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Week 2 /April
Friday,  11th April, 2008
April Showers

The northern warm, moist air masses that found their way south over the last couple of weeks brought paddleable water levels to the Avon. Thanks to those who sent in the water levels at Walyunga and the Toodyay ti-trees, the latter in particular providing a good run through for a couple of weeks. I should get the wooden posts' readings page for 2008 winter season up and running shortly.

Take Care in the Ti-trees!
The sudden rise in the water level in the Toodyay ti-trees resulted in much debris piling up at certain places and a couple of new small, but inconvenient, logs and branches down.  In addition some of the bushes have grown since last season!  You may have to search out a new route here and there.

White Water Course for New Paddlers - Canoeing Down Under, 9378 1333
This weekend! Sunday, 13th April, 9am- 12pm, $70

You need to have completed the basic flat water course with CDU (or have equivalent skills) and to have your own boat and white water gear to join in. It should be a perfect level for novice white water paddlers in the Upper Swan ti-trees, with all the logs covered and the level not daunting! Contact CDU if you want to join in or need more info', but do so ASAP before the course fills up. If you're a non-CDU trained novice white water paddler you're welcome to enquire if you have sufficient flatwater skills to participate.

Paddle Bash Series
Friday evenings, 6pm, Swan Canoe Club

The winter series that goes through until the Avon Descent has started on Friday nights at 6.00pm. The distances are a bit longer this series so as to help with your Avon Descent training.  All are welcome to join in.

Mainpeak Paddlesports offer an additional incentive in the form of $150 voucher for the series winner in each class. You get one point for completing the race and one point for a 'Personal Best' time. The classes are composites, long plastics and short plastics. Numbers are small in the two plastic classes so your chances of winning are good. There's also a spot prize from Mainpeak each Friday for those who take part.

Summer Paddle Bash Winners - Congratulations!
Composites: Roland Bodt
Long Plastics: Fiona Green
Short Plastics: Colin Scully

Expand Your Paddling Knowledge - Seminar
Tuesday, 22nd April, Swan Canoe Club

Ty Stedman of Precision Paddling will be talking on the following topics: injury prevention, technical correction, effective craft set-up, physiological principles and training methods and principles.  Ty is an accredited sprint kayak coach and exercise scientist with a university degree in this area, so you're in expert hands!  Paddlers from all disciplines will benefit from this - it's not just for sprint paddlers.

This is free to all Swan Canoe Club members - others should contact Colin Priest, 9446 5505.

Kayak Sale - Mainpeak Paddlesports Osborne Park Store
This Saturday, 12th April, 8:30am - 5pm

End of season and demo boats are due for clearance. Check the list below for some great deals.
·  Bicsport Tobago Blue DEMO Normally $1099.00 , Now $599.00
·  Bicsport Bilbao Red DEMO Normally $899.00 , Now $499.00
·  Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 w/Rudder Blue DEMO Normally $2595.00 , Now $1399.00
·  Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Blue DEMO Normally $1395.00 , Now $799.00
·  Mad River Explorer 14TT Yellow DEMO Normally $1650.00 , Now $899.00
·  Mainstream Tango Yellow DEMO Normally $995.00 , Now $499.00
·  Mainstream Majestic 10.0 Normally $895.00 , Now $449.00
·  Mainstream Double Play Normally $995.00 , Now $499.00
·  Mainstream Jazz Normally $595.00 , Now $399.00
·  Riot Journey Normally $899.00 , Now $599.00
·  Riot Brittany Normally $2395.00 , Now $1595.00
·  Perception Kayaks and Sit-ons all 30% OFF
·  Harmony Sea Passage Aluminium, Glass or Carbon shaft paddles all 25% OFF
·  Harmony Deluxe and Ultimate Backrest Seats all 25% OFF

2009 Sydney World Masters Games
10th - 18th October, 2009

<http://www.penrithwhitewater.com.au/html_05/home/index_real.htm>Penrith Whitewater  and the  <http://www.regattacentre.nsw.gov.au/>Sydney International Regatta Centre  are the venues for canoe polo, marathon, slalom and flatwater events. Go <http://www.2009worldmasters.com/Canoe-Kayak/default.aspx>here  for all the current canoeing information.  Jeremy Dunn from Marathon Canoe Australia, tells us "Check out the other information at the Masters Games <http://www.2009worldmasters.com/default.aspx>web site.  Opportunities exist for masters to receive regular updates via e-mail.  There is also information about the online Ealry Bird Registration that will be offered bewtween June 2  and July 31, 2008. A discount on the Games registration fee is being offered."

WA State Masters Games, 2008, Albany
Paddling event: 26th April

Ralph Flowers, organiser, sends us a reminder about this friendly event.  The race is a 12km paddle from Middleton Beach on the Saturday morning,meeting 8am, giving time to participate in other events as well in the afternoon. It's open to surf skis, ocean kayaks and sit-ons. Minimum age for competitors is 30 years. Albany Canoe Club also conduct a social paddle from Middleton Beach in the other direction to Whaleworld and return on Sunday morning, about 20km return. For more info' and the entry form contact Ralph, 0429 104 556 or <mailto:ralph48@omninet.net.au>ralph48@omninet.net.au .

For more details on other events contact Barb: 0417 971 581/9841 5728  or <mailto:dwoosie@bigpond.com>dwoosie@bigpond.com .

White Water Fun
Here's Bryan Lee's videos of  the recent Murchison trip.  There's some great footage - not to be missed by white water devotees. There's some pics of flatwater sections as well. This is from the Ross Graham Lookout to Z-Bend section. Water level was on the low side for an ex-cyclone fed river, but more than most winter rains would produce.


While you're there check out the Sun Kosi videos of some of the rapids. (Bryan was part of the WA contingent of paddlers who visited Nepal last year.)

Here's a note from Robin Bell . . .
sent to us soom after his recent Olympic selection in C1 Slalom. Kynan Maley is also from WA.


Selection is over for another international season and Olympics Games for the Australian Canoe Slalom Team. Slalom in Australia is small but there is plenty of talent coming through, especially in C1 and ladies K1.

I was lucky enough to secure my Olympic spot on Friday's race. Kynan Maley, who came 2nd behind me, had a fantastic final run but fortunately I had built up enough of a lead in the first run to take the win and the Olympic boat. The C2 of Lochie Milne and Mark Bellofiore also qualified on Friday. I stayed out in Penrith Friday night for the final race on Saturday morning . . .

The Olympic boats head to Beijing on 7th April for a camp. I have to decide by tomorrow which races to attend in the lead up to the games.


Event Reminders
Canning Classic
 - Sunday, 13th April; 12km loop on Canning River. Meet at Shelley and Riverton bridges, registration 7:30 - 8:30am on the east side of the bridge in the gazebo. Race starts 8:45am.
Double Barkers Race - Sunday, 20th April; 23km long course or 12km short course from Ascot Kayak Club. Registration: 6:45-7:45am.
Rod Fry Memorial Race  - Sunday, 27th April; 12km to Stirling Bridge and return or short course. Meet at Swan Canoe Club. Time to be announced, but it's usually a morning paddle.
WA Masters Games Paddling - Saturday, 26th April, see above
Albany Social Paddle - Sunday, 27th April, see above

K2 kayak,
 prefer in above average condition and strong (kevlar composite construction). Please contact Daniel 0419 949 955.
Endorfinn ski - or Spirit racing ski, to suit shorter person. Good condition. Contact Helen, 0432 186 225.
Slalom boat -full kevlar, to suit junior (14 year old girl) competitive paddler, currently paddling in TIS development squad coached by Peter Eckhardt.  Contact <mailto:David.Pemberton@dpiw.tas.gov.au>David.Pemberton@dpiw.tas.gov.au .

Week 3 /April
Wednesday,  23rd April, 2008

Rod Fry Memorial Race
Sunday, 27th April, Swan Canoe Club, Johnson Parade, Mosman Park

This is Swan Canoe Club's major racing event for the year. Come along and join in the fun: raffles, spot prizes, sausage sizzle, cakes and refreshments. Barbeque facilities are on site. It's an event for everyone, with three separate races: 3km, 6km and 12km. All age groups and classes are catered for, including plastics, skis and racing kayaks. (Anything else goes into "Sundries".) Novice paddlers are welcome. Special safety conditions will apply. For more info go to their website <http://www.swan.canoe.org.au/>here or contact Rob, <mailto:rjwall2@bigpond.net.au>rjwall2@bigpond.net.au or 0427 982 286.
Registration: 7am - 8am sharp. Sponsored by Mainpeak Paddlesports.

John Sims Race
Sunday, 4th May, Ascot Kayak Club, Fauntleroy Avenue, Redcliffe

Here's another popular, major club racing event.  There's a festive and friendly atmosphere with lots of food and drink available for hungry paddlers and supporters. There's prizes galore, for winners as well as spot prizes, and both cash and paddling merchandise. Again, novices and newcomers are encouraged to join in - it's just for fun! Of interest to new paddlers is the "Race Tips" session to be held beforehand by experienced competitive paddlers.

Again, all levels are catered for and all the usual classes are available. The long course is 11.5km with a short course, 4km, as well, not forgetting the youngster "Guppies" whose race is 2.5km.

Entry is only available beforehand (by Friday, 2nd May) and online. That means you cannot enter on the day. Go to the club's website for <http://www.ascot.canoe.org.au/>enrollment and more info.

Registration: 8am - 9am. Compulsory briefing soon after.  Sponsored by Canoeing Down Under.

The Race Names
Swan's big race for the year is named after longtime C1 & C2 paddler, Rod Fry, Avon Descenter and devoted club member who was tragically killed in a car accident in the 90's. There's a photo tribute at the club.  Ascot Kayak Club's John Sims (still paddling after all of these years!) was largely instrumental in obtaining the wonderful site and the original building for the club. He's still fast with that paddle, too!

Down River Racing Starts Soon
Saturday, 10th May, Ascot Kayak Club

"The Buoys Race" first DR race of the season, is a short race which is designed to test your manouvreability skills around a series of buoys spread over a couple of kilometres. They're placed so as to make tight spots for turning, to emulate rocks and trees in a river. This race is open to all boats with no rudder (or you can tie up your rudder). Participants are to enter via email: <mailto:amorbey@citymotors.com.au>amorbey@citymotors.com.au or phone 0421 543 586 . On the day, registration is 8:15am-8:45am and briefing is 9:00am.  Payment for race can be made on the day:  $10.00 CWA members or $15.00 non members.

Epic Paddling 
Terry tells us that Canoeing Down Under now has the world class Epic V10 skis in stock as well as the Epic kayaks and Epic paddles.  He says of them, "Amazing quality, amazing performance and paddled by world champions." Contact him for more info, 9378 1333.

Toodyay Ti-trees
Here's a <http://members.iinet.com.au/~rokhor/canoe/>new pic taken after the recent heavy rains which made the Avon unusually paddleable for April. To the new Avon Descenter this place looks insignificant, but it is the half way point of the Day One trees. From here an average paddler will take about 35-40 minutes to the finish, at a medium water level, say about 0.7-0.8m at the Long Pool gauge (and at about 11.0 m at the DoW Toodyay gauge).  Click on the pic for another view. The paddler is Louise Sandercock.

Beginner Paddlers' Course - Canoeing Down Under, 9378 1333
Sunday, 11th May, 9am to 12 midday

Learn all the basics correctly from the start in a fun environment. $75 inc. GST and craft or $60 inc GST with own craft. Booking is essential.

From the South Australian Marathon Paddlers
"The Murray 200/100/Relay has a new name and also a new race.  In this the 21st year of the event we feel we have come of age and have adopted the name Riverland Paddling Marathon or RPM for short as the designated event name for each of the three existing marathons, Murray 100, Murray 200 and Murray 200 Relay as well as the new one day 10km Waikerie mini-marathon.

The 2008 Riverland Paddling Marathon will be held on the June long weekend, Saturday 7th to Monday 9th June."

For more info or entry form contact Brad Butler, 0408 846 422 or <mailto:brad@bbpl.com.au>brad@bbpl.com.au . Here's their <http://www.mcc.canoe.org.au/>website with many other events listed as well.

For Sale
Raider X Sea-kayak
 - 'showroom' condition. Fibreglass layup. $3000. Contact Antony 0439 933 344.
Riot Boogie Surf Kayak - as new condition, $1000, Antony Mee, 0439 933 344.

Spray Decks
 to suit Mirage TK1, large cockpit, 2 x decks wanted . Reasonable to good condition. Contact Helen Morbey 0438 513 167 or <mailto:oxfordpl@iinet./net.au>oxfordpl@iinet./net.au
Wavehopper in good cond - buy or swap for 1 year old Endorphin ski. Contact Guy - 0438 099 847 or  <mailto:kazguy05@yahoo.com.au>kazguy05@yahoo.com.au  . 
2nd hand Spirit Cross Trainer or Finn Affinity, reasonable condition. Contact Debbie 0423 122 169 or <mailto:debbie.thackray@uwa.edu.au>debbie.thackray@uwa.edu.au .

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