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Week 3 /March
The Bevan Dashwood Dash
Sunday, 1st April. 
12km on the Canning River from Hester Park, Langford, to Shelley Bridge and return. There's a short course as well and a race for Guppy paddlers. PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES - $50 prize for the competitor with the fastest time. Various other prizes are up for grabs. Food and drinks will be available for purchase. Early registrations are appreciated. Please provide details of class and craft. E-mail Nicky at <mailto:reality.check@bigpond.com>reality.check@bigpond.com to register your details and for more information.

Registration time is to be announced.

More on the Bevan Dashwood Dash
This race is an old favourite - the upper reaches of the Canning make for a twisty-turny course with tree lined banks and much birdlife. There's a portage at Kent Street Weir. It's easy to get lost if you haven't done this course before so photocopy the street directory of the relevant pages and do a practice run. The floating (rather pretty) "weed" you see may slow you down, but it's harmless. The following paragraph comes from a February, 1999, edition of Canoe WA, the canoeing association's former magazine: 

"According to a scientist at the Water and Rivers Commission it (the "weed") is a harmless floating fern called azola which helps to keep the blue-green algae at bay (competes for the nutrients). Currents and the wind cause it to collect in certain places. You can paddle through it; it's not toxic and will wash off your boat."

Who is Bevan Dashwood? He's one of that group of pioneering canoeists who started it all in Western Australia in the mid sixties. And he's still paddling! He started up Darling Range Canoe Club whose home waters are this section of the Canning River. He has made an important contribution to canoeing, in particular, slalom, and is a life-time member of the state canoeing association.

White Water Park
How long must we wait?

It is almost eight years since the first of Water Corporation's series of promises to retain or replace the whitewater Harvey International Slalom Course. For detail on the broken promises go to:
<http://www.whitewaterperth.org.au/>http://www.whitewaterperth.org.au.  Click on "How long must we wait?"  The Liberal and National parties will be raising Water Corporation's role in the loss of the white water course for debate in State Parliament shortly.

The motion the Libs have tabled in Parliament reads:

"That this house calls on the government to ensure that the Water Corporation honours its commitment to provide $10.85 million in financial assistance to Canoeing WA to replace the Harvey international slalom course that it was forced to relinquish in 1998."

Colin Thorpe, Director, Canoeing WA 0409 887 011            <mailto:thorpec@icenet.com.au>thorpec@icenet.com.au

The Pancake
Saturday, 17th March
, the North Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club are hosting their annual social paddle known as the "The Pancake".
The event is either one or two laps of a 2.5 km course where the emphasis is on having a go, having a bit of fun and then socializing with a bit of breakfast after. This year we are trying to encourage as many different craft out as possible and as such are spreading the word. 
The racing is free and breakfast is a mere $15. The location is, of course, out front of the club. Full details can be obtained by contacting Kelly on 9284 2626 or email Niall <mailto:nmwarren@bigpond.net.au>nmwarren@bigpond.net.au for a copy of their flyer.

Briefing @ 07:45 ­ Racing @ 08:00 ­ Pancakes @ 09:00

Canoe Polo State Champs . . . and other news
Sunday, 25th March,
from 9am, Lake Leschenaultia, Chidlow. Entries close Wednesday, 21st March. Individual entries accepted. A and B grade players welcome. Register at Perth Canoe Polo Club Tuesday nights or contact Sean - 0418 899 269.
For more details of the champs and all the other polo news go to the PCPC website:  <http://www.pcpc.canoe.org.au/>www.pcpc.canoe.org.au

Our Dramatic Southern Coastline
The new pic on the front page <http://www.iinet.net.au/~rokhor/canoe>here is of Albany Canoe Club members on one of their local trips. Click on that to see more of paddling in Albany local waters. Photos are by me.

The Big Kayak Test - from John Jacoby Yes it's true, the long awaited "Big Kayak Test" report is finally ready for your reading pleasure! In July last year, about thirty kayak enthusiasts from around Australia gathered at Geelong Canoe Club on the Barwon River to undertake what is believed to be the biggest test of kayaks ever undertaken anywhere in the world. Eight "speed" testers and eight "comfort" testers spent a whole weekend paddling 41 different craft, covering the categories of K1/TK1, Doubles, Multisport, Surf Ski, Sit-on-top and Sea Kayak. With assistance from the University of Canberra and the Australian University of Sport, the major project generated a massive amount of scientific and subjective data. This has finally been distilled into a concise 132-page report and uploaded to our website for you to download at no cost.

Go to <http://www.rapidascent.com.au>http://www.rapidascent.com.au. What to do next is explained in the following excerpt which is from their front page and you can find it by scrolling down to the very bottom of the page, but I am reproducing it here as it was a bit difficult to find.

"Click on the Training & Kayaking Tab, and then "Kayak Test Results 06/07" to access the report. For ease of downloading, it is broken into chapters. The full table of contents and orientation to the report can be found in the first section. Happy reading!"

Canoeing Down Under - What's On?
Avon Descent Information Night
(Booking is essential: 9378 1333.) Monday, 2nd April, at The Shop, 144 Railway Parade, Bassendean, 7.30pm. Cost: $5.00 to the Canoeing Down Under Junior Fund. This is an informative evening where you will get an overview of what the Avon Descent entails from the equipment you will need to the event itself.

Big SALE Reminder
"Dean Gardiner and I are having a big clearance sale of Surf Skis (doubles, singles, specs, Molokais and Avon), Fishing Skis, and Kayaks (sprint & Avon). Venue is my house: 19 Spence Street, Trigg. Date is Sunday, 18th March, 10am ­ 4pm. It is also a chance to chat with Dean or I about anything paddling ­ including training, coaching or anything that you might feel is important??  We will also have demo MAKO 6s for you to look at and Fenn XTs ­ and taking orders for new skis due in 7 weeks."
Ashley Nesbit
Mobile 0413 177927
Email - <mailto:ash@myocean.com.au>ash@myocean.com.au

Also Received . . .
"Dear Ashley, 

I have no intention of ever taking up the sport of Paddling. (If you could call it a sport.) "Paddling" as you call it, is what little kids do in the muddy puddles and not a hard and fast game like AFL. "Paddling" is for the kids who used to get their lunch money stolen at school (and properly still do) If I find I can't handle the rough and tough sport of men (AFL) I may look at changing over to your little girlie sport.
Thanks for the offer but no, for now."

Event Reminder
Rod Fry Memorial Race
- this Sunday, 18th March. 12km from Swan Canoe Club to Stirling Bridge and return. Short course, 6km, also available. Also a 3km juniors' race (14-16yrs)

This popular (and sometimes testing!) race is named after the late Rod Fry, a well known and accomplished C1 paddler who was a Swan Canoe Club member for many years. Whilst most paddlers would do the run to Stirling Bridge once in a training session, he would do it twice! 

Registration: 7:00 - 8:00am. (There's always a fantastic apres race morning tea available at this event!)

Stable double for Avon Descent
­ either plastic 515 or "friendly" composite kayak. Please call Daniel 0419 949 955.

Week 4 /March
2007 Health Solutions Mandurah Island Challenge
Sunday, 25th March
- For skis and kayaks and all ages from 10 years upwards. Choose either a 4km or 14km paddle course. Map and description of course are available here:<http://www.mandurahislandchallenge.com/paddle.htm>http://www.mandurahislandchallenge.com/paddle.htm . (Otherwise there's a 7.5km walk/run or a 750m swim.) For the long course boats need to be assembled before 7:30am for an 8am start and the short course paddlers should assemble boats before 8:15am for an 8:30am start. The start is at Hall Park on the Western Foreshore which is to your right after you cross the old bridge in Mandurah. Entry is $22 (adult) or $11 (under 16). 

Closing date for online registration is today, Thursday, 22nd March. Online entry is available here:

Entries can be handed in (it's now too late for the post) at the Department of Sport and Recreation in Mandurah, Suite 3, The Endeavour Centre, 94 Mandurah Terrace. You can also register on the day at 7am sharp, for $5 late fee.
This is a fund raising event for the Peel Health Campus Foundation. Major sponsor for the paddle event is Kayaks 4-U:

Freo to Rotto Big Splash Swim and Paddle
Last Saturday's event saw about twenty paddlers take off in this recently revived annual event which has huge numbers of swimmers. Whilst paddler numbers were small, the competition was not, with only about thirty seconds between the first two place getters - Dean Gardiner (1:21:32) and Ashley Nesbit (1:22:01). To receive full results email John at <mailto:vicparkp@bigpond.net.au>vicparkp@bigpond.net.au, Next year's date is 15th March. There's more detail about the event here: 

Slalom Race and Fun Day - this Sunday, 25th March 
This will be the first race for the TID squads (both Ascot and Swan clubs). Meet at Swan Canoe Club for registration at 9am with the start scheduled for 10am. Afterwards there will be a presentation of paddle colours for all squad members and we will be having a BBQ (bring your own food) and a general social time so all paddlers from both clubs can get to know each other. Please email Nicky <mailto:reality.check@bigpond.com>reality.check@bigpond.com if you wish to register early. Look forward to seeing you there, Nicky Pope.

Here's the Details: Bevan Dashwood Dash 
Sunday, 1st April
- Meet at Hester Park, Langford, 9am registration for 10am start. Full course is 12km to Shelly Bridge and return -- portage at Kent Street weir. The short course is 6km to Kent Street weir and return. The Guppy course is 3 - 4 km. Classes to be set on the day. All welcome! Entry fee: $10 adult (+$5 for non-association members); $5 junior (members).
Organised by the Slalom Committee
"Apres Race Cafe" - There'll be plenty of sustenance for hungry paddlers and supporters afterwards with BBQ, fruit, home made cakes and drinks, provided by the chefs de la classe premiere et superieur et magnifique of the Slalom Committee.

Capricorn Sea Kayaking - Ningaloo Reef Slide Show
Founder, Hal Paine, invites all to share his great photographs and wealth of knowledge of this area. It's to be held at three different locations and times:
7pm, Monday, 26th March, at Canoeing Down Under, 144 Railway Parade, Bassendean
6pm, Tuesday, 27th March, at Mountain Designs, 862 Hay Street, Perth
6:30pm, Wednesday, 28th March, at Mainpeak, 94 Hector Street, Osborne Park
All welcome! It's free entry, but please RSVP to <mailto:bookings@capricornseakayaking.com.au>bookings@capricornseakayaking.com.au .

Capricorn Sea Kayaking - Celebrating the Masculine!
Here's a special 'Men and Boys Only' Ningaloo paddle, from 25th to 29th June. It's normally $1,459 but save 25% on this trip ($1,121). Fathers and sons take note: bring two sons and pay only 50% for the second son. Contact <mailto:hal@capricornseakayaking.com.au>hal@capricornseakayaking.com.au for more info.

Mainpeak Paddlesports - Coming Events 
Avon Briefing - Tuesday, 27th March
- two hours of lecture, slides/video and gear display (and question time!) for first time Avon Descenters. Conducted by multiple Australian champion paddler, Ken Miller. Free, but you must RSVP to find out time and location and so seating can be arranged.
Avon Training - this is for novices - to get you started on the right track before the white water comes. It will consist of five evenings on the river. This will be repeated several times before the Descent. $160. Dates to be announced.
Eskimo Rolling Class - Tuesday, 27th March, at Fremantle Pool. Teacher- student ratio is 1:2. Heated indoor salt water pool. Two hour session is $65 which includes boat (if needed), gear and pool entry.
Phone 9284 3759 for bookings and info' for all events.

Canoeing Down Under - Course Coming Up . . .
Introduction to Flatwater Paddling - Sunday, 15th April
, 9am to midday. $75 inc. GST and craft or $60 inc. GST with own craft. To find out more phone 9378 1333. Proceeds go to Children with Autism. 

Results, Results, Results
for all canoeing association events are to be found here: 
You can always find the results from the front page simply by clicking on the menu item " Race Results", then click on the year, then the event you're interested in. Last weekend's race, the Mainpeak Paddlesports Rod Fry Memorial Race results are available.

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