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Week 2 /August
Wellington Dam and Collie River

What are the implications for paddlers' recreational use of Wellington Dam waters if the government uses it for drinking water? Below the main dam is a popular venue for summer white water paddling as far down as the first kilometre or so of the irrigation channel below Burekup Weir. In addition, events are held on the Collie River above the dam, especially the exciting Collie Descent in late winter and the spring Collie River Valley Relay Marathon.

Marty Wallace, Collie paddler, and one of the organisers of the above events made a submission to a recent investigative report made by Beckwith Environmental Planning for the Department of Water. Email him to receive a copy of the report <mailto:mart@geo.net.au>mart@geo.net.au or else email the Department of Water directly:  <mailto:collieplanning@water.wa.gov.au>collieplanning@water.wa.gov.au .

A while back I was told by Water Corporation that the irrigation channel from Burekup Weir may be piped (underground?). That's bad news for paddlers as there is no public access to Burekup Weir which is why paddlers have always paddled in the irrigation channel for a short distance after the weir until a public road close to the channel is reached. Despite the challenge and excitement of the rapids this end to the day was always the icing on the cake!

The report writers are aware of paddlers' historical use of these waters. They did miss the fact, though, that the white water paddling from right below the dam to Honeymoon Pool is probably more challenging than below Honeymoon Pool down to the weir and that both sections are equally popular with white water paddlers.

Here's an excerpt from the cover letter that went with the report: "If you would like to discuss the progress of the Upper Collie water management plan please contact Jessica Scott from the Water Allocation Planning Section (Department of Water) on (08) 6364 6845"

Avon Story
Here's a spectator's <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/fitzymates.html>short tale about a very matey incident at Syd's during this year's Descent. There's many other tales to be read <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avtalesind.html>here, from as far back as 1995. If you have one you would like to share with others please send it in and I'll make it available for all to read. The current canoeing association chief, John Mulcahy, wrote of his first Avon in 2000, <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/avstJMM.html>here.

WA Slalom State Titles
Sunday 12th August,
Walyunga National Park for K1, C1, C2 and plastics.  Competitors' Briefing at 10am.
Registrations: Member Juniors $5; Non-member Juniors $10; Member Adults $10; Non-members $15.

Registrations are required prior to the day via online, with payment made on the day. Please pay at the registration/compiling gazebo. All registrations must be paid before competitors' briefing at 10am. Online registrations are to Nicky Pope:  <mailto:reality.check@bigpond.com.au>reality.check@bigpond.com.au  Please provide name, age, class and Australian Canoeing number with registration.

Helpers are always needed on the day and are highly appreciated. If you can offer your help please see Nicky at the compilers' gazebo.

See you all for a great race day on Sunday! Nicky Pope, 0400 101 775

Collie Descent
Saturday, 18th August

Here's a challenging paddle and exciting event. It has a treed section, some small rapids, flat water, a weir, a couple of portages, some ti-trees and an amazing rapid, The Chute, and then more trees, ti-trees and logs, finishing in the headwaters of the Wellington Dam. There are no challenges that you haven't encountered before on the Avon, but we don't go to the Collie River at every opportunity and practise. So what is around the corner may be a surprise! It's about 28km with current assitance for much of this. We adjourn to the award winning Harris River Winery for presentations and wind up. They now have a chef (sounds good). You may need to book earlyish for a meal. Contact the winery directly, 9734 1555 or fax 9734 1566. Camping at the winery may be a possibility, as well. Ask them about it.

Go here for more details of the event, some pics and past results:

Please register your interest with Marty Wallace <mailto:mart@geo.net.au>mart@geo.net.au or 9734 2316 in case there are changes to the event.

Registration is on the day, from 9am at Harris River Winery - well, on the river bank below the winery. Race starts 10am sharp.

Down River State Titles/Geegelup Cup, Bridgetown
Saturday & Sunday, 25th & 26th August

This is a great weekend of paddling white water on the Blackwood River with like-minded folk!  The teams' event ("seriously fun") is held Saturday afternoon and the individual event Sunday morning.  

The eight kilometre course has four big drops (which are relatively straight forward) as well as many smaller rapids and other obstacles and very little flat water. For details of the course, some tips and some pics, go <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/blackwrbrdgdwn.html>here.  And also <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/geeg04rapid4.html>here for the fourth of the bigger rapids. 

It's open to all craft and to all paddlers with white water experience. Having done the valley successfully in this year's Avon Descent would be enough experience for this course, if you're game! The bigger rapids all end in pools. If you're new to white water paddling it may be best to check with organisers just to be sure. There will be a race familiarisation on Saturday morning with experienced down river paddlers leading the way.  

There's a communal dinner held at an excellent local restaurant, "1896 Cafe", $32/head, on the Saturday evening (book with Patrick <mailto:piarctex@iinet.net.au>piarctex@iinet.net.au before Sunday, 19th August) as well as a presentation get-together at The Cidery before everyone heads off home to Perth, mid Sunday afternoon. Altogether a very social and fun paddling weekend. 

Register at Bridgetown. For more info' contact Leonie 0412 101 949 / l<mailto:leonie@instepwest.com>eonie@instepwest.com or Rosie 0438 754 411 / <mailto:rosaliemevans@bigpond.com>rosaliemevans@bigpond.com 

Generously supported by Canoeing Down Under.

Murray White Water Festival - A Reminder!
Saturday & Sunday, 25th & 26th August

Rodeo competition on the lower Murray for experienced (grade 3/4) white water paddlers in playboats only. Previously publicised here in more detail. In case you missed that email go to <http://www.galaxyadventure.com.au/mwf.htm>www.galaxyadventure.com.au/mwf.htm  Stay at Nanga Bush Camp, Dwellingup (beds, hot showers, flush loos, kitchen, log fires, etc.). Entries close 16th August.

Peel Region Canoe Week
Saturday, 1st September - Sunday, 9th September

Here's a whole week of a range of canoeing events mainly aimed at enticing non- paddlers into paddling of one sort or another! There's several come 'n try basic paddling sessions, a Swiftwater Awareness session with Dwellingup Adventures as well as a fully escorted Middle Murray trip for would-be white water paddlers with them, canoe polo, an outrigger canoeing come 'n try and several social paddles on the waterways around Mandurah for all. Email Wayne <mailto:wjfelton@bigpond.com>wjfelton@bigpond.com for a copy of the full programme and organisers' contact details.

Nanga Challenge
Sunday, 9th September
- 10.6km from Baden Powell Waterspout upstream to Island Pool and return; mountain bike - 21km; run - 9.6km.  
This event is held in the jarrah forest of Lane Poole Reserve, near Dwellingup and is for teams or ironman. Entry forms available at <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au>www.ascot.canoe.org.au, the event sponsors or Ascot Kayak Club on any Wednesday. Entries close 3rd September.
Major Sponsor - Mountain Designs.  Also sponsored by BB Cycles, Canoeing Down Under and Xtreme Fast Forward. Organised by Ascot Kayak Club.

New Event - Sorrento Challenge
Saturday, 15th September

This is a multi-sport event to be held at Sorrento Beach for teams and individuals.

2XU Ocean Swim -1.2km - multi-lap 1.2km ocean swim. Finn Kayaks Ocean Paddle -7km - craft of choice, out and return paddle which runs parallel to the coast from Sorrento to North Beach marine park. 2XU Coastal Run - 7.5km run along the beach for 3 laps out along the Hillarys Marina breakwater and back past the Sorrento Surf Club.

More info? Go <http://www.sorrentochallenge.com.au/>here .  If you're looking for a team member Sorrento Surf Club can help. Call them 9448 1431 or email 


Major sponsor is Ranger Outdoors. Also sponsored by Finn Kayaks and 2XU.

at Syd's the weekend before the Avon. (Sunday 29/7/07 ). The shaft is yellow fibre glass and the blades are white. The paddle is old and chipped. ph Steve, 9443 6581.
Wetsuit Booties - if anyone inadvertantly picked up these from the verandah of the Freemasons Hotel Toodyay on Sat night, i would love to get them back. They were out there drying with some other clothes and someone may have picked them up by mistake, please call Frank Patterson - 0419 937 369. thankyou
Aqua Bound Paddle, on the lower Murray. Paddle is black, "Shred", 15 degree offset.  Also bootie, Wavesport, right foot. Both below Dave's Drop (or Dave's Delight). If found please contact Rod, 0417 965 133. Thank you.

, lying on the grass at Sandalford Winery, next to road near winery on Day Two of Descent. Name is on the PFD. Handed in to organisers at finish line. Bronwen Tyson
Green plastic carry-all box, set of car keys, clothing and shoes. Found at Cobbler Pool.  Contact the Toodyay Police.
Propellor paddle with carbon shaft, yellow tape around ends of shaft, found approx 2 km upstream from Stronghills. Contact Ryan 0412 280 789.

Do you have Avon pics of Tassie paddler?
Stewart Bennett who came from the apple isle for the Descent is wondering if anyone has pics of him during the race. His race ID was 300 and he was amongst the lead paddlers. Please forward to <mailto:stewartbennett_tas@hotmail.com>stewartbennett_tas@hotmail.com if you do. Many thanks.

Contact details for the anonymous paddler who retrieved my Solution paddle
from the ti trees on Day 1 and handed it in at Cobbler Pool. If you can contact me at <mailto:jf@iinet.net.au>jf@iinet.net.au I would like to arrange a suitable 'thankyou' present.  Paul Dowling
Molokai - carbon fibre Avon built suitable for person over 6'2". Ideally not been through the valley, so if you know who supplies them call Martyn 0421 097 823 or email <mailto:martclancy@hotmail.com>martclancy@hotmail.com
Endorfinn in good condition. If anyone has one that they would like to sell please email me at 

Week 3 /August
Murray White Water Festival - info' for spectators

If you're thinking of spending the day in the bush watching the freestyler paddlers display their aerial and aqua antics on the lower Murray River this weekend here's where to go and when.

Saturday, 25th August; Freestyle at Mad Dog Rapid; Head to Head Race at The Steps
Meet at Scarp Pool at 7:30am. Spectators will be guided to the best viewing spots. This involves a moderate walk of about 4km round trip with some steep hills. Return to Scarp Pool early afternoon.
To get to Scarp Pool: From Pinjarra drive about 16km towards Dwellingup. Turn right onto Scarp Road (signposted) and follow to the car park on the river.

Sunday, 26th August; paddlers display aerial manouvres on The Big Air Kicker for most of the morning 
The air ramp (like a ski jump ramp) is believed to be by far the biggest one built in Australia. Meet at Nanga Bush Camp at 8:30am, at The Woodshed. If you arrive late just stroll down to the river - The Big Air Kicker is 200m down the track by the river.
To get to Nanga Bush Camp and The Big Air Kicker: >From Dwellingup travel 1km along the Williams Road. Turn right into Nanga Road and travel 6.6km to a single lane bridge over the river. Drive over the bridge for another 400m and turn left into Nanga Bush Camp driveway. Take the left hand driveway. We are up the back.
- Mike Collister, Galaxy Adventure

Brevis Choate Memorial Race and 2007 W.A. Schools Slalom Championship
Sunday, 2nd September, Walyunga National Park  
K1, C1, C2 and plastics; Competitors Briefing at 10am

Registrations are required prior to the day via online, with payment made on the day.
All registrations must be paid (at compiling gazebo) before competitors briefing at 10am.
Online registrations are to Nicky Pope:  <mailto:reality.check@bigpond.com.au>reality.check@bigpond.com.au
11:15am Commencement of Races
3:30pm  Presentations and Final Results at BBQ area (Times subject to change)
All competitors are advised to arrive early and be ready for racing prior to the commencement of competitors briefing.

Helpers are always needed on the day and are highly appreciated. If you can offer your help please see Nicky at the compilers' gazebo.
Contact: 0400 101 775
Sponsored by Mainpeak

Spring Series Paddle Bash - Swan Canoe Club
Proudly sponsored by Mainpeak
Every Friday, from the 24th August until 14th December. Come along to the Swan Canoe Club and join paddlers of all levels for the Spring Series of Paddle Bash Fridays. Races vary between 3 to 12 km. Points are accumulated by participation and individual's personal best (PB) times so no matter what level you paddle at, you can enjoy and benefit from time trials.

There are three classes - composites, long plastics (>4.5m) and short plastics (<4.5m).

A $150 Mainpeak voucher for the winner of each class is awarded at the end of the series. Also there is a chance to win a $50 Mainpeak voucher each week with all paddlers and the timekeeper entered into a draw but you must hang around for a little while at the end of the race!

Please all support our generous sponsors Mainpeak. Short plastics start at 6pm. You do not need to be a Swan Canoe club member to participate. Any queries contact Joel Ferguson 0411 821 109.

SCC Paddle Bash Winter Series
And the winners are . . .

Danny Sudlow - Short Plastic
Leigh Newberry ­ Long Plastic
Draw: Paul Smith and Joel Ferguson ­ Composite
Each will receive a $150 Mainpeak voucher 

Collie Descent Results and Pics
When available will be here: http://www.hyperactive.oz.nf/Collie_Descent/2007/Collie_Descent_07.htm . A sunny and warm day saw a record number of entrants tackling the 28.5km course which had a lower water level than in recent years due to a dry spell beforehand. There weren't too many choices of route through the paperbark trees (a very pretty section!) and The Riffle had to be portaged. The boards down at the first weir also meant there was much shallow water through the town. The Chute, however, though fearsome in high water, was easy and hardly claimed a victim, much to the disappointment of photographers! All adjourned to the pleasant surrounds of the Harris River Winery for race wind-up. Our thanks to organisers Marty and Niall who look after us for this challenging and enjoyable event each year.

Sandy's Long Australian Paddle - update:
Sandy has paddled from Broome to Port Hedland and set out on August 14 for the next leg of the journey to Dampier where she should arrive any day now. To follow her progress check out the trip diary on her website: 

Mountain Designs Sale - paddlers' thermals: 2 for $50
Also 20% off everything in store, minimum, if you are an Alliance Member (15% if you join on the day, it's free to join). Some things are discounted more, like some models of boots, jackets, etc. This is for four days only, starting Thursday, 23rd August and finishing Sunday (in Perth & Freo) 26th August.

Lost Paddle
Lost just prior to Syd's Rapid, Day 2 of the Avon. Spirit. Black plastic propeller blades. Fibreglass shaft. Only 2 weeks old. Had 'Mick' and ph 0414 611 438 in white paint on back of one of blades but has probably had some details scratched off. Please contact Mick at <mailto:lisaconor@westnet.com.au>lisaconor@westnet.com.au or above mentioned ph. no. if found. 

Wear all your gear and have some idea!!
"Last Saturday I witnessed a paddler swim head first down Syd's without a helmet or PFD. Luckily he came away with only a broken paddle, but as most of us are aware this could have turned out very differently. No matter how tame or easy the Avon may be considered by some to be, the potential always remains for injury or even death on any whitewater. By doing something so simple as wearing the right gear, and having some basic river safety training does make a significant difference to the number of incidents we see on the river every year. When making choices on or off the river we need to look out for ourselves, consider our loved ones, and use a bit of mateship to encourage others to stay safe." Y. Wallace

Ocean Paddlers Wanted
"My gym, Sacred Balance, is entering teams in the Anaconda Adventure Race to be held environs Geographe Bay on 4th November, 07, but we need ocean paddlers to do a 12.5km leg. If interested please contact Jay Gray 0417 945 455 for details."

For Sale
Fenn Mako 6 Surf Ski
- white, only a few months old, excellent condition, $2300. Contact Antony 0439 933 344.

Down River Racer,
Avenger or similar in good condition. Please email pics and/or details to me <mailto:jsbrownie@e-wire.net.au>jsbrownie@e-wire.net.au .  
Playboat- RAD, Flipstick, Gforce, EZG or similar. Please contact Ben 9243 2163 or <mailto:benny_dover@yahoo.com>benny_dover@yahoo.com .
Wavehopper, 2nd hand, must be in good condition, I'm looking for a new challenge, to stay vertical in something other than my trusty Finn kayak. Please contact Dave <mailto:alisono@smartchat.net.au>alisono@smartchat.net.au .
Affinity Wave deflector. <mailto:Declan.Coughlan@sgalliance.com.au>Declan.Coughlan@sgalliance.com.au .
Wizard - high deck model. Contact Roland 9330 6601or <mailto:kris.lund@hotmail.com>kris.lund@hotmail.com .
Dancer Kayak - will pick up anywhere in Perth. Dave D, <mailto:gromit@space.net.au>gromit@space.net.au  
Molokai or Fenn ski to suit 5`7"-5`8" ph 9377 7918
Endorfinn - good condition. Please email Dana, <mailto:dana@rapidascent.com.au>dana@rapidascent.com.au

On Holidays
I am off adventuring soon so won't have access to my website for a few weeks. If you have Wanted/For Sale items send them in asap to get them listed before I leave. Happy paddling, Robyn

Event Reminders
For white water paddlers: Down River State Champs/Geegelup Cup, Bridgetown - Saturday & Sunday, 25th & 26th August

Teams race Saturday (informal) and Champs Sunday. Register at Bridgetown on both days. 8km course with little flat water. All craft welcome + white water skills. More info' Leonie 0412 101 949 / l<mailto:leonie@instepwest.com>eonie@instepwest.com or Rosie 0438 754 411 / <mailto:rosaliemevans@bigpond.com>rosaliemevans@bigpond.com .
For social paddlers: Peel Region Canoe Week - Saturday, 1st September - Sunday, 9th September.  
Email Wayne <mailto:wjfelton@bigpond.com>wjfelton@bigpond.com for a copy of the full programme and organisers' contact details.
Multi-sport for teams or ironman: Nanga Challenge, Dwellingup - Sunday, 9th September
Paddle - 10.6km; mountain bike - 21km; run - 9.6km. Entry forms available at <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/>www.ascot.canoe.org.au, the event sponsors, Mountain Designs, or Ascot Kayak Club on any Wednesday. Entries close 3rd September.
Multi-sport for teams or ironman: Sorrento Challenge -  Saturday, 15th September
multi-lap 1.2km ocean swim; Finn Kayaks Ocean Paddle -7km; 2XU Coastal Run - 7.5km. Call 9448 1431 or email 

<mailto:admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au>admin@sorrentoslsc.org.au for more details.

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