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Week 1 /December
Thursday, 6th December, 2007

Spirit Paddle Perth World Cup - for ocean going craft, including sea kayaks
Full details are available at <http://www.myocean.com.au>www.myocean.com.au , but here is an outline of the weekend's events:

Friday, 7th, at Sorrento SLSC, 6:00pm-9:00pm - Registration and briefing (7:30pm) and get-together. 
Saturday, 8th, Rottnest Crossing (27km) meet at Rottnest, just to the north of ferry jetty, behind the tourist centre, from 11:30am. Race start time and place depends on weather and conditions.
Sunday, 9th, Dash for Cash (8km)from North Cottesloe SLSC to City of Perth SLSC, pre-race briefing at 1pm. Race starts 1:30pm. Includes four Fenn hot spots (each $250). A fun race.
Sampling of beers, compliments of the Gage Road Brewing Company at all social gatherings. Food also available.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact Ashley Nesbit, 0413 177 927 or  <mailto:ash@myocean.com.au>ash@myocean.com.au  .

Summer Slalom
Sunday, 9th December, Hester Park.  
Racing starts 9am, please be there early. Cost: $5 for Juniors (members) : $10 for non members; $10.00 for adults members; $15 for non members. Early registration would be appreciated. If you need assistance please phone Greg Kippin, 0428 768 54 prior to the day.

Course: Introduction to Flat Water Paddling
Sunday, 9th December, 9:00am - 12:00pm. 
Terry from Canoeing Down Under says this is the ideal present for someone you love this Christmas! They'll learn all the basic strokes as well as having a fun morning with other beginners. $75.00 inc. GST and craft or $60.00 inc GST with own craft. It's this weekend so if you have someone who'd like to join in get them to contact the shop pronto, 9378 1333. Proceeds from this year's Flat Water Courses go to help Children with Autism.

New Marathon Race at Moore River
Sunday, 16th December - meet at Guilderton boat ramp for 12.5km or 7km (short course) race upstream and return past towering sand dunes, some cliffs and eventually low wooded banks. Registration: 7:30-8:30am; briefing 8:45am. It's a pleasant venue for the whole family with lagoon or ocean swimming, the sand dunes to explore as well as a riverside walk or beach amble- boat hire on the lagoon/river is available at Guilderton (all sorts of craft!). Go <http://members.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/moorehire.html>here for details.  There's also a coffee shop/kiosk. 

Canoe Polo Beginners Course . . .  on again for the summer
11th January for 6 weeks, Fridays, 5:45-8:00pm:
 you will learn all you need to know to be able to enter the B grade competition which follows on from the course. You'll also have lots of fun!  All the gear is provided.  Paddlers require some basic paddling ability.  $60 per person + CWA (canoeing association) insurance, which covers pool hire, use of equipment and coaching. Affiliation to CWA is required for insurance purposes and pool entry needs to be paid separately. Presented by Perth Canoe Polo Club.

For more information or to register please contact Ben Wood, 0438 694 627, or <benjamin.wood@health.wa.gov.au>benjamin.wood@health.wa.gov.au .

Billboard Paddler
If you're driving down Tonkin Highway marathon and ocean paddlers may notice someone familiar on a billboard outside the Champion Lakes Regatta Centre . . . the paddler in his K1 is Antony Mee from Ascot Kayak Club. He did not know it was there and received quite a surprise when he passed that way recently! 

Dubai Shamaal Surf Ski Race
Three paddlers from Oz featured in the top twelve places: Tim Jacobs (3rd), Dean Gardiner (10th) and Michael Baker (11th). For all results go <http://www.dubaishamaal.com/race_results.php>here. There's also some pics, with a good one, "rough water", <http://www.dubaishamaal.com/media_images.php>here

Mainpeak Bay 2 Beach
Ascot paddler Peter Tomczak won the sea kayak class and Jim Bramley and Tony Chounding the double sea kayak class (but only just: Leonie Cockman and Rosie Evans were close behind!).  Many canoeists opted for skis for this ocean race. The fastest overall ski paddler was South African, Daryl Bartho, who also did well in the Dubai Shamaal Race (6th). Full results are <http://www.wa.canoe.org.au/default.asp?Page=10999&MenuID=Events/c13288/10600>here where you will need to scroll down the page for the link.  I have put a few pics taken at Rous Head on my website - just click on the main pic on the front page <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe/index.html>here. Are you in these pics?  If so, and I haven't named you please let me know and I'll add your name - it's not always possible to recognise everyone and I'm not familiar with most non-canoeists (ski paddlers).

Sun Khosi River Paddling Pics
Bryan Lee sends us these from the recent Nepalese white water adventure holiday which was organised by UK paddler, Martin Burgoyne, who is now based locally.  Ascot Kayak Club members will recognise Grant and Steve. For pictures go to:http://picasaweb.google.com.au/bryanlee10.07/2007_10_30SunKosiNepalTrip
For videos go to: http://picasaweb.google.com.au/bryanlee10.07/SunKosiVideos

Bilbao single kayak. Phone Vanessa 9273 7645 or 0471 251 121.

Week 3 /December
Friday, 21st December, 2007

Merry Christmas
appy Paddling in the New Year to All !
Christmas Letter From Robin Bell, West Oz Olympic C1 Slalom Medal Contender
"After struggling through Movember, recovering from a tonsillectomy I have now started my campaign for Beijing. I kicked it off with a 16 day camp on the North Island of New Zealand. I trained with Aussie Will Forsythe, Mike Dawson and a couple of others from NZ. The camp was a grueling start to the campaign. A long paddle session in the morning followed by a range of fitness sessions in the afternoon.

The first fitness session started with a run up the 'mount' in Tauranga. Roughly 500 meters high. 500m does not sound high, but after a month of sitting on the couch in my own tonsil nightmare it was a slog. We boxed, ran, water skied and mountain biked. Camped in luxury at Mike's parents house on the side of the Rotorua lake. We trained on Kiatuna for the first ten days then down south to Palmerston North. Kiatuna has a great section of river below the slalom course with a 7m waterfall (Okere falls). We managed to paddle it a couple of times for a warm down. I looked at Huka falls but the water level was too high. Mike had a creek boat on hand and ran it. He had solid lines and barely pulled through the hole at the bottom of the falls. There is some awesome footage of it. I will pass it on next email.

I have designed another canoe with Galasport. They managed to get the prototype to me the day of my flight to New Zealand. I named it Pacha, after the Pacha Baulker, a tanker that beached itself near Newcastle earlier this year. But I found out Pacha means 'wife beater' in French. So now the boat is called iMo after the Movember charity drive.

Merry Christmas

Collie River Level for White Water Paddlers
Harvey Water's water release page for the Collie River below Wellington Dam is still out of action, but they are working on it.  Water release for tomorrow, 22nd December, is expected to be around 440 megalitres/day which means about 1.15m at the gauging station - very paddleable. Sunday is also likely to be high, as farmers irrigate before Christmas. High releases are also expected after Christmas, especially if the weather is hot.

CWA 10km State Championships
Sunday, 30th December

The venue is the new flatwater course at Champion Lakes, Armadale. Short course and guppy race as well if there is enough demand. As it's the last race for the year there's a bit of frivolity planned with a special prize for "best" dressed boat and crew! The theme is Hawaiian. Entry - $10 for CWA (canoe association) members; $15 non-members. Registration 8:30am.

Tri Series Slalom - NSW
Go <http://www.nswslalomww.canoe.org.au/>here to find out all about the '07 Australian Schools Championships, the '08 Australian Championships and the Australian Open to be held at Penrith, White Water Stadium, Sydney, from 21st-26th January. You can also subscribe to a newsletter and, under 'downloads', access the team managers' guide and forms.  Entries close 7th January.  For more enquiries please contact Bruce Pain, <mailto:bpain@optusnet.com.au>bpain@optusnet.com.au .

Paddling Courses
Swan Canoe Club has a range of flat water and sea kayaking courses on offer. Check them out on the Club's website,  <http://www.swan.canoe.org.au>www.swan.canoe.org.au  or contact Colin Priest, 9446 5505.

Canning River Canoe Club
Their website is up and running (<http://www.canningriver.canoe.org.au/>http://www.canningriver.canoe.org.au/) with all the info' you need to join them on a timed paddle, Tuesday nights, between Shelley and Riverton bridges.

Paddler Wanted

"I am intending to swim solo to Rottnest on 16th February and am looking for a paddler or two to escort me. I will of course supply needs for the day. If interested please contact Bruce Hale, Wk 9491 4712; Hm 9272 4190  or <mailto:bruce.vicki@bigpond.com>bruce.vicki@bigpond.com ."

Paul Caffyn's Around Australia 25th Anniversary
Terry Boland is the only West Oz paddler whom I believe attended the celebration which was held at Queenscliffe in Victoria recently.  Terry has written about the occasion and if you'd like to read that, email him:<terry@canoeingdownunder.com.au>terry@canoeingdownunder.com.au .

For those new to paddling Paul Caffyn paddled around Australia, most of the time solo, in the early 1980's. It is a truly amazing feat of skill and endurance which has never been repeated. He wrote about it in his book, "The Dreamtime Voyage: Around Australia Kayak Odyssey" but unfortunately it is now out of print.  I have even emailed Paul in New Zealand but he had no copies for sale, either!  If anyone ever comes across a copy available please let me know.  Every keen paddler and canoe club should have this book in their paddling library! 

It is available in the public library system of Western Australia and you can request it from your local library. As Terry points out, Paul Caffyn has never had the recognition he deserved for accomplishing this circumnavigation.

One black scooped paddle at Blackwall Reach, East Freo area around end of October. Please phone 9492 9732 or 0407 020 531 or <mailto:steve.bennett@dsr.wa.gov.au>steve.bennett@dsr.wa.gov.au if found.

Arro K1
 in good condition. Contact Lydia 0411 355 453 or <mailto:lydia.formentin@alcoa.com.au>lydia.formentin@alcoa.com.au
Spirit Funski, please contact Josie, <mailto:denmarkwa@hotmail.com>denmarkwa@hotmail.com .
Long Plastic surf ski for Avon. Spirit racing, Endorfin or similar. Call Sime 0401 003 132 or  <mailto:slestang@fish.wa.gov.au>slestang@fish.wa.gov.au
Finn Gizmo or Shockwave - please phone Richard 0401 111 709 or <richard_a_hart@yahoo.com.au>richard_a_hart@yahoo.com.au .
K1. Viper or similar style. Must be in good condition. Phone Adrian 9249 8682 or email  <mailto:quickas@arach.net.au>quickas@arach.net.au.
Rola aero roof rack to suit small Toyota Starlet. Call Martin 9448 1631 or email <mailto:mlbooth@iinet.net.au>mlbooth@iinet.net.au

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