwood. From left to right, rear: Jennifer Houston, Paul O'Keefe, Peter Ewing and front: Elaine Lennox, Seb Ewing and Rorey O'Keefe. Photo by Russell Miles.

Urgently Wanted
"Fibreglass surf ski for use in Anaconda multisport race on September 24. I'm 170cms - that's about 5' 7" and would be happy to adjust pedals temporarily if need be. Being a veteran female competitor from Qld . . . logistically it's almost impossible for me to bring a ski with me!
Please contact Jan 0407 761 150 or <mailto:auntyjan@optusnet.com.au>auntyjan@optusnet.com.au"

PCPC (Perth Canoe Polo Club)
is running a Beginners' Canoe Polo Course at Beatty Park starting Friday, 29th September, from 5.45 - 8pm for six weeks. Participants do require some basic paddling ability. The course will teach simple canoe polo paddling skills, ball skills, team tactics and participants will be introduced to the rules, basic refereeing and competition organisation. The cost is $60 and all equipment is provided. This fee does not cover pool entry or affiliation with Canoeing WA which is required for insurance purposes. On completion of the Beginners' Course participants will be eligible to join the Friday night B-grade competition which starts after the course ends. For further information contact Bryan Lee at <>bilee@iinet.net.au or 0400 622 429.

Marathon Committee Members Wanted
The Marathon Committee is looking for nominations for committee members. At this stage we need two: the positions of Chair and Secretary. These positions are for two years. Please contact Nicole, <mailto:bulorton@bigpond.net.au>bulorton@bigpond.net.au  

Training Partner Wanted
Looking for a single or double ski partner for '07 Avon Decent who is willing to train with a relative novice. Phone Tim 0408 918 689 or  <mailto:timbuck2_77@yahoo.com>timbuck2_77@yahoo.com

Draft Management Plan for the Walpole Wilderness Area and Adjacent Parks and Reserves
If you're concerned with what is proposed for this area go to http://www.naturebase.net/haveyoursay to view the documents. The Department of Environment and Conservation (formerly CALM) invites submissions on the plan. Closing date for submissions is 1st December, 2006.

Week 4 /September 
Marathon Series Starts, Sunday, 8th October
Here's the first of seven races (plus State Championships) on the Swan, Canning and Murray rivers.
Island to Island Race, about 12km from Garvey Park (AKC) downstream past Ascot Waters, then returning through Ascot Waters (the canal). Meet for registration from 7:15am - 8:45am at Ascot Kayak Club, Garvey Park, Fauntelroy Avenue, Redcliffe.
The Marathon Series is excellent training for would-be Avon Descenters. Together with several other races on the canoeing calendar the series gives you a regular opportunity to gauge your improvement (or otherwise!). Plastic craft are welcome at all events.

Walyunga Water Level
Whilst perusing the *Department of Water's website - "River Monitoring Stations" I noticed that "<>Walyunga" is back on line! (It was, several years ago, briefly, but had technical problems). The <>Brockman River has also been added to the list of stations with telemetry, both being added about a month ago. Both these sites are in incised valleys and it is only now that the technology has improved and become cheaper that they have been added to the list of telemetred sites.

The Walyunga site is located about half way between Walyunga and Bells Rapid. The Brockman site is located about 1km upstream from the confluence with the Avon. (The Brockman River enters the Avon about 2-3km above Lookout).

More on Water Levels
Routinely the water levels on the internet are updated daily, early in the morning. For maybe two weeks before the Avon Descent they have been (very kindly) updated twice daily for the Avon River. Even more kindly, they have been updated 3 or 4 times per day for one week before the Descent. When rivers are in flood, of course, they are also updated as often as is necessary - after all they are flood warning stations, not there for paddlers' convenience! (but "wouldn't it be luverly!")

The various Walyunga graphs on my website over the years have related the Walyunga wooden post gauge readings (dozens sent in by paddlers over a few years) to Great Northern Highway levels. Peter Ewing's latest graph automatically updated the estimate (based on the readings you sent in) for Walyunga as the Department of Water's graph was updated. 

It will be interesting to see how the re-instated Walyunga telemetred site compares with the wooden post that we have relied on for years! So we need you to keep sending in the Walyunga wooden post readings - even now when the water is low.

For Ocean Paddlers . . . Surf Life Saving Event
Race 2 - 2006 Ocean Challenge Series
2006 Mandurah Split Race, Sunday 8th October, 9am - entries now open

The Port Bouvard to Mandurah Split Race - choose between the two courses: the protected waters of the estuary or the swells and winds of the ocean. Points for the series are on the ocean course only. Entry forms are available at <http://www.slswa.com.au/node/967>www.slswa.com.au/node/967 All enquiries to <mailto:dhunt@mybeach.com.au>dhunt@mybeach.com.au

- Scotch College Outdoor Education Department has found a quite expensive paddle in the Lane Poole Reserve. We would be happy to return it to its owner if he/she contacts either Duncan Picknoll or Shawn Brogden at Scotch College with a description and location where it was lost. 0402 983 070

Collie River Relay Marathon, Saturday, 14th October
5/6 stage event held in the picturesque surrounds of Collie. Paddle leg is 10km flatwater. More details - go here: http://www.hyperactive.oz.nf/CRVMR/2006/CMR2006.htm
or email Marty <mailto:mart@geo.net.au>mart@geo.net.au This fun and friendly event is approaching fast so get your teams together now! Late entry fees apply after 7th October. Sponsored by Mainpeak.

Paddler(s) Wanted
A couple of teams in the Collie River Relay Marathon may be looking for paddlers - contact Niall if you are interested in helping out: 9734 1769.

Slalom Results
The race results for the Slalom Winter Series Race #6, the Brevis Choate Memorial Race and the WA Schools' Championships are available from Margie Jeffery: <mailto:artgraph@iinet.net.au>artgraph@iinet.net.au Thanks to Marion Ewing, Peter Ewing and Nicky Pope for results.

Paddling for Juniors - starts 18th October
Learn to paddle at Swan Canoe Club: Wednesdays, 5-6:15pm during the spring and summer terms. For boys and girls 9 years of age and over (You just need to be able to swim and submerge your head under water.) Obtain your Australian Canoeing Certificate in Basic Skills. To find out more phone Colin Priest, 9446 5505.

Support Paddlers Wanted . . .
for the Koombana Bay Swim Thru on 26th November (Bunbury). Their role would be to support the local surf life savers by carrying life vests, drink bottles etc and to shadow/assist swimmers where necessary. If you're interested in helping and/or know of anyone else who may be able to help please contact Mark, 0408 927 646 or 9792 2115.

- Second hand canoe
for me (and the kids). Contact Brenda  <mailto:readsx4@westnet.com.au>readsx4@westnet.com.au
- Canoe Polo Boat - I am looking for a second hand Canoe Polo boat and accessories. I would like fibreglass if possible, something like a Vampire. Please contact Daniel 0439 919 871 or <mailto:danielashman@hotmail.com>danielashman@hotmail.com.
- FennXT or Fenn Mako Surf Ski to suit female paddler 175cm / 5ft 9" Please e-mail : <mailto:sjkool@bigpond.net.au>sjkool@bigpond.net.au
- Finn Endorphin good condition. Around $700 or $800 Ph: Kerry 0403 959 659 or email <mailto:kerry.tyers@dca.wa.gov.au>kerry.tyers@dca.wa.gov.au
- Sit on plastic or fibreglass ski, which must contain a rudder. If you have one email Zak at <mailto:Quiggy22@hotmail.com>Quiggy22@hotmail.com
- "Anyone got an old single plastic kayak or sit on top lying around at home? I'd like to get one that is pretty stable for paddling on the river mainly. The only thing is I can't afford one of those flash slick top of the range ones, so if you've got an old one you don't use, that would be pretty cheap, let me know. Call Ryan on 0417 183 089 or <mailto:ryanbrogden@lycos.com>ryanbrogden@lycos.com

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